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  1. Hey, Gizmo (formerly known as ScrewAtttackFan). Since the staff now has the ability to move CBUB character profiles to other categories, I'm currently looking through this post of yours that you made way back when as somewhat of a reference: 

    Note: I'm not taking your list strictly as gospel about what profile should go where, but it's still pretty handy to look through for what can potentially can be moved. 

    Just thought you'd like to know. :) 


    1. Gizmo Hibiki

      Gizmo Hibiki

      I'm actually kinda flattered you even decided to look through the list again. Though with how many years have passed, I have changed my mind on some of teh characters such as the Power Man and Iron Fist duo what with getting back into comics and reminding myself that they were a duo, as well as the Walking Dead characters what with Daryl Dixon being a character that only appeared in the show and not the comic books. Also, I'm guessing the reason why we don't have a movie or T.V. show section is because a lot of these characters are known for more than just being in said movie or show and clutter up the database what with them being in other forms of media, wich is still something I'm all for leaving alone.

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