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  1. His martial arts can be used as an advantage though. As far as I know, Homer Simpson has not in any way trained that long or dedicated under any kind of fighting discipline. Maybe you can count boxing, but even then that's kinda stretching if Homer will use that skill in this match.
  2. Nathan Drake is known for more of his way to improvise and come up with quick thinking ideas, while John Creasy has to be tactical and negotiate. I think if anything, John has this in the bag. Nathan while good on his feet, John just has more tact.
  3. The thing is with Ash, he is willing to kill anything undead or at least anything related to the undead such as the obvious Deadites, zombies, skeletons as well as necromancer. When it comes to normal human beings, it's very rare of him to actually kill someone that's a normal human if at all. Sure he's accidently assaulted people or knocked them unconscious, but never has he taken a life of another unless possessed or otherwise, again, dead. Also his mouth, I think he can find a way for the guys holding hostages to forget about them and go after the crazy guy with a metal hand. Ash has this.
  4. With how claims a lot of things in The Office and not show it, I think he genuinly does know everything he claims he does. One of them was knowing martial arts, being a purple belt in karate. He knows how to hunt as well as farm, both of wich he calims as well as proven to know how to do. If Dwight has ever known to say anything about dealing with a shark, I would believe him on that too. Dwight for the win.
  5. Yeah, I do noty see this ending well. Sure the Middle Earth warriors are formidable against many kinds of monsters, but the xenomorphs aren't one of them. It's one thing if it was maybe the Predators, but the aliens are a liability fighting in close combat. Just one small cut got them squirting acid blood that can burn through floors of a spaceship, what makes anyone think their armor is gonna stand a chance? Unless they be all wearing mythril armor, they would at least gain half the damage, but even then its a stretch. Sorry to say, but the xenomorphs got this in the bag.
  6. Now that was something that made me grunt in saddness.
  7. SO putting my team togethor, I'm surrpised nobody had picked out Megas before I could. I'm guessing others either picked out Gundam mobidle suits and Godzilla monsters?
  8. I had the idea of having the Discord group partner up with other channels such as ones involved in roleplaying or just regular fangroups, so to get more people to use the more niche characters and create more variety in the CBUB. The problem is that I am not the greatest person to do this as when I tried, I failed to do so with one Power Rangers fan group and the other...I'm still not sure. Anyway, I still think having partnerships with other Discord groups is a good idea so far, but mayube we could also reach out further like maybe create a Steam group so to help connect and get along with cu
  9. Waiting for Claudette Vance to get approved while also waiting for four others to be as well.
  10. Added Shizuka from the Queen's Blade series.
  11. I know I'm gonna bring this up whenever Punisher is against the odds. So once, Frank Castle was imprisoned in I think Rykers Island in the Ultimate Marvel universe. When he met someone that claims to be related to the criminal known as the Kangaroo, he pinned him to the wall with the lunch table and outright killed him in one hit with his food tray. If a guy can do that with just a food tray, imagine what he can do with legit weaponry.
  12. I'd like to add more characters to the CBUB, but some characters have more info from fan wikis than the Wikipedia entry. Is there any way we can use those instead of Wikipedia for certain characters because of this, or do we need to use Wikipedia regardless?
  13. I think it's a little bit of both for me. While I know I'm gonna love using the character, I know there is someone out there that's gonna make an even better match with said character.
  14. I feel like Shocker is gonna be the first to be attacked, though also being a formidable foe. Keep in mind that this is just a regular dude with gauntlets that let out shock waves, unlike most of Spider-Mans pther villains that either have super powers, years of training or something like a power suit or super drug. He's just a normal dude with a couple of gadgets and somehow he can fight someone as strong as Spider-Man, I think he can last a while against Batman. Especially with someone like Scorpian by his side.
  15. While I prefer dark, there should at least be an option to change back for when we get people who prefer light.
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