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  1. Yeah, my Tolkien knowledge is pretty shaky. I just like the themes of the match more than anything, like how the whole verse is about hoping against hope and fighting for good because good is what's worth fighting for, while Alien-verse is about how the universe is indifferent to us and xenomorphs themselves are an active plague on every other lifeform in the universe that there really isn't a cure for. Glad it was interesting.
  2. Jon Stewart 100% gets a date with She-Hulk. No question.
  3. Well, there have been some parties that went into Moria and survivors were allowed back out, so they know the acid blood exists; they may be overconfident in the durability of, say, mithril gear or something, though. I think these are to some degree analogous, but there is something to be said for the preternatural skills and abilities of elves in particular. And as far as the world at large, we can't really be sure how Middle-Earth's magical beings would take to fighting the Xenomorphs. A lot of LotR magic is kinda handwavy and indirect, so I left Gandalf in particular out of this scenario of invading Moria.
  4. I think to start out, a reclassification of most characters is probably in order by genre or medium and only one of those two (my preference is probably genre). After that we can worry about what medium they come from, and after that I could see subdivision by "weight class", and after that powers if we really want to get particular. Basically I don't want the database configuration to get too ambitious from the get go.
  5. The Xenomorph Queen hissed in pleasure. No sickly, grey beings pervaded her hives now. They were diseased, scrawny things who could put up little resistance against her drones. The eggs she’d laid put them to good use, though. Their feeble weaponry, slings and bows by her estimation, could little pierce the hide of her children. She had lost a few, it was true, but they had served their purpose in the end. Now, she reached out telepathically in the night, sending visions of herself far and wide to entice newcomers to her hive, that she might make them of her own. She could feel their differing physiologies; the material they would bring unto her would be extensively useful. Her first outsider quarry was a group of stout biped men with weapons befitting their stature. They’d posed some small challenge to capture, but she would allow a few to escape: at least, after they had been impregnated, and she would stay the hand of her hatchlings until they had returned to their homes. Then, she would allow her seed to propagate similarly across the planet. For, of course, this was her only objective: Control the planet through her progeny. And there was plentiful wildlife to turn to her own, from grey-blue, violent bipedal creatures to proud, strong, long-maned, hooved quadrupeds. They all fell to her dream assault, her immense telepathic presence turning her into their deity. They marched en masse into the mines to be turned, their numbers becoming hers as they were impregnated and parasitized. Word had begun to spread among the kingdoms of a terror inside Moria. The tales told of a great dark monster with crystalline teeth and a black crown, who turned men and beast alike unto its brood. The problem in the kingdoms’ communications came in the form of secrecy and deceit: None were willing to admit that their dreams had been pervaded with terrifying, awe-inspiring images of this Lord of Night, as they had taken to calling it. They could see it in their sleep, feel its presence looming in their mind when they were waking, and perhaps most frighteningly, they were hesitant to kill it, as it exuded magnificence and power, and to attempt its destruction may only incur its wrath and end its splendor. Thus the delegation at Rivendell, excluding those who had once felt the corruption of the One Ring, spoke endlessly of containment over eradication. The kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan were represented appropriately, but not by those men who had felt the vitriol the Ring evoked. Thranduil himself appeared to represent Mirkwood, and Elrond was the host of the invoked gathering. A near-nameless dwarf king represented his entire race, and the Hobbits didn’t bother to send a delegation. No other races had been invited or informed to appear to discuss the greatest evil since Sauron begat the War for the Ring. Ergo, neither orcs, goblins, or werewolves, nor trolls, ents, or spiders were allowed to discuss their fate, as the elves detested them each but for ents, whom they respected but thought their numbers too few. In essence, the Fellowship lived on in memorial action, though many of the peoples of Middle-Earth had fallen back into their ways of petty discourse and war. In Rivendell did the convention speak in hushed tones, fearing the inferring of fear amongst their number by another, in that such a showing would emplace weakness upon their people in the minds of potential enemies. And so, speaking from false boldness, the many chose to send forth parties of their own toward Moria, to collect in Rivendell and ride southward thus. In one month’s time, the assorted factions had gathered themselves for a journey to Moria from Rivendell and marched forward, spirits beginning low as their visions of a desolate future under the Lord of Night where its spawn reigned made them more certain of their failure. The Queen met their forces with several thousand of her own drones and warriors taken from the miles surrounding Moria. Her brood had converted the mines’ walls to a resinous compilation of her own making, which allowed them places to hide and ambush them as her forces feigned weakness, gathering inside the mines for the war party to follow. *** “Thus we must take this task above all others upon ourselves: To slay the Lord of Night and bring an end to the terror of its brood. Who among you cannot speak to the horrors you have endured to reach this place? Not one, I can be assured. It is not in spite of your ordeals, but because of them, that you have found the courage—nay, the will—to fight to end night’s reign over Middle-Earth. It is for you that I raise my sword, and for each other and all others that you must as well. By the end of our great mission, each and all of us will be as the great heroes of old!” Aragorn punctuated his speech by raising his sword. Fifty thousand men, dwarves, and elves raised their swords with him. ***** So, in summary: fifty thousand men, dwarves, and elves, led by Aragorn, have to enter Moria, navigate the mines, and fight about ten thousand drones and warriors before finally reaching the Queen in the deepest part of the mines and killing her as well. Assume the numbers to be something like 40,000 men, 9,500 dwarves, and 500 elves, and 8,000 drones, 2,000 warriors, a handful of praetorians, and the Queen. Of the Fellowship, only Aragorn and Legolas are present.
  6. Hey, corvette. You'd better get to work on that second match of yours if you want to stay qualified for this month's tournament.

    1. corvette1710


      I have a matchup in mind. I'm just getting through some school stuff first. It'll get written.

  7. Beta Ray Bill is planetary. Rebirth Lobo is probably fine but not that good. N52 Lobo is a ton of scaling and not much else, probably fine for the tier if you don't look at his scaling too hard. PC Lobo is probably too strong for his positive scaling over PC Superman. Technically, due to DC canon shenanigans in the last couple years, most notably Doomsday Clock, these are all the same character. N52 Captain Atom no-sells a citybusting beam from Firelord and is a big time matter/reality manipulator. PC Captain Atom is maybe in tier? He has a lot of feats, you can look over them here. The Doomsday Clock thing also applies to him as far as I'm aware.
  8. It looks like you beat me to the punch for Codpiece. Big thanks, Fox.
  9. Slot 1: John Wick Slot 2: Codpiece (DC Post-Crisis) Slot 3: Akuma (Street Fighter) Slot 4: King Ghidorah (Monsterverse) Slot 5: Wonder Woman Slot 6: Ted (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) Slot 7: Appa
  10. Interesting. I think Caesar will probably be able to outmaneuver Wukong here, mostly because Wukong is so divorced from what the apes are and have become. I think the way Caesar understands the plight of the newly advanced simians is what will allow him to beat Wukong in this arena.
  11. Good match, Hugo! I just have a question: Are the Orks' broomsticks painted red?
  12. It's good to be back. Like I said, I've been sort of ruminating on different possible matches for a few months (since the site came back), this happened to be the one that I was able to fully put onto the page. The way I was choosing to write the combat interaction between the Yautja and Mathayus was that the scimitars posed some danger to the Yautja if Mathayus landed a blow against flesh and not metal. If the Yautja wins, I might write him against undead Mathayus. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. Thanks! It's been a while since I busted out the old fic pen. I'm really glad this was an enjoyable read!
  14. It's not particularly discouraged to, for a totally innocuous and unspecific example, use a character (like Predator maybe idk) twice for this month's two matches?
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