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  1. Tremor Brothers for the win -- they're unorthodox in their methodology, unlike the cookie-cutter Company Men. The Smith's will never know what hit'em.
  2. Don't worry about it -- I enjoyed reading it a second time. That said, Mickey and Mallory for the win. They're cut-throat, cold blooded murderers, nothing rattles them. I think the Tremor Brothers have bitten off more than they can chew.
  3. Nice set-up. I'm going to have to go with Moon Knight here -- he's been a boxer, Marine, C.IA. operative, mercenary, and, of course, costumed vigilante; all these things have honed his skills, making him an expert at hand-to-hand combat, including various martial arts styles.
  4. Awesome set-up. The Dark Knight takes this; he has more than enough weapons on him to slow the T-800 down, allowing him and John plenty of time to reach the Bat-Tank. I'm pretty sure the tank is loaded with all kinds of heavy weaponry, which Batman will use to stop the cyborg once and for all.
  5. I'm not overly familiar with True Blood, but I've seen enough episodes to know what Faith's up against. And, on the flip side, I'm very familiar with the damage that Faith is capable of inflicting. I say she takes this in a stomp. Sorry Vampire Bill, but that's a Slayer you're about to run headlong into -- you're dust.
  6. I love the Boondock Saints, especially in the sequel where they're even more badass than the first time around. But, that said, I think the Tremor Brothers take this fight. The Tremors are prepared for the Saints, but I don't think the Saints are prepared for the Tremors. And that will be their downfall. Nice set-up, by the way.
  7. Outclassed easily!?! Boba Fett holds his own against Vader the entire fight in "Enemy of the Empire." Kicking the casket off the cliff was a strategic move, and it served its purpose. It broke Vader's force grip on him, and left the Sith Lord vulnerable to attack. Quote: "There had been a moment on the lip of that firey pit, when the Dark Lord had been at his mercy. The slightest twitch would have sent him to his doom." Boba Fett just decides that it isn't in his best interest to kill Vader. And, don't forget, in this fight the droids are in play...Boba Fett already knows that Starkiller wants them, and he's smart enough to use this to his advantage.
  8. I think the actual storyline to the Sith Edition reads something like this: "Before leaving Jabba's Palace, Lord Starkiller is confronted by Boba Fett, who is after the bounty on him, placed by Jabba. After a vicious duel, Fett launches a missile from his jetpack, which Lord Starkiller grabs and hurls back at him, apparently killing Fett as a result." That doesn't sound that easy to me. Besides, this set-up is different, the circumstances have changed. This plays into Boba Fett's hands. Fett is on familiar turf here -- Starkiller isn't.
  9. I'm going to go against the grain here and pick Starkiller. He isn't restricted, like Rayner, with some sort of heroic code -- he is ruthless and powerful, as evidenced by the killing of the three Green Lanterns prior to his showdown with Rayner. If he strikes fast, Starkiller can take this -- but the longer the fight goes on, the lesser his chances get.
  10. Tremor Brothers FTW. I think they're former special forces or black ops. Anyway, the Firefly family is toast, assuming Baby doesn't get the boys to let their guard down.
  11. Yeah, Batman fought Superman without the benefit of a healing factor or adamantium laced bones and claws. And this isn't a fight to the death, it seems to be more for status, that's why its so visible. In the Dark Knight Returns, Batman had to take down the Mutant's leader in front of a gang of his followers, which then disbands as a result of his humiliation. Sure, Batman has just come out of retirement after ten years, but Old Man Logan has been a pacifist for the last fifty, refusing to even pop his claws until his family is brutally murdered by the Hulk gang. And, let's not forget, Batman is on his home turf...I think this showdown goes to the Dark Knight, not the cowboy.
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