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  1. If a dog couldn't survive, neither can he. Very likely, he'llserve the same function as Sparky as a normal cat, run off and then Agatha kills him.
  2. Since the beginning of life itself, ever since the oceans were formed, the sea has been home to a variety of wonders. Some friendly, others in the deep, dark waters, very intimidating to say the least. But even man, could not help but venture to the sea, especially as much as humanity has evolved to venture into the ocean for longer periods of time. Studying the ocean's vast, endless number of inhabitants or just for the sheer novelty of swimming alongside the likes dolphins or whales. Alas, not everyone sees it that way. For even then, humans can pollute the oceans from trash to oil; effectively harming the ocean's animals. This all caught the attention of Namor, the Sub Mariner. His long standing grudge against humanity for its crime against the oceans and the kingdom of Atlantis. Such a grudge has not ceased. And yet, there are even more dangers a foot, even above even the dark, deeper waters. From the ocean itself, roaming the Atlantic oceans, a creature bent on gory terror to satisfy its hunger. A twenty to thirty foot great white shark scoured the oceans, seeking out what to eat. And it had a taste for human flesh. Now, mind you, humans are not what sharks eat. Normal sharks anyway, they only attack humans if provoked or a case of mistaken identity like confusing a human on a surf board for a turtle or seal. But this particular shark, of unknown origins, it had the specific taste for human flesh. It had already claimed a dozen victims, not even children were safe from such a beast. The shark continued to swim, roam across the oceans as the beast searched for more victims. Nothing to satisfy its hunger, not yet. But soon, it may find their new targets. Perhaps someone formidable. But in the meantime, the beast had spotted its snack; a male orca whale minding his own business. The shark lunged at his eyes. Blood began to seep out of the socket. The shark then began to chomp at the rest of the body. Chunks of flesh eaten away until the orca could no longer put up a fight. The orca struggled and attempted to fight back but the shark's brutality and speed was no match for him. As such, the now dead carcass of the whale could only drift away. The shark was satisfied with its snack. But now it continued to seek out human flesh. In the meanwhile, Namora, cousin of the infamous Namor, the Sub Mariner; placing her bare foot on a rock, she surveyed the beach of Amity Island. Breathtaking sights of the ocean blue waters. Why would humans pollute the oceans was a mystery to her. Sure, the humans she met were not terrible but the actions of the greedy and careless can paint a bitter picture. Namora had just finished taking down a greedy politician who wanted to dump toxic waste barrels into the Atlantic Ocean. Because who else? Namor even had his share of fighting corrupt authority figures. But otherwise, some members of the Avengers assisted. Namora had wanted to leave early to return to Atlantis, though not before berating Mayor Vaughn for his compliance. Needless to say, she was confident he would never dare to cross her again. Especially after Vaughn had been scared half to death to the point of his pants being soiled. It was a rather eventful five days. And now she was ready to return home to Atlantis. Rejoin her cousin and Namorita, relax a bit. Just anything to keep her mind off human matters for one day. Hopefully. But curiously, something caught her eye. She had spotted a couple swimming in the water and making out. A large shark fin began to swim toward them. Ultimately, she leapt onto the sand and ran toward the water as she dived right into the ocean. The unsuspecting couple continued to make out until the beast grew closer and closer. As the shark opened its mouth, it felt a punch. The beast's fin splashed onto the couple as it turned over from the impact. They screamed and swam away as quickly as they could. The beast felt the assailant grabbing it, causing the two to go into a struggle. The beast went ballistic until finally, the assailant broke free. Under water, the shark repositioned back normally and eyed on its assailant; Namora. "Foul beast!" Namora growled. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" Both the shark and Namora charge at each other, the fight in the ocean begins. -------- So yeah, the legendary shark versus the cousin of Namora. In her case, she's at full strength, durability and speed. And maybe to make things even, the fight stays under water. So, no flying.
  3. Splinter had no easy time against the Cybermen. Their bodies were too tough for any of the normal punches and kicks. The rat could feel his elder bones crushing upon each impact. He was not going to take then down easily. The best strategy he could think of at the last minute was when diving into the other side, he counted on at least two of the Cybermen accidentally firing on each other. It worked as two of them fired on each other accidentally, killing them both. But even then, Splinter figured such a strategy would not last forever since the Cybermen were likely to catch on. The only thing he could possibly do now is to make a retreat. And so he did as he scurried away from the Cybermen as they continued to shoot at him. Splinter thankfully saw a way out as he continued to avoid the laser blasts. A ladder that led to topside. He had figured perhaps as his sons were topside as well, he'll find them and regroup. Very quickly, he climbed and managed to open and close the manhole cover. 'The hard part is never over!' Splinter eyed at the open city landscape from an alleyway. Nevertheless, he climbed onto the rooftops and leapt rooftop to rooftop. Back in the sewers however, the remaining Cybermen eyed on the area where Splinter had made his retreat. "Four will follow him, four will oversee the rest of our Cyber conversions and the remaining shall rejoin the leader." The one Cyberman said as the Cybermen had split into groups to accomplish their goals. ----- The elevator had finally arrived at Hun's office. The five began scatter across attempting to find the one item the Cybermen are after. "What exactly are we looking for?" Leonardo asked as he examined a bookshelf. "This!" Black Widow said as she eyed on a wardrobe closet. "So... the Cybermen are into fashion and they want their clothes back?" Michelangelo asked in confusion. "This is what we're looking for?!" Raphael shouted in frustration. "We're risking our lives for a stupid closet?!" Natasha made a quick glare at Raphael before answering, "It's not a closet. It's a TARDIS." "TARDIS?" The Turtles said in confused unison. She reached under the closet to grab a key, on the bottom edge. "How'd you know there'd be a key under the closet?" Leonardo asked the spy. "I didn't." She replied simply. "A TARDIS is a time machine and a spaceship that can travel through both." Natasha began to explain. "They're a creation of the Time Lords and up until this one, the only ones left in existence are owned by The Doctor and The Master." "Time Lords?" Donatello inquired. "The Master?" Raphael asked in confusion. "We'll be here all day if I tell you about the Time Lords." Black Widow responded with exasperation. She then explained further, "To make a long story short, this one was left behind during a battle in the Time War when it briefly went to Earth. This got left behind. Why Hun wanted this, I have no idea." "Thought it could brighten the office?" Michelangelo said. Raphael gave his brother a slap upside the head in response. "Focus, Mikey!" Hissed Raphael. "How do you know all this, exactly?" Asked Donatello with curiosity in his voice. "I told you about Torchwood," Natasha responded. "We did do a briefing and learned about the Time Lords and the Time War. Jack Harkness had met The Doctor before. So he learned a lot from her." "What would the Cybermen want with a TARDIS though?" Asked Leonardo. "I have a few guesses." Black Widow mused. "Uh guys..." Michelangelo called everyone to Hun's desk which contained a screen with video surveillance footage. "We have a problem!" The group saw that the Cyber-Leader and the Cybermen were in the elevator on their way to Hun's office. "We got to act fast now!" Black Widow said urgently. "How do you expect us to carry that thing and escape?" Raphael asked as he pointed to the closet TARDIS. "Considering nobody can drive it but the Time Lords, we're out of luck there." Black Widow said. "So much for the super spy." He sardonically said. In response, the red bandana gets thrown to the book shelf, completely breaking it as books and pieces of wood fell on top him. Natasha simply dusted her hands in satisfaction. "Remind me not to mess with her!" Michelangelo chimed in, shocked at the impressive display of strength. "What are you doing now?" Leonardo asked as he saw her press on her ear comlink. "Calling reinforcements." Black Widow responded. -------- Meanwhile, Casey Jones was simply walking by his apartment with a box of pizza in tow. Whistling a simple tune but not without carrying his usual bag of sports equipment. Logic being you'll never know what crooks he'll find. But suddenly, he heard an odd noise. He heard the sound of a manhole cover being opened. Normally, he knew the rules of a Horror film that nine times out of ten, investigating a strange noise would result in death. At the same time however, he was ready for anything and nobody was going to get the jump on Casey Jones. Except he witnessed coming out of an alleyway were ten Cybermen. Marching about with no discretion. "We must rejoin with the Leader and continue our mission." The Cyberman said. Finally, the two factions made eye contact. "Convert the human." The Cyberman said. "If he resists, destroy him." "Don't know what you're planning, pal!" Casey said as he tossed the pizza aside and donned a goalie mask. "But I know it ain't nothing good!" "Your phrasing suggests lower intelligence." The Cyberman said. "You are not fit for conversion." "Talk to the hockey stick, tin man!" Casey shouted as he took out a hockey stick from his gym bag and charged against the Cybermen, just as they once again used their laser weaponry. ------ How's that for plot progression? But yes, it's Casey Jones versus the Cybermen. With Casey using sports equipment in the fight and his brute strength. And for the record, this is the 2k3 cartoon Casey Jones. And the Cybermen have their usual weaponry and strong, tough bodies against normal human weaponry and physical strength.
  4. Oof, you may be right. Because Cybermen even in the old school series were anything but run of the mill.
  5. Wait, What? Compared to the responses I got, how the hell did Splinter win?
  6. From War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas #1, another instance of Shang Chi destroying a robot.
  7. Assuming he doesn't lose his pants again as I believe him being dumped in the arctic pantsless has happened to him before.
  8. Well, I agree Iroh would give the best advice, words of wisdom and all but on the other hand, Rocky is also a veteran of being the underdog that he'll likely have a speech that resonates with the players.
  9. Probably Mulan and I'm not just saying that to support one of my choices.
  10. That was a curbstomp. 2012 Leonardo never stood a chance!
  11. Thoughts on that image of Shang Chi I posted by the way? Because that's why I decided on this fight.
  12. Fair point. I'm just Shang Chi's greatest feats as to why he would give Utrom Shredder trouble. At least besides, how I wrote Shang Chi insulting him.
  13. As I pointed out though, Shang Chi has no problem taking on machines. Although, I do remember he has survived Ares, beaten him and even disarmed magical users now that I remember.
  14. Oh no, this is before that movie. I'm thinking, season two or three in this instance.
  15. He's too powerful. I'm not even sure if I can do justice to that set up. I made the Ultrom Shredder fight based on that panel.
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