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  1. Unfortunately university is very busy for me this time of year, so I couldn't put out a match. Very excited to see who won this month, though!
  2. Martian Manhunter couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag, honestly. I can't think of a time he didn't get directly punked by someone like Starfire.
  3. The first part of Predator was something akin to a hostage rescue, and Schaefer blew the fuckers to hell. I have to assume zero casualties means zero dead hostages, so I'm gonna say Schaefer, because neither team is likely to talk hostage takers out of the hostages but Schaefer is more likely to be able to blow them all to hell.
  4. Starfire's really strong. She can take the terrain being the bottom of the ocean probably better than Sue can, and she's probably able to get through the shields in the first place as well.
  5. Codpiece is a diligent worker, the only reason he's not out there on these streets right now as we speak is that he's in supermax and no one's willing to take the emasculation of partnering with him and busting him out.
  6. This is conjecture not present in the stated environment of the match. Plus "intruders" doesn't imply any sort of coordination between them on its own--I expect the people trying to obtain junk are people who would be more readily intimidated by a huge, six-legged, horned beast than by a two-foot talking dragon.
  7. If he's setting traps, then they're already in the junkyard. Appa is huge, strong, and willing to make himself threatening when the occasion calls for it.
  8. Anyway the real argument I'm making is that it doesn't matter at all how powerful Morrigan is when Ryu is very clearly the main character here, and therefore she is destined to lose. The power of being the protagonist has never failed.
  9. the clear answer here is that ryu wasn't planetary for the events of his games until the bonus scene at the end of sf x tekken where he fought asura
  10. Saying that Morrigan is more powerful than Pyron just because she beat him is like saying the Fantastic Four are more powerful than Galactus because they beat him sometimes. It also doesn't consider that it's possibly Morrigan's magic just doesn't discriminate by power level and that's how she beat him, kind of like how he can be absorbed by a random vampire who is clearly not planetary in power (otherwise how would anyone stand in his way, and if they can, how are they not destroying AT LEAST Earth when they fight). We have a fairly solid basis for Ryu's physicals to be planetary (if we
  11. Appa mogs, is much cuter than Ace. Batman would never appear in a commercial just to sell stuff. Bruce Wayne wouldn't compromise his identity by linking himself so blatantly to a Batman associate. Even if Batman is popular, Ace is just a dog. There's not much he could do that Appa couldn't, and Appa is a creature that doesn't even exist in our world. It's pretty much like having a dragon sitting around, except it's cute.
  12. Appa could never lose this. Who's ever been threatened by the Easter Bunny? The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is one thing, but the Easter Bunny is entirely separate.
  13. Ryu smacks Terry Bogard big time. Even if Ryu has to contend with his evil side, it makes it more likely he'll win if he loses control. "Fighting a god" doesn't really mean anything when we don't have a baseline for how strong a "god" is.
  14. Yeah, my Tolkien knowledge is pretty shaky. I just like the themes of the match more than anything, like how the whole verse is about hoping against hope and fighting for good because good is what's worth fighting for, while Alien-verse is about how the universe is indifferent to us and xenomorphs themselves are an active plague on every other lifeform in the universe that there really isn't a cure for. Glad it was interesting.
  15. Jon Stewart 100% gets a date with She-Hulk. No question.
  16. Well, there have been some parties that went into Moria and survivors were allowed back out, so they know the acid blood exists; they may be overconfident in the durability of, say, mithril gear or something, though. I think these are to some degree analogous, but there is something to be said for the preternatural skills and abilities of elves in particular. And as far as the world at large, we can't really be sure how Middle-Earth's magical beings would take to fighting the Xenomorphs. A lot of LotR magic is kinda handwavy and indirect, so I left Gandalf in particular out of this sce
  17. I think to start out, a reclassification of most characters is probably in order by genre or medium and only one of those two (my preference is probably genre). After that we can worry about what medium they come from, and after that I could see subdivision by "weight class", and after that powers if we really want to get particular. Basically I don't want the database configuration to get too ambitious from the get go.
  18. The Xenomorph Queen hissed in pleasure. No sickly, grey beings pervaded her hives now. They were diseased, scrawny things who could put up little resistance against her drones. The eggs she’d laid put them to good use, though. Their feeble weaponry, slings and bows by her estimation, could little pierce the hide of her children. She had lost a few, it was true, but they had served their purpose in the end. Now, she reached out telepathically in the night, sending visions of herself far and wide to entice newcomers to her hive, that she might make them of her own. She could
  19. Beta Ray Bill is planetary. Rebirth Lobo is probably fine but not that good. N52 Lobo is a ton of scaling and not much else, probably fine for the tier if you don't look at his scaling too hard. PC Lobo is probably too strong for his positive scaling over PC Superman. Technically, due to DC canon shenanigans in the last couple years, most notably Doomsday Clock, these are all the same character. N52 Captain Atom no-sells a citybusting beam from Firelord and is a big time matter/reality manipulator. PC Captain Atom is maybe in tier? He has a lot of feats, you can look over them here.
  20. It looks like you beat me to the punch for Codpiece. Big thanks, Fox.
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