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  1. Realy? If you didn't read, why bother commenting on it??
  2. We have seen a lot of matches that had used Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, and are already have been done to death. They can use those characters, they can go ahead. I use most of those characters too. But what I would like to see is more anime, videogames, movies, pop culture, fantasy, horror, and toons. It's like people forgot how to use this site. They just have to think of this as Fanfiction: Unleash your imagination. I have not seen many comic and anime fights or competition that was NOT Dc, MARVEL or DBZ. Sure a lot of people are using the "obscure" characters like Guy Gardner Green Lantern, Hermoine, Darth Maul, and so on. But it's just that it looks like most of those matches are just made for shits and giggles, they have no other ideas, or just want to make a match as quickly as possible just to get views and ratings and comments. I am not naming names, but most of them do not make good or even decent set ups. Now for me, I enjoy trying to think of possibilities of fights and competition. I have been putting up matches of fights that people had not might have thought of, put the match in a unique way, or have a match between two or four people against each other with characters that have not been used much and love and or use characters that had been used a lot but have not been in a match with that character. I also try to think of characters that have been underrated and have been populous since it has appeared and try to think if it's a good idea to put them in the Electricferret. I have submitted Gameavison, New York Combat Revue, and Flower Division since I love the Sakura Wars series and Code Monkeys (They should have had a season three) and was surprised when I have not found any of them here. Now that they are here, people who are familiar with these guys can use them. Back to the match set ups, a lot of them are great and a lot of them are...crap. We have seen a lot of Brolly against Goku already and Superman vs Goku and whatnot, but when I find a good one to look at that is not any Super man or Goku fighting with or against each other, it's a breath of fresh air. By all means, keep writing matches, even if it's as cliche or basic as Batman versus Captain America or Goku versus Superman, but try to put more effort into them and add some originality. Now for the guys who use characters that aren't that popular, same thing with the cliche and basic ones, put some imagination into it, make sure you know about those characters, and if you do, you can make the match more interesting. Me, I try to make matches that are unique like my Deadpool vs Witchblade (Masane Amaha) and my Flower Division vs Hulk. For those who are new at this, go ahead and try to make a match, new or old, doesn't matter. Just as long as you enjoy it and that you know what the characters are like, whether you like the characters or not. The guys who make like one to 3 sentence matches, put more effort into it. like maybe a 2 paragraph match or even a 2 page one for all I care. Just put more effort into it.
  3. it's been years since I have played a Clue Finders game (if you could even CALL it a game) and they can't really solve problems unless it is basic math, vocabulary, history or even geometry. So unless they know how to use guns or any other ways of self defence, the kids (or young teens) are screwed.
  4. When Superboy came back from the dead and joined the Teen Titans again.
  5. You want set ups you like? You should have seen some of the fight I put up a while back. I had Witchblade go up against Cody and even had Jay and Silent Bob go in the Town of Silent Hill.
  6. Thanks. And yeah, I'm the guy who made Huey and Riley Freeman V.S. Flower Division. Why do you ask?
  7. Obviously not the best setup I could put up, but I still tried to think of a way this would happen. Better than just saying 'they fight in the city' and that's it.
  8. I'm gonna have to say that the new Blue Beetle is Spider-Mans counter part. But if was to compare with the characters back then that are still going, yeah either Superboy Kon-El or Kyle Rayner Green Lantern.
  9. I know the Flower Division may be out of character, but I just wanted to put this up and see what would happen if these guys fought Huey and Riley. I was thinking of them going through trainin with the team so they can find a way back home, but I think that sounds more like a fanfic and/or and endurance match than a fight. So tell me, what do you think?
  10. Well seeing is that they aren't at Hollywood yet, they don't acquire the Jedi powers yet. And yes, Silent Bob would have to talk at least once or twice to do or say something smart.
  11. Oh, my mistake. Thnx for tat (not a troll comment)
  12. WW Hulk B list? What is that? And please define obscure characters. I'm pretty serious, I'm still new to some of the stuff here....
  13. I would have to agree. Even though El and Spike can hold their ground in a gun fight, Spike wins hands down in hand to hand combat. But since it's El we are talking about, he has got a $h!t load of guns and ammo in his guitar case. And even though Spike is trained in Kung Fu (or was it Tai Kwan Do?) El is more aggressive and cold hearted when it comes to killing it's target with his bare hands.
  14. Yes, the setup is indeed crap. When I saw Cyberforce, I got excited. But because of how much this setup sucks....I don't even want to vote.
  15. Yes, even with the dark form Sakura has. Like I said, X-23 has the heart to kill anytime. But Sakura on the other hand doesn't. Her dark form does not come about anytime she wishes, so it can't really help here unless she already IS Dark Sakura. Even if she did turn dark, X-23 has her healing factor and heightened senses like an animal.
  16. I would say that Sakura wins this since I'm a big Street Fighter fan. But since X-23 has been trained to kill in more ways than 10 and has more agilaty than Sakura and has the heart to kill, I have to give the edge to X-23.
  17. Get out of the basement? Dude, do you even know how old I am? I WAS just trying to be nice and your being pissed of at me just because I said your setup sucks? Anyone can agree with me that this isn't even a setup. I was trying to give advice to you and what do I get? "Move out of your moms basement and get some real friends." 1) I am of high school age and 2) I have friends thank you, and enjoy reading the stuff I put up here too. I at least gave away my possible age unlike someone who hides behind a profile trolling anyone who speaks the truth about your setup.
  18. This setup suck balls....like major bull balls. But since your new, I'll let it slide and give you some advice: Try and think how the match would start. Like how the opponents meet, what the handicap is (low energy, no weapon, etc.). The dialogue too: what are the reactions when they meet, how will they speak, an such. And don't forget it has to be in character (unless it supposed to be comedic). If the setup with the opponents is too far-fetched (like if you made a match between a movie character and a historical character) you have to try and explain how and why they have met each other, even as something as cliched as a portal to another dimension or time-line. And make sure you know about the characters or teams before you make the match, If you don't, do some research on Google, Wikipedia or some other site that has info on certain characters r teams.
  19. Considering how threatening Zedd is, minus the humor, and how poweful he truly is, he can whoop the Mew Mews, but not defeat them. Might sound stupid. But the Mew Mews were able to let the world survive from blowing up and Zedd wants to conquer it. Since the Mew Mews have saved the World from blowing up from numerous aliens, so this one guy, Zedd, can get whooped. But of course not without a fight.
  20. I would say strength in numbers because it's five to one. But like Scott said, mustard? Yeah I know the KND are able to make weapons out of almost anything, but they also just shoot gumballs, sardines and mustard like I said. And Scott....he dealt with wieder foes in the comics and the game. So I give the victory to Scott Pilgrim.
  21. Smokin' weed, smokin' wiz, Doing coke, drinkin' beers' Drinkin' beers beers beers! Rollin' fatties smokin blunts! Who smokes the blunt? We smoke the blunts! Rollin' blunts and smokin...! Oh, and Jay and Silent Bob wins. They survived a Golgothan( SH!T Demon), and an phsycho angel attack, so they can survive these two. Besides, they have lightsabers and Silent Bob has a grappling gun.
  22. The Green Lanterns from Earth didn't have any experience either, but they were able to use the ring with their will power. And the battle takes place a few weeks after the Sinestro Corps War, so they basically have experience, like a week. Not much yeah, but the Earth Lanterns had it for a few minutes and they were able to fly, create barriers and shoot beams.
  23. Juri has a Yellow Lantern ring. Not saying that she might win, but you have to think about how the match would be since Juri has a power ring now. Same with Akuma, with a Yellow Lantern ring, he is a worthy adversary.
  24. It is a great match up. I would have to go with Prime 'cause Vegito is a fusion character and it only lasts 5 minutes. The battle lasts longer than that, so when they separate, Prime will pummel them to the ground.
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