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  1. So do I send a pm to someone? How do I submit my team exactly?
  2. Poker Night at the Electric Ferret I walked into the neighborhood that I was supposed to arrive at. Apparantley there was some big poker hangout I was invited to. Or hangout, the letter I got from the mail wasn't really specific about what was gonna go down. This neighborhood was like something out of a noir film what with the buildings, vehicles, and even fashion sense. I was following the direction that was in the letter and it lead me to a...run down movie theater. I knocked on the door, unsure if I even had the right address. When the door opened, a a bald guy with a suit on was looking
  3. So does that mean that your deleting characters that have not been used at all? I understand why, but there are people on the site or people wanting to sign up here that are still trying to think of a match for those certain characters. Yeah my bad. I had no ide that some of these characters were even taken care of. Maybe I should edit the list so it would be clear to people wich ones I think should be deleted or researched into a different catagory?
  4. Another thing, Shazam is supposed to be named Captain Marvel. Too confusing for the Marvel version of Captain Marvel and Mar-Vell? Then put in (DC) or (Billy Batson) at the end of it.
  5. Clark Kent (Smallville): Comic section, move to Sci-Fi section. Green Lantern: Comic section, change name to Kyle Rayner. Justice Guild of America: Comic section, move to cartoon section. Phil Coulson: Comic section, move to movie section. Power Man & Iron Fist: Comic Section, Not the type of people to always be a duo unlike other duos. Shebang: Comic section, move to cartoon section. Tantrum (Static Shock): Comic Section, move to cartoon section. The Burglar: Comic section, just needs to be deleted. It's just a burglar. Nothing special. The Flash: Comic section, Put "(Wally West
  6. I have been here for a while now, and have been makeing matches too. Foul language is something that has been censored on the comments when it came to commenting on matches or frum discussions. I had to problem with is since it did not have me limited to a certain amount of phrases or words. But now I look at them....they have had the soccer mom treatment. Now we can't swear or use any kind of bad language? I looked up my match with Huey and Riley Freeman going up against the Flower Division, and the words have been replaced with either "Vulgarity" or "Racism". Really? What if we want to make
  7. Supernatural and Sci-Fi. Meaning characters and teams that involve demons and aliens.
  8. I'm pretty sure Cartoon Network is not one universe. Teen Titans and Flinstones used to be on cartoon network, but that doesn't mean that Cartoon Network made them, it was DC and Hana Barbara that made those two.
  9. We already had people marrying other people as characters, it's called Myspace and the activity called Roleplay.
  10. Does anyone else have some kind of interest in this match?
  11. Dante was walking down a street, trying to look for the place he's supposed to meet the client that called him. For some reason, it was in Japan. He came across a bar named "Stooges Tavern". When he got in, it was almost completely empty. The only people that were in was a balding bartender, and a shady looking guy sitting in the corner; he was wearing sunglasses, a black leather jacket, had a left prosthetic that looked like a real arm, and and a magnum holstered behind his jacket. Dante took a seat by the counter. "Strawberry sundae." The bartender gave him a weird look. "Buddy, this i
  12. I was gonna complain about the Anime Universe, but now it is taken down.
  13. I get why and how Mjilnor and the Green Lantern Ring have been accepted, but why Caps shield? Green Lantern rings and the hammer of Thor have a reason to be here: only one who is worthy can wield them. But the shield? Is there some kind of magical property I am not aware of?
  14. Can someone help me out with a picture with Namco characters? I'm tying to add the Namco Universe.
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