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  1. No no no, he threw his extra weapons out of the ring(harpoon gun, 9mm, stuff like that). He basically still has his shotgun and extra ammo, and dynamite. His spell book, he doesn't have. And knowing Ash, he'll regret his decision and will go back for them. And since he has had experience with spell wielding opponents, he could stand a chance even if he only had his two weapons.
  2. M.Bison wins. Kinda obvious: He is able to take on Ryu and Ken at once, he can fly, teleport, and manipulate your mind!
  3. that was once in the comics. but since he never did that again for years, he loses this match.
  4. indeed. No one knows his true strength when people wonder what would happen if he fought with someone like Superman or Sentry. But DBZ fanboys think that he or she is able to blow the whole world just becasue of their power.
  5. Earth 2 Superman died from Superboy Primes bare hands. You really think he could stand a chance against Goku?
  6. Even though Soya has combat training from Special Forces, Vega is fast as hell. And she can't do half the things he can. Vega wins.
  7. Whoever added Shazam didn't do their homework. His real hero name is Captain Marvel. Not SHAZAM! People should know the difference.
  8. your welcome. and i give you and ok setup.
  9. Okay. Wolverine is a mutant that had had experience with people that had powers like Lust with her fingers (I.E. Lady Deathstrike) so he won't be surprised with that. Lust has never met anyone like Wolverine(i.e. metal claws coming out between their knuckles with out alchemy.) so she might be a little surprised, key word being "little". And like a few people said here, she won't be dead unless she is seperated from their arms and legs and such. Wolverine would win this sicne he can just attach his arm back onto his body because of his healing factor. And with his hightend senses and his uniqe sense of smell, he can have no problem dodgeing her attacks and looking for her when she attempts a surprize attack.
  10. Well Videl can fly, and sahe has been trained under a martial arts master, and has delt with people like Majin buu and has survived the beating of a life time from that one guy in the tournament. She wins.
  11. You forgot the Scotsman has a machine gun on his leg. Scotsman wins.
  12. I have to agree with you. Sonya could easily do the kiss of death fatality one Envy, but it won't kill her....him...shem??? Whatever, The point is, no matter what you do to Envy, it won't kill. Unless you get Envy into that little bug form and take out the "philosopher stone" out of Envy, you can kill Envy. But since Sonya doesn't know about it, she's dead.
  13. Scorpion is powerful and is able to do martial arts use his spear and use fire, but scar can get through all that. He fought Ed, Mustang, and Alphonse so he can deal with Scorpion. One hit to the hit and it's bye bye to Scorpion.
  14. Two words for Sabrewolf: ULTRA COMBO!!
  15. I know that Mustang is the Flame alchemist. But Sub-Zero has fought the undead, robots, drunken master dude, a centaur, and a creature that is made of flames in Armageddon. Plus, he's been trained in martial arts and has a sword. He is a master of both and he has experience with people with fire attacks. Sub Zero wins.
  16. since Winry is basically a tinkerer with machines and auto mail and such, she might be able to slow down Jason with inventions at the last second and maybe "kill" him later.
  17. Since Magneto can control metal, he might make them bleed to death since there is a certain of iron in blood to have him take it out through their skin.
  18. Technically, Hercule is stronger than Ganju. But he can use his weapon and fireworks to distract him and than look for an opening to beat the living hell out of him. But since Hercule has more experience in martial arts, he could dodge and block his attacks.
  19. See ing as how Ed is a FullMETAL alchemist, he can probably tear Jax arms off.
  20. Steve Fox wins this. He's much faster and since he can punch a freakin robot without getting his hands hurt, he can bruise Drago.
  21. I just finished our conversation. He assures it won't happen again. But now that it's been takin care of, who do you think will win?(I still will have to talk to him about this. )
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