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  1. The set-up didn't say anything about Obi-Wan prepping Batman on how to take on Boba Fett -- it only says that they trained for six months in the ways of the force and light saber. These are all things that Boba Fett has seen hundreds of times, and he's no push over when it comes to the force, even when going up against a more seasoned Jedi. And the light saber? Come on, Fett has taken on Darth Vader in a light saber fight and held his own -- it would be more dangerous for Batman to pull his light saber out. In many ways Batman and Boba Fett are alike, minus the six months of force training. But Batman is at a clear disadvantage here; Boba Fett is packing weapons that Batman has never laid eyes on, whereas there is noting the caped crusader can pull from his utility belt that Boba Fett hasn't seen. Fett takes this easily.
  2. Boba Fett's got weapons not even Terry McGinnis is prepared for -- and, speaking of weapons, Fett has an awful lot to choose from. Boba Fett FTW.
  3. Don't under estimate the Tremor Brothers here, they're former Black Ops military. I think they could school John and Jane Smith on how to think outside the box and work as a team. Tremors take this one.
  4. "Only one man has been prophesied to defeat me, and you, my terrapin, ain't that man." Nuff said. The Guardian FTW.
  5. Tremors for the win. They're better trained and have body armor. Sorry, but Mickey and Mallory are out of their league here -- they're not used to their victims fighting back this hard.
  6. Nice match-up. I'll go for the Mercenaries over the Vigilantes: The Tremor Brothers are better prepared for this confrontation, and being surprised and out-gunned is never a good thing.
  7. There is a reason Boba Fett is the most notorious and feared bounty hunter in all the galaxy. Starkiller is out of his league when it comes to strategic maneuvering. The Emperor's lackey is still in need of some seasoning. Perhaps that is why the Emperor sends Starkiller to do the heavy lifting himself; when Darth Vader was his apprentice he commanded others to do his bidding. Fett takes this.
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