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  1. New additions! Disney: Anna of Arendelle (Frozen) Melody (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) Kid Cosmic: Jo (Portal Girl) Marvel: Cloud Dazzler Thor Faiza Hussain Fiona Latveria Okoye Star Lord (T'Challa) (from Marvel's What If) Xavin Ted Lasso: Ted Lasso
  2. Oh and I've been adding stuff for the draft. I added Latveria for locations, Anna from Frozen for the Disney Princesses and Ted Lasso for the Coach slot. That last one, besides What If, it's been the talk of the town around my circles. Like, people love that show!
  3. Damn it. Was worth a shot though.
  4. I mean, I know she was supposed to join the official line up but then Disney removed her upon realizing they'd have to pay likeness rights everytime.
  5. One more thing, I saw Odette from The Swan Princess added. Sorry but no, she doesn't count either. She's not even with DreamWorks or Pixar.
  6. Raya I completely expect anyway. Just waiting for Disney to pull the trigger. But yeah, I'd say adding Calla from Gummi Bears and that's the list for you. Though Giselle counts too.
  7. Also, it occurs to me Melody from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea would qualify as a Disney princess as well. Unofficial yes but a literal one nevertheless.
  8. I did say Calla, Eilonwy and Kida I'd allow since they're literal Disney princesses despite not being in the line. Plus, Anya is 20th Century Fox first. The Fox owned stuff does not count despite new management. Plus as I said, Disney is not doing anything with Anastasia besides distributing it on Disney Plus.
  9. I do have a question about the medic slot, can The Doctor from Doctor Who be included? Any of the incarnations?
  10. I was going to ask that considering Rocky Balboa coached Adonis in Creed.
  11. One more thing. Elsa and Anna do count for the Disney Princess slot especially considering they were counted as such in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Remember this?
  12. Also in addition, I think at least the obscure Disney princesses like Calla or Eilonwy or even Kida at least should get a fair shot since they are literal Disney princesses. They're not in the line up but they count on a technical status.
  13. I literally forgot it was my idea! Wow! It got in! Thanks! Well, Anastasia is a gray area since yes, Disney technically owns that movie now but I'm going have to say no, she doesn't count as a Disney princess. They're not doing anything with her as opposed to their actual lineup nor inducted her. Nope. I'm sorry but she's disqualified.
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