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  1. Batman and Hercule are skilled martial artists but the only thing that might have hercule die is the joker gas and acid.
  2. M.Bison from Street Fighter and Laocorn from the Fatal Fury Motion Picture.
  3. Trying to add Gameavision from Code Monkeys.
  4. One of my favorite quotes is "Through strength, learn gentleness. Through gentleness, strength will always prevail." From Street Fighter II The Animated Movie.
  5. His whole body, except for his face, is covered in adamantium. And he still has the ability to use his talons or claws so he'll stand a big chance against carrot top.
  6. Agreed. He was even able to stand a chance against Galactus and Onslaught later in comics, so he has a chance against Vegeta.
  7. Ryu will win this unlike some of the the other guys which relied heavily on there special ability's. Ryu actually has martial arts training and self discipline and incredible special moves. Even though the Predator came from a planet were everyone is a warrior, Ryu basically fought more powerful guys like Onslaught ,Apocalypse, Gill and even M.Bison at full strength. And since the Scar Predator took off his weapons, He'll be beaten to a pulp, but will still be alive until the other Predators come to Earth to let the loser (Predator) kill himself and will know where the ultimate warrior is in J
  8. 3 words for B.Orchid: Energy glowing batons. She wins
  9. Ku Fei wins. She's much more quicker and powerful than the power ranger.
  10. Since this is the regular kind of Predator, Frank Castle with the symbiote suit would win.
  11. Well if your familiar with the anime or manga, you would know that she is the Makoto of anime only with super strength. Sure she would get frightened by the way it looks and she wasn't a serious fighter with Ranma, but if she faces an opponentlike the ones she fought in the anime or manga without any traps and no holds barred, she kicks major ass. And since she is stronger than the average person, She would at least stand a chance against the Tracker Predator, even if she were to lose.
  12. Even tho M.O.D.O.K. has a lot of technology and that death ray on his for head, Kenshiro would win the battle because he has dealt with worse. Dude, this guy , with one punch< can literally send your organs ripping through your body! So even though M.O.D.O.K. has a lot of wepeons, He would get pulverized by Kenshiro.
  13. Although Sophitia is a skilled fighter, Beatrix is more deadly because she is more fearsome and has the ability to use magic.
  14. First off, these guys are right, you should have put a a setup in this battle. And Second, It's a tie. They both have the power to destory a planet, they can both fly, shoot some type of energy, and are both powerful beings in the universe.
  15. Askin because they are both kid gokus and because they both have different power levels and different attitudes: Dragon Ball version has an innocent attitude and can't really transform at will. the only transformation he has is when he turns into a Great Ape when he sees a full moon and he can't fly yet. . And GT version has the ability to turn into Super Saiyan 4, can do a fusion with Vegeta(which is cheating in this battle.) can do Instant Transmition (teleporting), and can fly. So to answer your question, "Why Ask" is because they are both completely different versions of Goku.
  16. Venom would kick the shit out of the Wolf Predator.
  17. The gremlins are more mischievous than the aliens from mars, and all the aliens have are lazer blasters. So the gremlins will find a way to kill them and since they don't know that water multiplys them, it would be bigger trouble for the aliens.
  18. The A.V.G.N. would win. He's got the peripherals, shit pickle, The Jaguar, Monkeys Cheese, the guitar guy, the characters that came out of nowhere during his review (Bugs Bunny, Jason Vorhees, a ninja, etc.) he even has the power to do moves from games and movies! So yeah, The Nerd wins in this one.
  19. the most underated characters in this site has to be the characters from the T.V. show Code Monkeys and the ScrewAttack team from Screwattack.com also whats underated is Terry Bogard from the Fatal fury games and movies.
  20. An Alien being that was born and trained to kill for sport versus a magical girl who is able to exterminate you with water and ice. They are both really great combatants and are really strong in there own way. But since Sailor Mercury isn't the type of girl to kill someone, she might hold back. Then again, she might not have a choice and will have to go all out, knowing this isn't the type of opponent that plays around. The Scar Predator is an amazing warrior, but against someone that has the ability to manipulate water and ice, he'll die but it would be a brutal battle.
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