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  1. Wouldn't it make more sense for the Electric Ferret logo to be on the shirt?
  2. I get that Iroh is a great teacher as well as great philosophizer, but to motivate an entire sports team? I think Johnny has it in the bag here. Like look, I'm not saying Iroh doesn't have lessons to teach and advice worth taking, or even speeches that don't motivate. Iroh just feels like his kind of motivation wouldn't belong in team sports. Sports like golf, maybe martial arts depending on the style I think he can go through people. Sports teams on the other hand wouldn't know half of the stuff Iroh is talking about unless they were actually taught philosophy or were nerds and compared him to Mr. Miyagi or Master Roshi, wich many sports teams are not. Johnny while not the smartest is the most charismatic and down to earth kind of guy compared to Iroh, making him make comparisons and sermons that can make sense even to the biggest lunk head in sports. Keep in mind, he motivates his own karate students constantly in and out of the dojo, even doing so before a karate tournament Iroh on the other hand while smart, wise and knowledgeable has little no nobody he can teach outside of Zuko that we know of on screen.
  3. While a sound strategy, you have to remember that Racoon City had more than just the normal, shambling walking dead to worry about. Mr. X and Nemises are around the city as well as the occasional Licker and Umbrella Corps. mercenary. Not to mention that depending on when he's in the city, he also has to worry about the city being nuked, and having to dodge and avoid reptilians and giant spiders if he managed to look for a way to hide in the sewers.
  4. The difference is that Rocky at this point is a professional. Miguel was just a scrub and he somehow managed learning how to walk again after his spine said hello to a stair railing, thanks to Johnny's own version of help. All that muscle and stamina, Rocky would of course fly through all that. Miguel on the other hand was even more of an underdog, being just some kid that used to have asthma that turned into a black belt in karate in what, less than a few months, a couple months at most? Also let's not forget, Rocky isn't the type of guy who would have trained just anyone while Johnny trains a whole class. Rocky has gone through hard training, but so has Cobra Kai and Johnny. I think Johnny would make the more rigorous training montage.
  5. But like any other cowboy, he has to rely on cheating to get his winnings in a poker game. I feel like Nathan has natural poker skills and cheating is something of a last resort for him if he really wanted to win a game. Cheating at a poker game isn't an exact science when using devices that help you to do so, not counting counting cards, so that's why I think Nathan can pull through one game, even without cheating.
  6. Aurora and Tinkerbell both have reasons to go on a murderous rampage, but the question is who would actually do it? Both have loved ones, villains that have the capability to conquer and even have homes worth staying in. Tinker Bell on the other hand has shown to have the most potential to do so. She's one of the most rash and reactive out of the two Disney princesses as she tried many times to either help someone or fight someone. Aurora on the other hand has not shown any action that she would, could or would help someone or even herself for that matter even if we are to get into other source material like Wreck-It Ralph 2.
  7. While Arthur Morgan being in the wild west would give him the experience, I think Nathan Drake would beat him in a game of cards even without cheating. Arthur can probably keep a poker face and hide one of those card devices in his sleeve, but I feel like Nathan can talk his way into getting him to fold or even bluff his way into winning the game.
  8. Shit, this is like comparing Pepsi to Coke: While both have different tastes, they still quench your needs for the same thing. Catwoman and Lupin while experts in being con artists, I feel like Lupin is the better one over Catwoman. The fact that Lupin doesn't even need to hide behind a mask or hide his identity most of the time tells you just how good he is running a hustle over Catwoman. Catwoman has to get a special suit, has to work out, buy or create special weaponry to complete a heist. Lupin on the other hand while nimble and smart in his own right can pull off a hustle without the need of fancy gadgets. Sure he has gadgets, but they are in no way in Catwomans level, let alone anyone else in the Bat Family whom she fights against/with on a regular basis wich tells you how well Lupin can pull off a heist if he can use what is equated to toys out of a cereal box to pull off a heist or hustle of any kind. Also I has to say that while Catwoman can hustle, she has to rely on her sexual attraction and sly whit to keep a persons from being suspicious , while Lupin can just talk to someone casually about his intended target without the person he's talking to even blinking.
  9. REbecca like any other character in Resident Evil has and had a ton of baggage wether it be from being unable to save civilians, letting a badguy go or just not reacting sooner. Rebecca is no different and would probably take a while for her until she gets in touch with reality and admit it whatever happened to the patient wasn't her fault. Shaun on the other hand would take no les than a couple minutes, maybe even a lot less time to get with the program and keep working. Because of the mix of his autism, his brilliance and his stubborn behavior, he'd more just insist it wasn't his fault rather than blame himself for something that was either out of his control or actually not his fault.
  10. I think Johnny is gonna win this again. He's been able to motivate a bunch of kids down on their luck up to the point they started kicking ass and taking names.
  11. I know little to nothing about Doogie Howser, sorry man. I can say though because of how precise and how insistent Shaun is with his job, it's gonna be dramatic as all hell. Even if he's right about a medical theory that can save someones life, the risk of it killing or paralyzing someone is gonna make it the more dramatic as he is always honest and almost never lies as he's not good at it.
  12. So keep in mind that these are inmates, not school delinquents or martial arts fantatics. Inmates would look and listen to Master Roshi with either little to no interest or with no intention to do as he says. Sure Master Roshi has trained people, but it was only to those who were interested in the training of martial arts and wanted to be the best, not because they want a lowered sentence. Johnny Lawrence on the other hand knows how to speak their language what with being a former bully and practically the leader of his own gang that happened to know karate. He knows that to motivate someone that they have to know what he's saying and what he means by it. His methods of training while crude are effective and anyone can get behind despite the execution. Unlike Master Roshi in wich almost nobody would figure out what anything meant. Hell, even Krillin didn't know what most of these training regiments was supposed to do or even if it would work to the point he cheated in a couple of them such as when he had to look for a rock Master Roshi written his name on, only to find a stone and try to forge his writing, and when he was told to run in a zigzag motion in a bunch of trees only to just run straight thinking it was easier.
  13. So I'm not gonna shit on Wildcat because he does train hard and he continues to do so to the point he can stand up to people like Bane. He has no gadgets, no powers, no secret techniques, just good ol' fashion training. In fact, he's actually trained Black Canary into the martial artist she is today. If he can train someone WITH powers to become even better, he's doing something right. That being said, I don't think his style of training is anything to the level of Goukens in any level. Sure he's trained Black Canary, but Gouken has trained people like Ryu, Ken, and even Dan for a short amount of time so they can not only how to learn to fight properly, but to control and use Ki for combat practices such as shooting it out of their hands to create a projectile and ignite their fist into flames. Sorry Wildcat, but Gouken is the bigger cat in this fight.
  14. Aurora has danced in a few scenes and Elsa has danced to none as far as I can remember.
  15. I can see Zipper hiding and blending in like any fly would, but the ffact that Vice City is as chaotic and crazy as any other city in the GTA franchise, I think it's gonna be difficult for him. Not impossible, but it's gonna be hard.
  16. If this was any other iteration of Mikey I'd vote for him, but this version of him is less than likely to take a life, let alone use a weapon to do so. They even acknowledge how they rarely use their weapons against anyone when the '87 series crossed over with the 3D nickelodeon cartoon. Psylocke would be the one to pull this off.
  17. Garret. He's the most subtle and careful of these two and the most well equipped. Torches of any kind, he's got water arrows to put them out. Need to walk on noisy surface? Use moss arrows. Knock out a guard? Billy club to the head. Catwoman while stealthy as well has been known to be caught by the entire Bat Family almost no matter the heist, despite her having the right gagdets like her whips, claws as well as electronic jamming devices.
  18. While I can see Shego surviving Apokolips, I don't see her lasting forever. Like I've said before, there was an episode from Kim Possible where Ron Stoppable turned evil and Shego was so frightened by him that she was practically forced to become his minion out of well, fear. If she can be frightened into serving a high schooler that turned heel from a scientific mishap, she's not gonna survive something like Apokolips.
  19. Not counting the Carmen Sandiego Netflix show, she hasn't really had a good track record of actually being social to hustle anything from anyone. I can see her personality being something to be fascinated by, but Lupin has had experience with swindling, cheating and robbing someone of their precious belongings as well as intel to get what he wants as well. Even if we are to specify wich Lupin series like the blue jacket or the green jacket, he's still shown that his people skills have gotten him to get what he wants or reach his goal in some way. Carmen Sandiego on the other hand does little to no social skills and barely talks to anybody as far as I know. Hell, even the cartoon show she so happened to be in from long ago has her leaving mostly clues and having the last word before she escapes being captured, that's not really much to go on when talking about her social skills.
  20. Considering Jumanji was submitted with the board game image and not say the cartdridge or system the remake had, It's easy to assume this is the board game. With that, I don't think Mini Me has a chance at either. Sure I can see him weasel his way out of wreckage, but I don't see him surviving the entire experience without help of any kind.
  21. Iroh is the kind of person to teach you with his wisdom, not motivate a sports team. Rocky on the other hand is.
  22. Yeah but at the same time her disguises could give people excuses as to why she behaves or looks a certain way and nobody would even blink, especially if she is to blend in certain areas like say Gotham or anywhere in her universes Earthrealm (Doctor, biohazard managment, burn victim, etc). While yeah she is bat shit insane, she can be patient if she wants to as she had been under Shao Kahn's command for a while ever since her own creation what with waiting to take orders from him, so this proves she can hold herself the bloodlust to keep a low profile if needed. While Nightwing can disguise himself because he's a normal human and nobody would bat an eye at him, I feel like because of Mileena's sex appeal most people would let whatever suspicion slide away the moment she starts flirting with them (granted the lower part pf her face is covered or they can't see it). Again you could compare this to Nightwing, but he's been in multiple relationships and many of those he's staid too faithful to go and flirt with rando's to get his way. Play nice sure, but not flirt.
  23. While Splinter has the wisdom, I believe Phil has the most motivation to get the players to believe in his million to one play.
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