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  1. Yoda vs Zombie Deadpool they fight. That was literally the whole setup.
  2. The Number One Headband. The object that was rumored to give the wearer ultimate strength. The object that every warrior sought to obtain to prove they were the strongest in the world. That was a reason that it could catch a pretty penny. Remy LeBeu, also known to mutant kind as Gambit, heard of such an artifact since he had arrived in Japan. Something like this could be worth thousands, possibly millions. A headband that gives the wearer improved strength is something everyone in New York would be clamoring to get if the price was right. He had been traveling around the place f
  3. What about people with martial arts skills such as Jackie Chan or even Jean Claude Van Dam?
  4. They make a ton of characters out of their gimmicks such as Undertaker since from the beginning, he's an undead wrestler.
  5. Would WWE characters be accepted in general? Or Wrestling characters in general? There's like four well known wrestling companies out of the many that brought out the best characters like Sting, Hulk Hogan as well as Cactus Jack.
  6. Is there any way we can make corrections to some of these fighters? Some while small like punctuation errors such as Terry Bogard reading as terry bogard, others have problems such as the Green Lantern of Earth, Kyle Rayner, being only named Green Lantern. I'm sure there are others who have this problem, but those two are what stick out in my mind.
  7. A fan made a My little Pony fighting game and got canceled by Hasbro, the fan project turning into a fighting game in the art style of MLP by Friendship is Magic creator Lauren Faust called Thems Fighten' Herds. Killer Instinct and Samurai Shodown came back with great success. A shit ton of guest characters as well as wanted characters appearing in Smash such as Daisy, Terry Bogard, Ryu and Ken, Banjo and Kazooie as well as Bayonetta and Little Mac.
  8. The Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 came out by the time this came out as well as verisons of said consoles.
  9. I'm thinking of rebooting my Green Lantern vs Street Fighter arc I did years ago. Honestly I'm surprised people even read it back then with how rushed they were.
  10. Now forgive me for asking, what were the Adult Board and Silver Surfer Board as it's been years since this place was open. Adult Board I'm assuming was for pornographic content?
  11. I'm well over 18 as are many of the veterans I'm sure. Maybe we can get that swear ban lifted from us all?
  12. Years have passed and not only have they're have been new franchises and series, but also reboots, remakes and remasters that resurrected favorites and niche characters as well as universes. Let us make this return worth it.
  13. Speaking of avatars, some time has passed and I have been using another name throughout the interwebs since the shutdown of EF. Is there a way to change my name here? You know, have a fresh start?
  14. I'm guessing it's gonna work the same or similar with how simple it is, don't fix what ain't broken and all. Though I can see if he want's to improve or change the way things go, so we'll see if anything changes.
  15. It's crazy, this site shut down a year after I graduated high school. Time flies.
  16. Seeing this brought a smile on my face when I saw it come back up. How is everyone so far?
  17. Thanks for making this site my good sir. You are responsible for getting me to write these matches and spread my imagination to others with this site. I just wish there was a way to have this site still up and going until forever. At least it will go out with a bang. Thanks for making this site and for haveing me as one of the top writers too. I will miss this site dearly. :')

  18. What could possibly be my last match, it should at least have some feeling. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/32420-match-14575-son-goku-vs-superman/
  19. The Last Fantasy Battle Fantasy. Horror. Pop Culture. Movies. Anime. Manga. T.V.. Books. Video Games. Comics. These were sections of entertainment that people have loved for years. Whether it is a new videogames announced at a press event or a book that has been announced at a book store, people have loved them. People even loved them so much; they have made fan art, fanfiction, costumes, and even their own comics. This lead to a lot of people making entertainment that have been made famous like the DC vs Marvel miniseries, the reality show Deadliest Warrior of famous historical icons th
  20. Isn't there anyone to take over to look after this site? I really had a lot of good matched written in and I would like to look back at them and be like, "Now that was a good write". But because of writers block STILL and with a new job, I don't have time to write many matches. But having THIS up and with no possible replacement of the boss of the site, this gives me motivation on making matches again. I hope this site doesn't get taken down, because this place has given me a whole new view of Fantasy Battles.
  21. Terry Bogard has fought a god made of pure energy by himself. I think he can defeat Wolverine, despite him having a healing factor and adamantium covered bones.
  22. Has everyone already forgoten that Wally beat Lex/Braniac?
  23. So the teams have been chosen and approved. How does the tournament work exactly? Do you guys just pick X going against Y in Z terrain or do we ask on who fights?
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