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  1. Let's all not forget that even IF Gogeta manages to catch up to him, he'd be almost or completely out of time as this form is reliant on the fusion dance of Goku and Vegeta to take this form and the form itself has a time limit, wich is why I mention time running out. So even if not beaten in combat, Gogeta would lose by just running out of time and the two seperating.

  2. I feel like Hellboy could actually pull this off. Sure he's no master of disguise, but he can quickly blend in as a villain if he wanted to. Sure the public practically knows who he is, but not exactly where he stands with his morals and duty, as the organization he works for, or used to work for if you wanna bring up his death, is entirely secret. Besides that, Kingpin could automatically assume he's a badguy because of his demonic heritage as well as carrying a big fuck-off gun that could put a hole in the Hulk's skull if he had the ability to.

  3. The thing about Mogo many either don't know or remember is that he's dead. How? Not only was he infected with some kind of virus involved with the Yellow Lantern energy as far as I remember, but John Stewart sniped the center of the living planet as he wielded a Black Lantern ring. It took such a specific way to kill him, I do not think Onslaught can think of anything to kill off an entire living planet.

  4. 1 minute ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Yeah, Darkseid's more powerful versions are a good bit above what Vegeta can do. Not only is he stronger in just about every category, he's also a lot smarter and is capable of much higher universal destruction

    Let's not forget that while Darkseid has an ego like any other villain, he doesn't have one as big as Vegeta's. Vegeta would see him as a challenge and only slowly go from form to form until he can't fight anymore. But even then, I think Vegeta would be lucky if he even went into his Super Saiyan Blue form, let alone his Super Vegeta form.

  5. 37 minutes ago, Movie-Brat said:

    I think Tails is smart enough to dodge whatever gets thrown at him. 

    Yes, but for how long exactly? He's still a kid at the end of the day and has limited stamina as seen in the 2D sonic games, when he flies for too long. Earthworm Jim on the other hand has his super suit, in wich he practically has unlimited, or at the very least enhanced stamina. Also becuase of the super suit, he's probably got enhanced reflexes as well.

  6. The thing about Juggernaut is that the source of his magic, the gem of Cytorak, it practically made him immortal. Even when he was a skeleton, he still managed to fight as well as gain aid from the god the gem is named after. Lobo might have done something similar, but he still needed a weapon in the end of the day and when he was a ghost, he still needed a body to fight back. 

  7. I feel like while the orcs have the strength advantage as well as weapon advantage, The Hand have it in the bag with their speed, agility as well as the amount of weaponry they have. Ninja's are supposed to be a master at not just swords, they also carry stuff like shurikan, kunai, bombs, poisons as well as other weaponry. Orcs might have the occasional spare axe and experience with other beings, but The Hand is a part of the Marvel universe. I'm pretty sure The Hand have had experience with stuff bigger and badder than just normal orcs.

  8. 1 hour ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Does Flash have telepathic resistance? Flash could end this immediately, but if Mewtwo is able to use mind control he might squeak a win in by insta-mind-controlling The Flash. However, I don't find that very likely. That's just not how he seems to usually fight, and even if it were, Flash is so much faster that he could just non-lethally end the fight any time he wanted 

    From what I can gather, his mind processes information at such a rapid pace that he's immune to such mind altering attacks. If anything he should be more careful on Mewtwo's speed and power, but otherwise I think Barry has this in the bag what with him dealing with telepaths before.

  9. 1 hour ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Anti-Monitor has this for sure. Broly is tough and strong but Anti-Monitor is easily Multiversal. He walloped an amped Spectre, killed the OP pre-Crisis Flash, and was the cause of the Crisis on Infinite Earths when he erased all but 5 universes from existence. Broly is strong to be sure, and universal, maybe low-multiversal, but Anti-Monitor can't even really be hurt by traditional punches, kicks, or Ki blasts really, let alone the fact that he's just massively more powerful in terms of raw damage output and durability.  

    The thing with Broly is that the angrier he gets the stronger he also gets, much similar to how Hulk gets stronger every time he gets angrier and angrier. So by this definition, Broly would eventually stand a chance against the Anti Monitor. And since this takes place in London, who's to say he won't shrink down to meet Broly's level? A lot of these giant bad guys usually shrink down to human levels when they arrive in certain areas like how Galactus or Spectre does at times.

  10. Goku has taken on god like being before, but that was on a more planetary level. That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that Spectre was responsible for not only one planet, but multiple as well as multiple versions of said planets when the entire multiverse was in danger of being destroyed.  Goku is out of his playing field here, but I can at least see him surviving for a long while before he deemed it impossible for him to beat Spectre.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Fox said:

    There are going to be challenges that don't exactly match the Criminal Mastermind's MO.

    That said, I could see a story line where Black Cat grabs an heiress as part of a larger burglary goal and the Heiress ends up Stockholming on her as a (likely comedic) plot point.

    All that said, I don't know that this scenario favors Adrian given his own obsessive-compulsive disorder, multiple phobias and other psychological issues.  I think I like the Black Cat here.

    Something you have to remember though is that there have been times Monk has been able to cast his phobias and compulsive disorders aside to not only try to live a normal life but also solve a case and rescue a victim such as when they had to catch a barefoot shooter or when in the first season he started having feelings for someone that maybe(?) reminded him of his late wife. 

    Speaking of wife, because of his former love life, it's possible he could also snap the girl out of her stupor hearing she fallen for him when it's just brainwashing by comparing his own experiences of being married himself as well as feeling the pain of losing Trudy after the car bomb.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Yeah, but in my eyes this is less about fighting and more about survival, and Michonne lives in a much more similar world to "A Quiet Place" than Ash does. She is stealthy, used to living off the land, and survived for years on her own without a group and without really ever making noise. Ash simply doesn't have that level of survivalism and long-term stealthy survival

    True, but she still is only used to fighting one type of enemy not including anyone that's human. Ash on the other hand has dealt with Deadites who are practically supernatural zombies with sentience as well as animals possesed by the same entity. Hell, he's survived things that were bigger or even the same size as the Dark Angels, never mind fought against. Not only that, but Michone uses like two forms of combat, her sword and her bare hands. Ash can probably scrounge up some spare parts to create weapons that can silently kill/subdue one of these things or at the very least distract them so he can make a quick getaway.

  13. What people usually get wrong about Ash is that he really doesn't like being the one guy that can solve everything and would rather escape than fight. Sure he has his many moments of machismo and bad assery, but he mostly wants to escape and let someone else clean up the mess when it's not his (sometimes), turning into the man that has to instead of the man that can.  
    That being said, his personality has served him well in the past as his trash talk has made the Deadites, as well as the Necronomicon itself, target him when he needed distraction so innocent civvies can escape when they can. And because of his willingness to escape rather than fight, despite showing many many times he can fight, it gives drives him on edge therefore sort of giving him a sense of stealth such as when he tried to sneak around the cabin and the area around it to look for weapons to fight back his enemies. He knows when to fight and when to run, and because he's quick on his feet and a man that can adapt to his surroundings, I think he can stand his own against something like the Dark Angels, at least longer than Michone who's only fought undead and only undead, especially one type.

  14. SO to put things into perspective, the Evil Dead are not really zombies as they are more evil spirits that posess the living as well as the unliving, such as corpses and suits of armor. The Evil Dead has to have a host, and can only become incapacitated once dismembered ala Dead Space necromorphs for best results. They can transfer themselves to another host as well as infect others so they may also become one of the Evil Dead, such as when Ash's sister got stabbed in the ankle by one of them or when Ash went to a convention to fight against an evil robot that the Evil Dead possesed. 
    You have every reason to confuse them for run of the mill zombies, but the Evil Dead can be as fast, strong and as smart as they can and want to be depending who they posses as well as what they posses and when what with time travel constantly being involved in many Evil Dead and Army of Darkness stories.


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