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  1. I'm Pretty sure that Honey can kick Ghostfaces ass since first, he will be imediatley underestimated from his height, cute face and so one, and second, he know more martial arts than a whole class full of army duded.
  2. I was gonna add Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusagawa, but someone beat me to it! Oh well, at least there here now.
  3. Why am I not alod to put in the duo team of Bartleby and Loki? I mean, we got Jay and Silent Bob and Batman and Robin, so why can't we have Bartleby and Loki from DOGMA? And how do I put up pictures and gifs and quotes and signatures like these other guys on this site?
  4. I find it wierd that Jay and Silent Bob are aloud as a duo (since let's be fair, they never separate) and they will not allow Bartleby and Loki from DOGMA when they are the same as Jay and Silent Bob: never seperated (with the exception of one killing the other).
  5. YES! Timewalker and Dante Hicks from Clerks and Clerks II (and a small appearance from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) have been accepted.
  6. I have added Gemini Sunrise from Sakura Wars. And I am trying to add Timewalker from Valiant comics, but can't find a very good image to represent him with.
  7. .......Whatever this guy is smokeing, I want it.
  8. Have added Shinjiro Taiga from the Sakura Wars game Sakura Wars: So Long My Love.
  9. I agree, maybe I should have written something like that instead. Next time a have a Jay and Silent Bob match, I should remember more of Jays hates.
  10. Yeah, I should have put up "Even though they got paid for it" or something like that after it said that he was pissed.
  11. Seeing that how Bart can even make the most patient man and woman go crazy, it's no surprise that Madea is gonna try to do something to Bart. Madea MAY be able to smack him a few times, but because of how durable Bart is since he IS Bartman, he might be able to go far enough from her to use his slingshot or some other gadget he got from Frink or by the mail.
  12. I don't need to say anything about this match because everything I wanted to say has already been said. Also, this match isn't good enough to vote for who wins. And this is obviously "Bad".
  13. Yes, welcome newbie. Always great to have new blood. And yes, agree with him, know your characters and use better punctuation so you can make better matches.
  14. This match is pretty bad dude. It's a great idea that Masane fights Thor, but maybe if you had some more time about writing more diolouge and details, it could have gotten a "Good" rating. But since your new here, I'll let it slide.
  15. I will add them soon and when I find a picture with good quality and just plain looks awesome.
  16. We need a Persona crossover.....somehow...
  17. We are missing Metal Gear Ben, LOLAZER, Dante Hicks, The Rock, and Blackbuster Critic.
  18. do any of you know why they would accept the Town of Silent hill as a character in the database, but they won't accept the ScrewAttack Gang in here?
  19. So does that mean we won't be seeing Jay and Silent bob trying to survive a day in the ScrewAttack headquarters any time soon? I mean they made up their own shenanigans like Nick always breaking something when touched (literally), Jose shooting LOLs with a laser, Ben being a super saiyan and even the entire team meeting their counterparts from another dimension. Unless it is someone like Fred or Nigahiga or even Angry German Kid, they can't make matches. But with someone like ScrewAttack, A.V.G.N. and even Greatest Freakout Ever Kid you can make something up. You can have Jay and Silent Bob trying to live with the Freak Out Kid for a day before they beat him up or the kid kicks their asses or even have A.V.G.N. trying to go up against the Town of Silent Hill with his power of peripherals like the Super Scope and the U-Force. The guys like A.V.G.N. and Freak Out Kid, the ideas are everywhere from fights to "Can you survive ...?" setups and let's a lot of people who are fans have their creativity flow. Even with the most hated teen pop stars like Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black you can make funny as hell matches. Like having them trying to annoy Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan from South Park
  20. My bad dude. Well, at least you can joke around in a place of competition like this.
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