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  1. I think it would be nice to have a picture gallery for characters, showing more of their personality as well as their legacy and maybe even a suitable picture appropriate for the match in more than just fights.
  2. I'm wondering if the ability to add multiple pictures to a characters database will come back soon. Just something I noticed just went away.
  3. Yeah, this seems more like he wanted the quick an easy way to victory, telling me that Onaga might have actually stood a chance against Shao Kahn. One on one, even in a bar fight, it seems that Onaga could beat Shao Kahn what with nothing helping Shao Kahn into tricking or trapping Onaga with something like poison.
  4. MEgas has this in the bag. While the Dino Ultrazord is powerful, it's required to have five to six people to pilot it if I'm not mistaken. Meanwhile Megas only needs one and has more than enough weaponry to take on the Dino Ultrazord.
  5. I think if it was raining, it would be a different story. What with how Sub Mariner needs water like any other Atlantian, mist is not really anything like normal watyer or rain.
  6. True, but they already have brain power from Lex Luther as well as others. If anything, I feel like Calendar Man is just gonna be a temp. Codpiece while goofy at least has a weapon to call his own.
  7. I don't know, I think the Legion of Doom would rather have someone that ISN'T a former Arkham resident. Codpiece was and is a joke sure, but he at least has a weapon to take on lower class heros with as well as normal street level heroes and police.
  8. Actually Ash has gone undercover before, though it was all by accident once and the second time he was recruited. If anything, this is up Ash's alley.
  9. Yeah, Homer is the one that's gonna win this. Dorothy might sweet talk them a bit, but knowing Eric and Donna, they need much more than that to break up, let alone not talk to eachother anymore.
  10. I'll give credit to Grimes, at least he's an officer of the law and has experience taking down criminals in an orderly fashion and goes by the book. However, Shafer is a monster truck compared to Grimes as a beetle wagon. The classic action movie character has been shown many a times to go through bad guys like they were flys and wielding guns as if they were nerf guns, like Schafer here. Grimes on the other hand while like I said has experience taking down criminals as well as the undead, is tame. Sorry Grimes, gotta give it to Arnold over here.
  11. The thing is with Chun Li, she's master actual martial arts and has disciplined herself to a certain way of thinking when against an opponent. Onaga on the other hand is a giant fuck-off dragon who could take on three MK characters at once, magic users no less. Chun Li has never fought anyone like Onaga before and like Kuma before her, she's normal compared to others. Despite her control over ki, I don't think it's as powerful as let's say lightning, necromancy or other spells against a dragon.
  12. Coop has had many experiences with kaiju, so someone like Mecha King Gidorah while new, is not that different from his usual endeavors. Megas takes the cake.
  13. Terry Bogard I think has this in the bag. While both warriors have similar sources of their special moves, Terry has proven to wield it more efficiently as well as controlling it. He doesn't struggle with a dark side either, so he doesn't have to hold back being afraid of a dark side or a dark power taking over. Also the fact that he fought a god kinda trumps whatever Ryu had to fight.
  14. I can imagine Throg being something of a bringer of joy when it comes to imagination and play, but Applejack is a character that is more homely and family focused, what with doing a ton of stuff for her granny as well as little sister and big brother. I think a gentle hoof is more affective than an adventurous frog at this moment.
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