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  1. DC and Marvel are still king when it comes to some of the most used comic book characters in the CBUB yes, but I think it's time to show other comic book companies, some big and some indie, some love as well. IDW, Image and Valient come to mind when it comes to comic book companies, but indie ones that come to mind are ones like Spinnerette, Zot and I think Buzzboy.
  2. Don't forget he's got some metal platting on his skeleton because of severe injuries he suffered in his first time as a super hero, so it helps him deal with a ton of pain.
  3. Sinon. While Sir Daniel has fought monsters, he's mostly fought them up close and personal despite stuff like the crossbow being a part of his arsenal. Sinon on the other hand has battled multiple foes with just a sniper rifle and from what I can remember, can shoot someone from more than fifftey yards away. None of them have experience hiding or fighting in forest areas, but I feel like Sir Daniel will stick out like a sore thumb for Sinon to get the first and final shot.
  4. Leon has definitly faced dangers, but Grifter has him up on experience. While yeah, Leon has had his fare share of zombies and bio freaks, Grifter had battled aliens, robots and of course super villains with nothing but his bare hands and standard military grade weaponry.
  5. I feel like Lois Lane will get his attention more. Lois Lane was able to outsmart other super as well as villains just to get a story, and is willing to go through many other dangers as well such as robot attack, alien invasions and even just run of the mill super hero battles. Sherlock will definitely be more amused by Lois' behavior and ambition.
  6. So from what I can remember from reading the comics long ago, Zealot doesn't use any kind of long range weaponry with maybe some throwables like knives and ninja stars. Punisher will be patient enough to try and become sneaky and stuff, but once she gets close, that's a different story because her sword is practically made from her universes version of adamantium, unable to break in it's current form. If Punisher keeps his distance, he might stand a chance but once she's up in his grill, bye bye Frankie.
  7. Both of these characters are known for their slapstick, but Bugs has it in more than Jim. Bugs is pro at the piano and Jim a pro at the accordion, but bugs would play dirty with many more tricks than Jim does. Jim has what, his power suit, his body and his ray gun? Bugs can literally order his next item of choice through snail mail and he'll be on time to use it against Jim. Sorry Jim but if it any other toon, you would have won the day.
  8. Ethan Hunt can read lips. El Mariachi can play the guitar like a pro. I think the skill of playing the guitar, both acoustic and electric, as well as the mystery of El, would make her wanna be with him more.
  9. As much as I fanboy over Earthworm Jim, Wakko wins this. Sure Jim uses toon logic too, but his own universe as well as himself have llimits to what can happen. Earthworm Jim has to know certain locations, have to know how to do certain objectives, has to be extremely convenient and so on. Wakko on the other hand could literally walk to China if he wanted to while taking out a jawbreaker stand from his hat while teaching a lion how to sing Bohemian Rhapsody leaving Jim to maybe just using his own lion for hackey sack: One is cool, but the other is just bathshit insane.
  10. As much as I like Sir Daniel Fortesque, I don't think he stands a chance against Sheeva. I can see him keeping her busy what with the amount of weapons he has as well as abilities like using his arm as a boomerang, but Shiva has dealt with people much more powerful and skilled such as Batman.
  11. It's one thing if this was in a mansion or even the hall of mirrors, but forest and jungle areas are Rambo's bread and butter. The Bride while skilled and gifted in the way of the sword as well as physical moments like punching her way out of a coffin is impressive, Rambo is able to rip a guy's throat out with his bare hands and fought entire armies by himself. Not armies of men, literal armies like when he went against an entire police force and the Russians.
  12. Let's all pretend that after the movies he's been in that he decided to finally look for another girl. He's got the skills to woo them in: Not only can he fight bare handed, but he's also skilled with firearms and can play a guitar, both electric and acoustic like a pro. His looks also help as the long hair and loose fitting suit give him sort of a gentleman but also mysterious look to him.
  13. IT would have been an easy win if say this was in a jungle, an island or even somewhere in the city but a hall of mirrors? I don't think I ever remember Frank ever fighting or even finding himself in a hall of mirrors before. Though if anything, he has more experience with firearms than Sinon does, VR gaming be damned. So if they do eventually find eachother, he knows when she'll run out of ammo and when a gun jams, but then again this is her VR form, not her real form so it's difficult to say if that applies to real life.
  14. I feel like because of Casey's experience he's got this in the bag. Sure it's gonna be very disorientating fighting in a hall of mirrors, but he's had experience with opponents equally and even stronger than Achilles fighting along side the Ninja Turtles.
  15. Blossom while I can believe she can just straight up fly back to Earth, Dot would be there in a moments notice before she could figure that out because Toon Power.
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