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  1. Arcade was able to confuse and imprison the entire X-Men team, Giant Sized era, in his death trap of a carnival, and these were guys like Colossus, Storm and Wolverine. I think He can think of a creative way to subdue Android 21 if it meant amusing himself for a while.
  2. I feel like Dread Pirate Roberts has this. Nick Fury might be able to look up basic dance steps and follow each step fluidly, but Dread Pirate Roberts would find some joy in ballroom dancing and take it up a notch and not move robotically as I'm assuming Fury might move what with him being more known for operations than dancing the tango.
  3. I don't know, I feel like Chucky could get a leg up on this if he plays his cards right. Archer sure is someone a kid could grow attached to, but a lot of kids like the demented stuff too and could easily think Chucky was doing stuff that was cool just because.
  4. *Looks at match up* Umpire, why you gotta be like that?
  5. Think of it like this. If Vigilante can handle a fist fight against Deadshot, he can survive one from Billy the Kid.
  6. I feel like Kirito has it in the bag wha with him having gaming assistance like health regeneration as well as item storage.
  7. Zorror is in the forest. You really think he can find Gourry in such a location with his sense of direction?
  8. While true, Roronoa easily gets lost when finding his way anywhere. Gourry on the other hand while stupid, is not on Zorros level and at least has *somewhat* more common sense when looking for anything, wehter it be a goal or a location.
  9. Is Midnighter the kind of person to kill a kid? It's been a while since I actually read the comics, but I do know he has speed fast enough to even amaze Captain Atom when he went into his univers.
  10. "The Force. This mystical force, pun very much intended, that embodies everyone and keeps ourselves in control. That is until you are a sith lord, or a sith's apprentice, or anyone that wants to use such power for anything that is deemed selfish or self servicing. The Force has been thrown around to be the top, the most powerful and the most well known ability in the galaxy, and yet people seem to forgot not only other sources of power but also weaponry that can rival the Force, or even overpower it. Why settle for a blaster, rare lightsaber or even just your bare hands to take care of someone that owes you money or owes you a service, when you can just tap into an energy source that very few people have claimed to witness? It's things like this that make me think that the Force, is fucking bullshit." Penn and Teller. Hand down.
  11. Hey, Gizmo (formerly known as ScrewAtttackFan). Since the staff now has the ability to move CBUB character profiles to other categories, I'm currently looking through this post of yours that you made way back when as somewhat of a reference: 

    Note: I'm not taking your list strictly as gospel about what profile should go where, but it's still pretty handy to look through for what can potentially can be moved. 

    Just thought you'd like to know. :) 


    1. Gizmo Hibiki

      Gizmo Hibiki

      I'm actually kinda flattered you even decided to look through the list again. Though with how many years have passed, I have changed my mind on some of teh characters such as the Power Man and Iron Fist duo what with getting back into comics and reminding myself that they were a duo, as well as the Walking Dead characters what with Daryl Dixon being a character that only appeared in the show and not the comic books. Also, I'm guessing the reason why we don't have a movie or T.V. show section is because a lot of these characters are known for more than just being in said movie or show and clutter up the database what with them being in other forms of media, wich is still something I'm all for leaving alone.

  12. I think it would be nice to have a picture gallery for characters, showing more of their personality as well as their legacy and maybe even a suitable picture appropriate for the match in more than just fights.
  13. I'm wondering if the ability to add multiple pictures to a characters database will come back soon. Just something I noticed just went away.
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