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  1. While I prefer dark, there should at least be an option to change back for when we get people who prefer light.
  2. Yoda vs Zombie Deadpool they fight. That was literally the whole setup.
  3. The Number One Headband. The object that was rumored to give the wearer ultimate strength. The object that every warrior sought to obtain to prove they were the strongest in the world. That was a reason that it could catch a pretty penny. Remy LeBeu, also known to mutant kind as Gambit, heard of such an artifact since he had arrived in Japan. Something like this could be worth thousands, possibly millions. A headband that gives the wearer improved strength is something everyone in New York would be clamoring to get if the price was right. He had been traveling around the place for a few days, but after no luck, he decided to just waste one of his days of searching by relaxing at a bar. The bartender, being a young woman, came to the sitting Caju to take his order as he played with a deck of cards. “Mon cheri’, Ah hope ‘ou can ‘elp me wit a col’ glass o’ Ol’ Fashi’n.” Despite the thick accent, she knew what he wanted and nodded. “One Old Fashion, coming right up! Not from around here I’m guessing?” Remy chuckled. “ Was it ma’ thick accent?” “More or less. That and it’s not every day someone with a trench coat, bo staff and a pack of playing cards comes to my bar. It’s mostly tough guys, fisher men or the regular locals.” As she prepared the drink, he gave a mischievous grin. “Ah’m lookin’ fo’ thuh’ Numbuh One Headband.” He said, still shuffling his cards. This had gotten the customers inside to freeze, becoming silent from previous conversation with their acquaintances and a waitress dropping someones order from the utter mention of that object. A few of said tough guys that the bartender mentioned even looked at him with an intense glare in their eyes, ready to kill. The bartender on the other hand didn’t even blink, finishing the drink and handing it to Remy in a chilled glass. “Well good luck with that. I hear the person who’s wearing it is a force to be reckoned with. If you even look at him wrong, kiss your sorry ass goodbye.” She jested at the end. Remy chuckled, taking his glass of alcohol. “Mon Cheri’, Ah’ve dealt wit’ men tha’ coul’ ma’e you t’ink dat you meet a God. Ah can deal wit’ one man.” After this, it seemed that things were going pretty normal again until the said tough guys the bartender mentioned and that were residing in said bar began walking up to Remy. He knew that they were gonna be trouble, so he tossed a few of his playing cards at the gang after finishing his drink. They thought he was just trying to distract them until the cards suddenly started to glow. In seconds, they detonated with the force of a bomb as it sent them scattered all over the place of business. A couple were sent out of the door way, while two others crashed into a pile of wooden barrels and the last one seen dangling off of a ceiling fan. Remy chuckled, shuffling his cards. “Now now, you shoul’ know betta’ than to take a gamble agains’ ol’ Gambit.” Saying this seemed to be the magic words, as a man with an afro and a two handed sword came in, staring him down with his own lazy glare. He looked to be a bit taller than ol’ Gambit, making him look up and notice the prize he’d been hunting for. The Number One Headband. The man then spoke. “Leave this place in peace.” Gambit smirked, twirling his bo staff as he stood up from his seat and holding a few more playing cards in his other hand. “Mah’ apologies, but ah’m afraid Ah, can’t do dat’. Ah’m lookin’ to make a pretty penny off tha’ headband, and Ah’m not gonna leave empty handed.” Gambit then stop twirling his bot staf, holding up his cards as they violently glowed a light violet. “Nah, unless you gonna give ol’ Gambit the headband, we’ gonna ‘ave to play Fifftey-Two Pick Up.” It was silent for a whole ten seconds. The man with the afro then unsheathed his sword, holding it with one hand like it was nothing as he prepared to strike. Remy smirked. “ ‘Ave it yo’ way. Come on, Mon ami. Le’s dance.” (Honestly, making a Cajun accent in text is harder than it is in real life.)
  4. What about people with martial arts skills such as Jackie Chan or even Jean Claude Van Dam?
  5. They make a ton of characters out of their gimmicks such as Undertaker since from the beginning, he's an undead wrestler.
  6. Would WWE characters be accepted in general? Or Wrestling characters in general? There's like four well known wrestling companies out of the many that brought out the best characters like Sting, Hulk Hogan as well as Cactus Jack.
  7. Is there any way we can make corrections to some of these fighters? Some while small like punctuation errors such as Terry Bogard reading as terry bogard, others have problems such as the Green Lantern of Earth, Kyle Rayner, being only named Green Lantern. I'm sure there are others who have this problem, but those two are what stick out in my mind.
  8. A fan made a My little Pony fighting game and got canceled by Hasbro, the fan project turning into a fighting game in the art style of MLP by Friendship is Magic creator Lauren Faust called Thems Fighten' Herds. Killer Instinct and Samurai Shodown came back with great success. A shit ton of guest characters as well as wanted characters appearing in Smash such as Daisy, Terry Bogard, Ryu and Ken, Banjo and Kazooie as well as Bayonetta and Little Mac.
  9. The Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 came out by the time this came out as well as verisons of said consoles.
  10. I'm thinking of rebooting my Green Lantern vs Street Fighter arc I did years ago. Honestly I'm surprised people even read it back then with how rushed they were.
  11. Now forgive me for asking, what were the Adult Board and Silver Surfer Board as it's been years since this place was open. Adult Board I'm assuming was for pornographic content?
  12. I'm well over 18 as are many of the veterans I'm sure. Maybe we can get that swear ban lifted from us all?
  13. Years have passed and not only have they're have been new franchises and series, but also reboots, remakes and remasters that resurrected favorites and niche characters as well as universes. Let us make this return worth it.
  14. Speaking of avatars, some time has passed and I have been using another name throughout the interwebs since the shutdown of EF. Is there a way to change my name here? You know, have a fresh start?
  15. I'm guessing it's gonna work the same or similar with how simple it is, don't fix what ain't broken and all. Though I can see if he want's to improve or change the way things go, so we'll see if anything changes.
  16. It's crazy, this site shut down a year after I graduated high school. Time flies.
  17. Seeing this brought a smile on my face when I saw it come back up. How is everyone so far?
  18. Thanks for making this site my good sir. You are responsible for getting me to write these matches and spread my imagination to others with this site. I just wish there was a way to have this site still up and going until forever. At least it will go out with a bang. Thanks for making this site and for haveing me as one of the top writers too. I will miss this site dearly. :')

  19. What could possibly be my last match, it should at least have some feeling. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32420-match-14575-son-goku-vs-superman/
  20. The Last Fantasy Battle Fantasy. Horror. Pop Culture. Movies. Anime. Manga. T.V.. Books. Video Games. Comics. These were sections of entertainment that people have loved for years. Whether it is a new videogames announced at a press event or a book that has been announced at a book store, people have loved them. People even loved them so much; they have made fan art, fanfiction, costumes, and even their own comics. This lead to a lot of people making entertainment that have been made famous like the DC vs Marvel miniseries, the reality show Deadliest Warrior of famous historical icons that haven’t meet before to fight, and Death Battle that had famous characters from works of fiction battle to the death. This led to an event that had happened all over the world. Every character have mysteriously been appearing from what people have described, “ A ferret the size of a full grown man with electricity around him made him/her/them/it appearâ€. This has been happening since the beginning of October of 1997. Every character and creature from every work of fiction have been appearing in every nook and cranny, even places that would so be out of place for certain characters; like how someone claimed they found a pony by the name of Derpy in the library reading a book on Egyptology. Other times, government officials or law enforcement get involved because of how dangerously known some of them are such as the Diclonious named Lucy and the armored soldier known as the Master Chief. But that didn’t change how the characters and regular people alike were interacting. Some would actually welcome the praise and amazement. Some would question why they were afraid of them. Others have proceeded as if the sudden travel never happened. They would continue being the character they are, while adapting to modern society. Other world celebrities like Johnny Cage and Fei Long have made movies with Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat. Creatures like Pinkie Pie and Chowder were opening up restaurants and bakeries with the help of Gordan Ramsey and Rachael Ray. Law enforcement like Robocop and Horatio Caine made the police more trustworthy. Though there were the good, there were also the bad and the ugly. Villains like Doctor Doom, Cybermen, Queen Slug-For-a-But, and King Sombra, along with others, have always tried to take over or destroy our homes. But every time they try, they fail, thanks to the characters willing to help. Even when they acknowledged the fact they are works of fiction, they still try to help us any way they can. November 1, 1997 A month later after they have been, and still, appearing, that ferret came back. It broadcasted this speech worldwide: “There will be competitions being withheld everywhere. It will be of all and any kind of event. A test of strength, endurance, knowledge, and many more will be happening. I will be selecting the many characters you know and love or hate, and pit them in a competition that suits well. Many of you will be able to participate as judges, and many of you will be able to assist me as how the competition will play out.†It was on every T.V., every phone, radio, iPOD, you name it. Apparently the reason they were all summoned was because of competition. No one knows why exactly the ferret wanted to do this; fame, amusement, curiosity, who knew. Ever since then, we have been seeing a lot of fight happening. It would be on every T.V. channel, every forum, and on live streaming. Everyone was always hoping that the next fight would be better than the last. These matches would go on for hours and hours, but they were always entertaining. And if you’re wondering how we were even safe from most of the fight with the likes of characters like Galactus and Slenderman, the ferret would conjure up special arenas in another plane of existence and have them battle while he would somehow broadcast it. That didn’t mean that we couldn’t hang around with the characters. Even the villains would hang around in their own way. When I say hang around, I really mean hang around. It would always only be after a match was over, but it was still something surprising. It was the first time I ever saw an Iron Giant befriend the 10th incarnation of the Doctor. And it was also baffling to see Doctor Doom being scared of the yellow pony named Fluttershy from just her staring at him. October 19, 2004 Battles have been fought, won, lost, tied, and ended, but they were always a treat to watch. People loved them; people have been suggesting more matches, even getting more creative such as having sporting events with them and even eating contests. Two-on-Two, 4 Fighter Free For All, Two-on-One, even Two-on-Two-on-Two. These fights would either create conflict, or friendship. Fans everywhere would argue about why someone should have won and people have gotten together because of how much they enjoyed spending time watching how well the match was. But two things were in everyone’s mind: Will they be able to socialize with them? When will they go back? They have gained so much popularity, more and more of these unique characters were appearing, and they haven’t gotten the chance to talk to them. It only took two of them to start: Goku and Superman. They were the talk of the entire restaurant and even the workers stopped to talk to customers about how cool it was to have the tenacious saiyan and the man of steel in there. It was then a boy walked up to him when they were just minding their own business enjoying a meal at a Dennys. Before he could ask Goku or Superman anything, the restaurant manager went to him and asked him to leave because he “Didn’t want to litter the place with worthless hobosâ€. He was about to kick him out of the place, until Goku grabbed his shoulder and gave him a smile: “If it’s alright, maybe you could give him some ice cream?â€. The manager was about to argue about how he’s just a homeless “bratâ€, but then he remembered how strong they were from the conversations he has overheard from some of his employees. The kid got his ice cream, and has been talking with Goku and Superman for a while. This got people thinking maybe they were allowed to talk to the characters. The ferret didn’t say NOT to talk to them, so they thought why not. So then, everyone talked to a lot of characters, and not one of them HAVEN’T been talked to. Even the feared and underappreciated people like Poison Ivy and the live action movie version of Goku . People now were living in how they wanted with them here. July 24, 2013 It was time. That one question that everyone had hoped would never be answered: When will they go back? In a month. The ferret had made his appearance. But something was different about it. When he spoke on how everyone will be going in a moth, he had sadness….sorrow in his voice. This mysterious creature of unknown origin that has had almost every character in fictional history appears in our world for sport and competition with no real intention….was sad. Not only that, but we were all as well saddened by this. We had all met characters we know to love or had meet because of how new they were to us, and had bonded with them some way, shape or form. Some of them even had relationships beyond friendship with some of them (It was in the news on how a man named Anon was marrying a female alien called a Skrull). We have decided that in celebration on how much fun we had with these characters, we would not only hold parties for the ones we have meet and got along with, but have one more fight with them. The parties were spectacular. Everyone was having a good time. Even the villains were having their own fun with the henchmen and criminals they had work under their wing. Sonic and Wally West were competing on who was fastest at Guitar Hero, Wolverine was having a drinking contest with Grunge, and Ranma was teaching Scott Pilgrim some new techniques like his famous Moko Takabisha. Then the fight started. Man oh man the fights. Vegeta vs Doomsday. Hal Jordan vs Silver Surfer. Iron Man vs Ken Masters The match ups were astounding. They were not holding back this time. It might have been the last time they would even fight someone out of their own homes and they were gonna go all out. August 24, 2014 It’s been a whole year since the day they went away. After all that fighting, they have said their good byes not only to each other, but to us as well. Normal citizens. They thanked us for actually giving most of them a chance. Everyone left, but two. It were the two big guys. Goku and Superman. The ferret would have us see one last fight between the two titans. The fight lasted for 5 hours and was just the best way to end all the fun. As I hold this pendant in remembrance of all the times I spent with the characters. It was the head of the ferret with a lightning bolt in the back of it. Simple, yet memorable. It was a thank you to that Electric Ferret that we got to see the fight to end all fights. No one remembered who won that fight. It was all up for the people to decide. But we can all agree: It was the best time of our lives. Electric Ferret CBUB 1997-2013 It was one hell of a ride
  21. Isn't there anyone to take over to look after this site? I really had a lot of good matched written in and I would like to look back at them and be like, "Now that was a good write". But because of writers block STILL and with a new job, I don't have time to write many matches. But having THIS up and with no possible replacement of the boss of the site, this gives me motivation on making matches again. I hope this site doesn't get taken down, because this place has given me a whole new view of Fantasy Battles.
  22. Terry Bogard has fought a god made of pure energy by himself. I think he can defeat Wolverine, despite him having a healing factor and adamantium covered bones.
  23. Has everyone already forgoten that Wally beat Lex/Braniac?
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