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  1. Skeletor is a level above Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra fights a cat/human with a magic sword. Skeletor fights a guy who's as strong as Superman with a magic sword. Most of Skeletor's defeats happen because his minions are incompetent, but this is a one on one battle.
  2. The T-Rex wins because of speed. The Rancor is slow, so slow a person and run through its legs before it could react.
  3. My guess is that they're the same person, created by a roundhouse kick that shattered the laws of reality.
  4. Bet this fight will be done in an episode of Deadliest Warrior at some point.
  5. Alan Quartermain could probably beat him all by himself.
  6. Ivy doesn't need pheromones. She's a red head. In half the comics, Wolverine is a sucker for red heads. In the other half, its asians.
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