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  1. Then he should have had picked the DBE version
  2. U MAD? Seriously? Can't tell if joking or trolling...
  3. Shonen Jump v.s. Marvel. 'Nuff said.
  4. What they need to do is put every pokemon that is the anime section into the videogame section since pokemon are not anime characters, they are from videogames.
  5. I really want to ask what is Test Character Zero exactly??
  6. Spliting Jay and Silent Bob? That's like splitting Harold and Kumar, it's just not right....
  7. I have added Gameavision from Code Monkeys and Flower Division and New York Combat Revue from the Sakura Wars series.
  8. you can say the same thing with Cage, but he can't fly.
  9. Well my Freeman Family vs League of Evil Exes got a 3.4. Really don't know WHY a lot of my matches get low grades no matter how good they are...
  10. So wait, what are the rules exactly? The rules are on the first page, but I need more specifics. Sorry if I sound like I'm stupid in the head.
  11. Thanks for the comment. And I'm glad that you liked it. I was worried that this match wouldn't get great feedback.
  12. My match of the Freeman Family vs The league of Evil Exes is now up. It took a lot of my brain to think of a settup. Might not be a great one, but at least might be decent. http://electricferret.com/cbub/cbubbattle/show?mid=9549
  13. I am having trouble thinking of a setup with my match.....
  14. True, but like AVP said, this guy is new. I would give him a break and give him some advice on how to make an at least decent match.
  15. oh.....my bad. Thought it was troll comment. Sorry for the mistake.
  16. Realy? If you didn't read, why bother commenting on it??
  17. We have seen a lot of matches that had used Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, and are already have been done to death. They can use those characters, they can go ahead. I use most of those characters too. But what I would like to see is more anime, videogames, movies, pop culture, fantasy, horror, and toons. It's like people forgot how to use this site. They just have to think of this as Fanfiction: Unleash your imagination. I have not seen many comic and anime fights or competition that was NOT Dc, MARVEL or DBZ. Sure a lot of people are using the "obscure" characters like Guy Gardner Green Lantern, Hermoine, Darth Maul, and so on. But it's just that it looks like most of those matches are just made for shits and giggles, they have no other ideas, or just want to make a match as quickly as possible just to get views and ratings and comments. I am not naming names, but most of them do not make good or even decent set ups. Now for me, I enjoy trying to think of possibilities of fights and competition. I have been putting up matches of fights that people had not might have thought of, put the match in a unique way, or have a match between two or four people against each other with characters that have not been used much and love and or use characters that had been used a lot but have not been in a match with that character. I also try to think of characters that have been underrated and have been populous since it has appeared and try to think if it's a good idea to put them in the Electricferret. I have submitted Gameavison, New York Combat Revue, and Flower Division since I love the Sakura Wars series and Code Monkeys (They should have had a season three) and was surprised when I have not found any of them here. Now that they are here, people who are familiar with these guys can use them. Back to the match set ups, a lot of them are great and a lot of them are...crap. We have seen a lot of Brolly against Goku already and Superman vs Goku and whatnot, but when I find a good one to look at that is not any Super man or Goku fighting with or against each other, it's a breath of fresh air. By all means, keep writing matches, even if it's as cliche or basic as Batman versus Captain America or Goku versus Superman, but try to put more effort into them and add some originality. Now for the guys who use characters that aren't that popular, same thing with the cliche and basic ones, put some imagination into it, make sure you know about those characters, and if you do, you can make the match more interesting. Me, I try to make matches that are unique like my Deadpool vs Witchblade (Masane Amaha) and my Flower Division vs Hulk. For those who are new at this, go ahead and try to make a match, new or old, doesn't matter. Just as long as you enjoy it and that you know what the characters are like, whether you like the characters or not. The guys who make like one to 3 sentence matches, put more effort into it. like maybe a 2 paragraph match or even a 2 page one for all I care. Just put more effort into it.
  18. it's been years since I have played a Clue Finders game (if you could even CALL it a game) and they can't really solve problems unless it is basic math, vocabulary, history or even geometry. So unless they know how to use guns or any other ways of self defence, the kids (or young teens) are screwed.
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