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  1. "You again, huh?" Ranma sardonically said, "you give up? Surrender?"
  2. Screw it! She thought, she grabbed the webbing especially from hitting Kratos himself and swevered to the right narrowly avoiding the telekinetic blast. "Let's try this again," She said quietly before shouting, "Moko Takabisha!" The ki blast was aimed directly at Cole and it fired straight at him.
  3. She noticed that shirt got caught on fire but didn't catch on until Spidey punched her. She got up but tore off what was left of her shirt. However she looked down and sighed mentally, I hate this curse. Regardless, she snapped out of her depression very quickly and faced against Spidey and Cole. Maybe if they're perverts, my breasts will distract them hopefully. "Hey, you hope enjoy these," Ranma said referring to her now exposed breasts, "Because they're the last things you'll ever see!" She dashed towards them reading to unleash her energy ki blast, "Moko Takabisha!"
  4. Damn! It didn't work. She thought frustratingly. I'll have to think of something else, in the mean time... Ranma once again dashed towards her opponent with great speed and makes an attempt to uppercut him right on the chin.
  5. Seeing that Kratos immediately went after Spidey, Ranma decided to take on Cole. Let's see if this will work on him. Ranma dashed towards Cole unleashing one of her attacks. "Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken!" As before, the pigtailed martial artist unleashed an array of of a thousand punches, this time aimed anywhere at Cole's body.
  6. I know about the WWWF Grudge Match thing a long time but I wasn't a member then. But while sure, I've been here for months but that's no excuse being obsessive about me. And don't think I haven't forgiven you for treating everyone like shit in the TGWTG forums.
  7. Ah-ha! I caught you! People this troll is a stalker, especially on the TGWTG forums. Not only that, on the same forums; he impersonated me. And this idiot uses different aliases and bothers everyone and he's doing it again here. Not only that, he's currently on the TGWTG forums.
  8. Snapping out of her dismayed state, she swevered and ducked to the right with the webbing and the energy blast colodding then exploded into a small explosion. "That's it!" Ranma stood up. "You want a piece of me? Come on, fight me face to face!" Once again, she resumed her fighting stance, waiting to strike at either opponent.
  9. Oh ho, ho, Scar all the way. This is just history repeating itself, anyone who has seen the original knows that wasn't a day at the beach.
  10. He stared wide eyed at the incoming flaming arrows heading toward him. "Shit!" He cried out before shouting, "Moko Takabisha!" He fired his ki blast again but this time at the arrow and both trajectories exploded on impact. That was close. A stream of water suddenly poured on him, changing his hair color, his figure and his size. He shrunk and what remained of Ranma was the deadpan expression on his, now her face as a groan escaped her lips. She noticed a plane spraying water no doubt answering to an annoynomous call about a fire. She sighed, "Water finds me everywhere."
  11. Noticing the spike, he narrowly avoided it by sliding to the left but the spike only made a cut through the sleeve of his shirt and on his skin but it was minor.
  12. I'm saying this in a good way, this match is hilarious. I don't know why, just mixing an urban legend with Vice City just sounds funny to me.
  13. He stared at the new combatant in awe. "You're the guy?" Ranma asked.
  14. Ranma avoided the webbing but flew across from his spot to avoid the incoming blast. He crashed onto the ground away from the epxlosion on his side. He got up to see Spidey ready for more action. In response, he went into his usual fightinng stance. Come on, show me what you got. The look on his face goaded the wall crawler.
  15. Honestly, I'd say it's a tie given that both are likely to go out in a blazing glory killing each other but since there can be only one, I'll give it to Scar due to his past experiences in the previous fights.
  16. OOC: How about this? Ranma does manage to knee punch him while Spidey was choking him and he lets go of him by accident? Would that do?
  17. OOC: Sorry about that. Did my edit help? Plus, I should point out that Ranma would at least attempt to outsmart his enemy.
  18. In response, Ranma turned around and knee punched him in the gut and awaited to block another punch from Spidey.
  19. Very quickly, he freed himself from the webbing and somehow Cole's hold on him with his telekinesis. More dashes of webbing were shot at him but the martial narrowly avoided them. He sped up towards the wall crawler and punched him directly in the face. Then the superhero recieved more rapid punches from Ranma all directly square in the face.
  20. Aside from quickly tearing off a piece of webbing from his face, he quickly blocked the other stream of webs with fast reflex. None of them were stuck to his hands. "Like I said, the kid gloves are off!" Ranma shouted. He leaped into the air and tackled the wall crawler, both were soon wrestling on the ground. "So what spring in Jusenkyo did you fall into?" The boy asked.
  21. OOC: Can I say that he mouthed "what the hell?" With a quick reflex, Ranma turned around and grabbed the wall crawler's arm before he could land the weapon on his chest. The pigtailed martial artist then knee punched him in the chest.
  22. As the smoke cleared (leaving a huge crater), Ranma finally stood up and faced his new opponent. "Who the hell are you?" He asked with a confused tone in his voice.
  23. Just as the attack touched the ground, the area exploded but didn't collapse, the impact sent Ranma flying back, crashing and colliding with the wall crawler, hard.
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