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  1. Would natural disasters as well as fictional events be something the database can accept? Examples being Flood, Earthquake, Purge Night and Squid Games.
  2. Only over a dozen? You would think more people, both new and old members, would try and get in on this. I signed up for mine and hope it comes in one piece, I'm just surprised not many others signed up for them.
  3. Superman is fast enough to travel from one solar system to another, but he's not fast enough to time travel as casually as Wally West or any other Flash for that matter. And considering they have to use weapons from a shaolin temple, Wally West could possibly vibrate them into Supermans body to kill him, if not at least to stun or injure him.
  4. It's been a number of years since I even read about anything regarding the Shiar Empire, but I still think the Jaffa Warriors have a better time taking over. The Jaffa are able to blend into humanity at many points of the Stargate show, taking over an entire town and even on occasion taking over the Airforce secret base and almost sneaking into the U.S. government. Yeah the Shiar can just invade like any other alien force would, but the Jaffa again can blend in with humanity and use whatever secret there to go against them. Meaning they might have already recruited many humans into their ranks with spare goa'ulds they carry around sometimes. They could even summon other Jaffa warriors from across the galaxy, entire planets in wich they still rule, to come to their aid. The Jaffa also have technology that not only revives the dead, heals all wounds and even mind controls enemies into doing things out of their control.
  5. LEt's consider how cowboys from back in the day while sharp shooters and have had their share of dodging bullets and other things like fists, bottles as well as rope and knives, I don't think they would stand a shance against the GCPD because of one thing: fitness. When it comes to being a cop while yeah you are gonna come across some fat guys, it doesn't change the fact you need to be in shape to not only carry a bunch of equipment, but to run with said equipment such as a bullet proof vest, flash light, fire arm and so on. And while yeah, they're obviously not gonna use any of that when it comes to a game of dodgeball, I can say they'd last longer than the cowboys would. Cowboys back then while yeah, weren't really fat guys or overweight compared to many normal people nowadays, they aren't as fit as police or the normal gym instructor nowadays what with many of them practically just drinking and playing cards as their day to day hobby or way to waste some time with the occasional bank robbery and train hold up. Police on the other hand need to be on constant watch of their diet and cardio so they can have easier time catching criminals, even when off duty incase they are called in.
  6. Doomsday already beat him before, very brutally might I add.
  7. Don't look to underestimate Toad just yet, guys. Sure he's lost his fair share of fights against the X-Men, but there's a reason he was in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He's managed to incapacitate Jean Grey with his slime, not only silencing her but also putting her in danger of dieing of suffocation. He's held his own against Storm one on one for just a bit before Storm started using her mutant powers, sending him hundreds of feet into the air and into the New York reservoir. And since he's supposed to have abilities that mimic an actual Toad, he likely survived that fall. And I know these are feats from the movie, but it only shows that even taking a more realistic approach, he still fights pretty well. He's also managed to convince a former villain and another super hero to attack Spider-Man that being Frog Man and Spider-Kid, defeated Spider-Man and Vision both at once, lead a team of villains to fight X-Force, Survived an attack from Nimrod only losing a fingers (Basically a super powered, bright pink Sentinal from space), and kidnapped multiple people to die in Arcade's traps including The Thing and the X-Men, Angel. Also little known fact about Toad, he's had a chemical imbalance in his system that practically gives him a sort of bipolar disorder, making him switch from calm and collective to angry and rash in a second before it got cured. He's also got a prehensile tongue that he can also engulf in flame when he wants to. So with all of that, I think he could do something that has blackmail involved. After all, he did manage to kidnap The Thing and Angel once and even talked to his former Brotherhood minions into coming back togethor to attack another X team. I think he's gonna be able to pull off something more simple like blackmail.
  8. Since nobody is gonna comment, I will to back up my pic of the Jaffa. They managed to take over almost an entire galaxy, have ruled under the disguise of gods that have been in many religions such as Yu and Ra. From fear alone, they managed to enslave many planets and people as well as recruit, by force or volunteer, more soldiers into their conquest of galactic rule. Sure they have the weakness of creating and following through with theatrics, but they deserve such things if they can rule many planets and solar systems so easily. They can even blend in as a normal human without many noticing any differences unless they look for them. In a way they've ruled Earth before, but for a full on alien invasion, I think they not only have the means, but also the right information and to infiltrate key parts of Earth so to let their warriors know where to strike next or first and spread their destruction.
  9. Yes, actually. There's a few villains there that can go up against Rhino no problem such as Bane, Poison Ivy and even K.G.Beast at one point. Though I think the question is would they even care enough to stop him?
  10. If Captain Crunch can continue to sell a cereal that destroys your gums and the roof of your mouth to this day while making it look exciting and outright more delicious than most other cereals, than I think he can manage to sell a few more Pippins to help Apple make a few more overpriced kickstands.
  11. Well there's also been a ton of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness comics. From stand alone adventures to crossovers, Ash has been around. He's also been in about five games (Though nobody really counts the Commodre 64 game), all of wich he's gained new weaponry, new types of Deadites as well as timelines, events as well as ffighting through new attacks such as again, being brainwashed and possessed by a demonic spirit (Evil Dead: Regeneration), driven to insanity by looking at bones of another worldly creature (Evil Dead: Hail to the King), as well as overcoming psychological manipulation when he was old (Ash vs The Evil Dead). There is plenty to talk about when it comes to his combat feats, but his psychological feats are just as impressive. Sure he's still gotten a possibe case of PTSD if the show is anyhthing to go by, but he's been able to forgive himself once he dealt with his problems head on and somehow not get his mind broken every other time he manages to somehow survive yet another Deadite attack that jumps the shark: Such as when he was sent into the far, far future to take down the Deadites with a robotic companion and be sent into cyberspace to attack the undead that had taken over and become digital coding. He managed to survive another day of all these crazy Deadite moments every single time, one jumped shark after another, and yet he is still able to come back to a life of normalcy and get his old job back in S-Mart, his universe's Walmart, every single time. If that guy can somehow work a normal nine to five job every time he deals with an undead problem like it was just another Saturday, I think he can keep sane enough to survive Event Horizon.
  12. Even Horizon has said that the ship is practically alive, therefore it must have some kind of personality, especially if it goes up against someone like Ash wich in terms mean that Ash would be underestimated because of his bumbling nature and constant taunting, just as well as his dumb luck. Even if it doesn't have a personality, just trying to kill everyone through illusions is something that is not gonna deter Ash from his main goal of survival and/or destroying the place with the high possibility of escaping. And while true Ash has to adjust to the things he sees, that's one of his main strengths, easily adjusting to a situation. A living, haunted ship is nothing compared to an entire city, cyber space or even medieval times considering he practically almost did it all. If this was Ash from just Evil Dead than I can understand why he wouldn't survive Event Horizon, but this is experienced, sort of hardened and cocky Ash. He's gonna survive it even if it means literally having a slap fight with an illusion.
  13. Too many people seem to underestimate Ash, wich I think it another reason he'd survive a place like E.H. Yeah, he's no space man nor is he an expert in engineering when it comes to space crafts, but he has shown to improvise in these kind of situations such as whenever he manages to make his own weaponry like the dynamite launcher and harpoon gun in Evil Dead Regeneration in an alternate timeline and when he managed to create more shotgun shells and build himself a prosthetic hand made of a knights gauntlet, both when he was stuck in the midevil times and showing he knows basic and possibly advanced chemistry. Because of his mechanical tinkering, he should by definition look for a way out or at least a way to blow up the ship. Also again, he's been known to snap himself out of illusions and mind manipulation. He's put down Bad Ash many times to know he's not coming back unless the Necronomicon is somehow involved.
  14. Well that's the thing; Ash has known to snap himself out of these kind of situations. Sure there have been times he needed help, but that's very few comapred to the many other times he managed to snap himself out of insanity and back to sanity. And since this ship is practically the source of everything, I think Ash would consider this just another haunted cabin but bigger and made of metal before getting thoughts on destroying the thing.
  15. Fair, but it looks like here he has to know that he's being fired upon to begin with. John constantly uses silenced guns and he is no strangers to using out fo the box weapons I.E. the pencil he is known to use as well as a book in another example. It's not like Ryu is fighting someone who knows the way of the sword or uses just guns, John Wick is known to improvise, and since they be fighting in the desert, who's to say John won't use the sand to clog up Ryu's open wounds or just to blind him?
  16. John Wick. Yeah both of them have had years of training, fighting and of course the occasional lethal blow, but John Wick doesn't have to worry about an evil entity taking over his body when fighting to aggressively. Ryu has to constantly worry about the Satsui no Hado taking over his body if he's not careful, turning him into Evil Ryu wich he desperately tries not to turn into wich is why he will not completely go all out when fighting. John Wick on the other hand has no such worries and can fight all out, nothing holding him back, guns at his side and willing to fight dirty if it means victory. Hadoken be damned, John Wick has a better chance.
  17. Honestly I was expecting this match to be more on the Danger Room's side considering John Connor is more adept in fighting robotic figures, not robotic hologram rooms.
  18. Considering Ash has dealt with many attacks on his mind wether it be demonic possesion, mind control and even just psychological manipulation in his later years, he was able to survive these mental attack and even when he does cave into these attacks, he eventually gains his sanity back and act like nothing has happened. Also because of his constant run in with Deadites of all kinds as well as a few timelines and worlds, I'm sure the amount of shit he's seen practically numbs him to whatever Event Horizon is gonna try and do to him.
  19. Keep in mind that the Danger Room is supposed to give an X-Men member a workout such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Colossus. And yes while there are safe guards, who's to say the Danger Room won't just turn them off? There have been moments in wich the X-Men themselves have had problems with the Danger Room because of some hacking, bugs or a mechanical mishap such as Kitty Pryde walking through the control panel as he powers disrupt machines. John Connor can only hold himself against one type of machine, three if you wanna count T-1000 and the T-X. The Danger Room has data on not only more kinds of killer robots, but also other creatures, villains as well as terrain like the Savage Lands. I don't see John lasting longer than a few hours.
  20. While I agree that Xanatos is the smarter man and can fake his way out of a situation, I feel like Barbossa can intimidate Belle out of breaking the curse. Again sure Xanatos is a smart guy and can make a plan to keep her from trying to break the cure, Barbossa is more physically intimidating, especially around the time when he himself had been cursed into turning into an undead skeleton when the moonlight hits him and is more than willing to get his hands dirty, even if it means maiming Belle.
  21. IS this the first time a tie happened in the draft?
  22. I can see MAgpie getting a bunch of cosplayers if she became in anyway popular, but popular doesn't exactly mean loved. I feel like if either of the two would win, it's gonna be Condiment King. Magpie is sexy and devious yes, but it's not like she's Rogue, Korra, Chun-Li or even Batgirl. More people know about Condiment King because he's the lolcow of Gotham, making him even more of a loveable dork.
  23. Sure he's fought speedsters before, but Quicksilver is in no way in any of the Flash's league. Even the youngest speedster in the DC universe is fast enough to catch up to guys like Superman, while Quicksilver has trouble going up against guys that are mostly known for their strength like Apocalypse and has been hit by Cyclops's optic blast, who is in no way a speedster or a brawler.
  24. While bikers are ruthless yeah and have a ton of numbers, Gotham P.D. have dealt with worse than just bikers. Keep in mind these are police that work in Gotham City, a place where villains like The Joker, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze are constantly running amok. Bikers are tough sure, but try fighting guys like those villains as well as goons who use weaponry themed after those villains.
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