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  1. I'm voting dark. It's just easier on the eyes.
  2. Which version of Hulk is this?
  3. r/RespectThreads is fairly well curated and has a good number of characters, plus you can contribute as long as you have a Reddit account and some free time to sift through a character's appearances. I generally find that the lack of commentary about a character reduces wank, since the feats are what are laid out, and not some distillation of the feat. For this match in particular, for example, Accelerator doesn't have a Respect Thread (someone could be doing it right now, I'm not sure), but Dio does, which would make r/RTs good for gauging Dio's abilities. For your match, actually, I checked r/RTs to get a feel for the strength of the characters involved, and made a decision based on that information.
  4. I basically agree with what Ronan said. Except about VSBW. Not a fan of them. But as far as the match goes, I really liked it. I would have liked for it to be longer, with a bit more focus on Accelerator's POV as well as Dio's.
  5. Excellent write-up. I like how you've incorporated Khazan lore a lot.
  6. Haha don't remind me we live on the hellworld that gave us Game of Thrones season 8
  7. Yeah, over on WhoWouldWin. I do the Great Debate Tournament, same username.
  8. If anything comes to mind I might do a write-up for it. I've been participating in a bunch of debates on Reddit, so I might do write-ups for those.
  9. How do we get to say *vulgarity*?
  10. *vulgarity*ing imagine growing more sensible with age. I'm thrice as insufferable as I was, and that is an achievement.
  11. corvette1710


    Loved Kick-Ass 2. Saw it earlier this week and then today with my uncle. Enjoyed both times. Anyone have other thoughts on it?
  12. Sorry I killed this lol-- Bane would probably get outlasted as he's basically the first one in the ring, and there are several better fighters coming into the ring after him.
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