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  1. I got my team in! https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=283
  2. Thing is, that's not implied in the show. For now at least.
  3. Hey, how is The Void is a person, it's where Variants go and rejected timelines. Alioth is the living being terrorizing it.
  4. I do hace this question, would Bulk and Skull qualify for the comic relief spot?
  5. Sorry to say, nope. Has to be full on Disney princess.
  6. Just added three new locations. Skaro, the planet of the Daleks from Doctor Who. And two locations seen in Loki: Lamentis-1 and The Void. Lamentis-1 being a planet having an apocalypse that Sylvie considers the worst place to hide in. And The Void, a place where variants and purged locations go to, it's all at the end of time. And if that's not bad enough, while yes, home to various Loki variants, there's a huge monster that devours variants known as Alioth. Can't be killed, can't be reasoned, etc. Even the poor saps on the USS Eldridge who got transported to the Void couldn't kill it. In short, The Void is a location that makes Jurassic Park look like Disney World.
  7. New arrivals! Doctor Who: Skaro Marvel: Ajax (Eternals) Lamentis-1 Sprite The Void (Loki)
  8. It's not about the body count. Picture it, it wouldn't be fun being a literal puppet where you're literally not yourself. And it's to a point where in the final episode, the residents of Westview beg Wanda to kill them since at that point, death was more preferable to them.
  9. Here's the thing, it's not just living through sitcoms. To put it one way, when Wanda sleeps, everyone in Westview under her control, has her nightmares. Not to mention the psychological implications where one guy couldn't even tell he was himself anymore.
  10. Westview, New Jersey is still allowed, right?
  11. That's the answer I'm looking for, was just curious. Thank you!
  12. He has supernatural powers and whatnot. I thought he wouldn't count either given Anime ninjas based on the power level thing.
  13. Wouldn't Scorpion not be accepted then?
  14. So, I put in two more locations for the tournament. Mordor and Westview, New Jersey. Now, why the latter? Well, if you recall, Wanda took over that town to live out her sitcom fantasies while processing her grief over Vision. And given what happened to people in that town, yeah.
  15. New arrivals! Lord of the Rings: Mordor Marvel: Firebird Westview, New Jersey (WandaVision) Star Trek Lower Decks: Beckett Mariner
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