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  1. 1 hour ago, leroypowell3 said:

    Looks like somebody intends to get the Justice Force in the database.

    I know nothing about White Fox (never even heard of her). I'll take a peek at her and she if she has any chance against the Cybermen (I've never seen Doctor Who either for the record).

    If anybody wants, they can go ahead. Unless I do it myself but yeah. 

  2. 19 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    I'm going to question some of the no mention aspects of the rule. I am not intending to be a malcontent, but the database has characters like https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=2175, characters like Iron Man have explicit origins in events like the Vietnam war or the war in Afghanistan in the MCU, there are great fictional characters like Icon and Black Lightning for whom issues of race are often a key aspect of the character. Even just using these characters in the original context might skirt or break this rule in part.

    Could we have some more clarity on the fictional means portion of the rule?


    I think the concept is good and the rule is good, but I think we might want more guidance.


    Again, I am not trying to stir up trouble, but I am worried the rule may be unclear.

    Pop culture is inherently political anyway. So you're not wrong. 

  3. 8:30 P.M. - May 2021, New York City

    The fight had not been going in April's favor. No, she did fight her hardest, she was push over. But the problem was, aside from pulling the exact same trick of two Cybermen accidentally firing on each other, not one scratch or hit phased the Cybermen. 

    Even when using a tantō sword, it broke on impact. The weapon broke in half as she tried to slice on the Cyberman's chest. The Cyberman's head even looked down at the broken weapon as if it were unimpressed. At least had the Cybermen kept their emotions. 

    April was out of options. She could fight them off to her best still but nothing could phase them. She tried for another punch but the one of the Cybermen caught her fist and twisted her arm. Then the Cyberman grabbed her neck.

    "You will come with us." It said. "You will become us."


    Placing the briefcase on the desk, Jack Harkness opened it to the rest of the party revealing a collection of weapons; fifty arrows, two cartridges of thirty bullets, seven daggers, two combat batons, five shurikens, and two katana swords. The one thing that stood out however, was they gave off a blueish glowing color. 

    "Simmons didn't have time to create a whole batch." Jack Harkness said. "But she made these."

    "What are they?" asked Leonardo.  

    "EMP weapons." Black Widow responded. "They were planned at the start of the mission. Normal weaponry won't phase the Cybermen and the weakness to gold they overcame around 1993 after the Silver Nemesis incident in 1988. This was the best idea Fitz and Simmons proposed."

    "EMP sounds ideal against the Cybermen." Donatello said, almost concurring with the idea. "But, did you test it first?"

    "A prototype dagger was used on a Cybermat Torchwood had in custody." Natasha responded. "It did the trick."

    "That's cool and all," said Michelangelo. "But what about the rest of the Cybermen and the crazy time ship?" 

    "I already have an expert on the way!" Jack Harkness said with a smile on his face. 

    "Hopefully fast because the party guests are coming!" Raphael cried out as he stared at the elevator numbers that signified their incoming arrival. 

    Natasha then grabbed the two cartridges and the batons. Replacing the regular bullets with the EMP ones and strapping the two batons onto her back, she then closed the suitcase and handed it back to Jack Harkness. 

    "Give this to the others, the invasion of the Cybermen is already underway!" Natasha urgently said to her comrade. 

    "What about you?" Jack Harkness asked out of genuine concern. 

    "You can't them on all at once!" Leonardo concurred. 

    "Someone's got to distract them and I've taken on worse." Black Widow said. 

    "Our expert should arrive in about a minute." Jack Harkness checked his phone. 

    "Good!" Natasha nodded before muttering under her breath as she eyed on the elevator. "And not a moment too soon..."


    "This way!" Shang Chi cried out to Casey as they took a turn to the left. Only to find more Cybermen marching down the street. 

    "That's not good!" Casey said worriedly. 

    "No it's not." Shang said but added, "But we fight regardless!" 


    At Justice Force headquarters, meanwhile. Alarm bells rang inside with much of its members converging in the hallway. 

    "We're getting reports of another invasion!" Nobody said as he surveyed the computer, eyeing on the marching and increasing armies of Cybermen. 

    "We'll need everyone at once!" Silver Sentry cried out as he flew outside. 

    But as just as he and the rest of the Justice Force went outside, they soon found themselves and their headquarters surrounded by hundreds of Cybermen. Three hundred strong. 

    "You are not fit for conversion." The Cybermen said in unison. "You must be destroyed."


    Despite Splinter's efforts on the roof tops, leaping from one to the other, the unfortunate truth he faced was a lot of the Cybermen had managed to eye on him, climbing up to get him and unrelentingly so. 

    He had begun to wonder if he will ever evade them and find his sons. 


    "You will become us." The Cyberman repeated again. 

    April managed to croak out, "Never!"

    "You have no choice!" The Cyberman said. "We have said earlier." 

    "You will join a greater cause." The Cybermen said in unison as two more joined the fray to replace the destroyed ones.  

    Suddenly, a new figure crashed through the window, landing on all fours before standing straight up. 

    A woman in blue and silver white as represented by her mask, boots and gloves, also her claws. Also represented by her white, silver hair and curiously; glowing blue eyes and white fox ears on her head. White Fox had finally arrived.

    "Release her, silver monsters!" White Fox commanded as she pointed her claw at her. 

    "She will be converted." The Cyberman holding April O'Neil responded. "You on the other hand are not fit for conversion. You are unnaturally born."

    "And you are an outrage against humanity!" White Fox retorted. "You have abandoned what makes you human in favor of cold and merciless! You claim logic, yet you opted for cruelty." 

    "We are the next stage of human evolution. We are Human 2.0. We do what we can to survive."

    "That survival turned into something else since! You're only interested in superiority!"

    "Let the woman free or face the wrath of a Kumiho!" White Fox further warned the Cybermen. 

    "We are not intimidated." The Cyberman responded as even two more Cybermen managed to take April of its hands as they held her captive instead and marched away. White Fox now felt the time for battle was now. 

    "Then perish!" 

    With that, she charged at the Cybermen, even just as they prepared to fire their weaponry again. 


    Yes, at last, a new challenger for the Cybermen! And it's finally a Marvel superhero fighting them. 

    It's White Fox versus 20 Cybermen. 

    White Fox is at full strength and power. As mentioned in the set up, she's a Kumiho. She has Heightened Senses, her claws, superhuman durability, agility, stamina and speed, animal communication, fox transformation (turns into the nine tailed fox which is a Kumiho) and Life Force Energy Absorption. As well as well versed in a lot of forms of close combat. 

    The Cybermen of course are at full strength and weaponry. 

    The object of the fight being can she defeat the Cybermen and rescue April. 

  4. 20 hours ago, RakaiThwei said:

    I would go with the Daleks...

    I mean I would think the Joes only stand a chance if you had counted their encounters with the Transformers as canon but since this is the first two seasons... The Daleks take this after a difficult fight.

    In fairness though, not sure if an Autobot could survive the Special Weapons Dalek anyway. 

  5. The battle did not go in Serpentor's favor. Every Cobra trooper under the sun barely, barely made a dent on any of the Daleks. Not even their supposed powerful weapons. Most of the Dreadknocks save for Zartan and Zarana were killed first, wisely making a retreat when it became apparent this turned into a suicide mission. 

    Then the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot perished in a unique way as soon as Tomax died, Xamot accidentally shot himself upside the chin, killing him as well. 

    More deaths soon followed as Dr. Mindbender, Storm Shadow, Firefly, Copperhead, Scrap Iron and Major Bludd soon got exterminated by the Daleks as they reached the main base of operations where Serpentor had communicated with the Dalek Supreme. 

    The Dalek Supreme decided to converse with the Cobra Emperor himself, even just as the once captured superheroes escaped while he was occupied with the Dalek situation, even beating up a few guards as they made their way to rescue The Doctor. 

    But during the Dalek assault, a few Dalek subordinates managed to find a secondary Dalek ship with more Daleks with a destroyed leader. All unawakened until the Dalek Supreme managed to get them up. 

    Ms Marvel and the other younger heroes still being held hostage, while being watched by two additional Daleks who were assigned guard duty. 

    "What are they doing?" Ms Marvel asked Miraculous Ladybug. 

    "I don't know." She answered worridly. "But something tells me things just went from bad to worse." 

    "Oh, you think?" America Chavez sardonically said. 

    "More-Dalek-reinforce-ments-have-arrived!" The Dalek Supreme cried out as he flew back onto the upper level. "I-shall-de-al-with-the-so-called-Co-bra-emp-eror-my-self!" 

    "Con-tinue-to-guard-the-host-ages-un-til-ex-ter-min-ation!" The Dalek Supreme added as he spoke to the two Daleks and five more additional Daleks assigned to guard duty. 

    "We-o-bey!" The Dalek guards said. 

    And soon enough, with two more Daleks accompanying him, much of Cobra's forces were exhausted and exterminated. Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness retreated despite Serpentor's orders and him berating them for retreating. But soon, as the Daleks had cornered him despite his attempts to leave, he had begun to regret his decision to stay and fight. 

    At least, he did not show it. Just putting up a brave face of defiance to show no fear. 

    The Dalek Supreme approached him face to face. 

    "You-thought-Daleks-were-not-thing. You-thought-wrong!"

    "I will defeat you all if it's the last thing I do!" Serpentor screamed as if he were a child, upset at not getting what he wanted for Christmas. 

    "Your-for-ces-have-been-ex-haust-ed-and-ex-termin-ated!" The Dalek Supreme retorted. "You-are-the-on-ly-one-left!" 

    "I refuse to surrender to the likes of you!" 

    "We-are-not-ask-ing-for-your-sur-ren-der! We-ask-you-acce-pt-your-fate!"

    With that, the Dalek Supreme fired one laser blast and a direct hit landed on the Cobra Emperor who had a look of fear on his face. The last thoughts he ever had as dozens more Daleks exterminated him at point blank range were of not just fear but also defeat, that his leadership finally failed him. He slumped to the floor dead, twitching until his entire body gave out and turned to dust and ash soon after. 

    In the meanwhile, the freed heroes led by Sam Wilson, Captain America, had been running through the prison corridors. 

    "She's got to be around here!" Sam shouted. 

    "No need to worry!" 

    They stopped at their tracks to find The Doctor herself standing in front of them.

    "How did you get free?" Sam asked. 

    "They didn't take my screwdriver!" The Doctor grinned as she held up the sonic screwdriver. "Plus, Venusian Akkido is always helpful."

    "Think you can give us a plan?" Sam asked before adding, "Because we know you fought those things before."

    The Doctor nodded, "As a matter of fact, yes!"

    She approached the heroes as she brought out her phone. 

    "Here's what we need to do." She added. 


    "There-are-more-in-tru-ders-out-side!" A Dalek subordinate informed the Dalek Supreme. 

    "Then-we-shall-fight-back!" The Dalek Supreme said as he blew a hole each time to go to the outside.  


    The entire G.I. Joe had been waiting for almost an hour. To their surprise, no sign of Cobra activity. 

    "There doesn't seem to be anything happening." Flint. 

    "As usual, those freaks called the Avengers probably managed to win as always." Duke said with bitterness in his tone. 

    "I agree but for the sake of the public, we must not show hard feelings." General Hawk said before adding, "even if we do hate their guts."

    Suddenly, the main doors were blasted open. The entire Joe team turned to see what caused the explosion. 

    To their confusion however, the Dalek Supreme hovered to face all of G.I. Joe. 

    "What in the world?" Asked an astonished Duke. 

    "Is that a plunger?" Flint asked in confusion. 

    Grabbing a megaphone, General Hawk confronted the Dalek Supreme.

    "Attention!" General Hawk said to the Dalek Supreme. "Surrender immediately or we will be forced to fire!"

    "Sur-ren-der?!" The Dalek Supreme said, unimpressed. 

    The men looked at each in confusion. 

    "Did that thing just talked?" Flint asked Duke and General Hawk. 

    "Allo-cated-sur-render-has-ex-pired!" Shouted the Dalek Supreme. "Cons-equence-EX-TER-MINA-TION!"

    "Oh yeah?" Flint asked smugly. "You and what army?" 

    Suddenly, as if to literally respond, a large number of Daleks accompanied the Dalek Supreme. 

    "We-have-o-ver-two-hun-dred-Daleks!" The Dalek Supreme said. 

    "That's a lot of those things!" General Hawk said as he, Flint and Duke expressed shock at the large number of Daleks.

    "We can take them!" Duke then said with confidence. "They can't be that tough!"

    Again, as if to respond, the Special Weapons Dalek approached one of the tanks and fired. 

    Upon impact, the blast destroyed the tank wholesale, even with a soldier still inside as he failed to escape as he screamed in terror. 

    The debris even managed to hit one of the jets where it exploded, even with the pilot inside, no chance to escape as well. 

    Even more debris from the tank managed to hit the next tank and debris after it landed on another tank, causing it to explode and so on and so forth as an entire row of tanks ended up being destroyed. 

    The three men and even Sgt. Slaughter, who had just joined the battle, could not believe what they saw. The sheer raw, unrelenting firepower of the Daleks. 

    "What in the world?!" General Hawk screamed in aghast, shock and horror. 

    "We can take them on!" Sgt. Slaughter said as he quickly got over his shock. "Let's go! YO JOE!"

    The others joined in unison on the battle cry as they charged into battle against their new enemy.  

    "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" Shouted the Dalek Supreme.

    "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" The rest of the Daleks cried out in unison as they fired their laser weapons at the incoming G.I. Joe army. 


    Yup! I decided to make a sequel to the Daleks vs Cobra and I do the classic sequel thing where I make things bigger. So that means a bigger Dalek army! 

    But yes, 200 Daleks versus all of G.I. Joe which includes characters from the first two seasons and even the animated movie. While the Joes have their usual weapons and vehicles, the Daleks are at full power and strength and the Special Weapons Dalek. Make three Special Weapons Daleks. 

  6. May 21st, 2021 - 8:45 P.M. 

    Despite Casey managing to avoid the lasers fired at him by the Cybermen, he was not having the best of luck.

    Upon whacking one of the Cybermen with a hockey stick, it broke it half upon impact much to his dismay and shock. Yes, dismay. 

    "Yo, that was my favorite hockey stick!" Casey groaned in disappointment. 

    In response, his jaw gets hit by one of the Cybermen. Despite being relieved it wasn't broken, the Cybermen still attempted to kill him. Casey rolled out of the way just as it tried to stomp on his face. At best, Casey managed to get two of the Cybermen to fire on each other much like how Splinter managed but like the rat, that tactic only worked once. 

    But also unlike Splinter, a Cyberman managed to catch Casey by his neck with its right arm. The grip around his neck tightened more and more. Casey could feel he was losing air ever second, his neck bones crushed and blood no longer coursing through his body. As if the color was being drained from his body. 

    But suddenly, with one chop out of nowhere, the arm of the Cyberman used to choke Casey Jones was severed entirely. 

    Casey dropped to the floor, immediately forcing the discarded arm to release its grip. Both him and the Cyberman turned to the culprit; a man of Chinese descent in red and black. Casey looked stunned that he was able to make a dent on his opponent. 

    The master of Kung Fu, Shang Chi, had arrived. 

    Then like a quick of a flash, Shang Chi managed to literally punch a Cyberman's head off. The now headless body limped down to the ground. 

    In response, the rest of the Cybermen fired. 

    As he grabbed Casey's hand, Shang said, "Let's go!"

    The two ran off with the Cybermen in hot pursuit as they marched through the streets with more and more Cybermen climbing out of the sewers. 

    "Hey, wait a minute!" Casey protested. "How did you even beat up that thing when I couldn't?" 

    "A lot of training and experience!" Shang Chi answered. 

    Pressing a com link on his ear, he then said out, "I got Casey Jones!" 


    "Good!" Natasha cried out. "Right. Tell her as soon as she does, regroup near the Purple Dragon headquarters and launch an assault on the Cybermen!"

    "Got it, over and out!" Shang Chi responded. 

    "One of my associates is getting to April O'Neil. We'll need all the help we can get." Natasha said to Leonardo. 

    Earlier, Black Widow had begun calling for reinforcements from her upcoming associates and others, including Captain Jack Harkness. Leonardo insisted on Splinter, April and Casey be rescued while they were on it. 

    Natasha was hesitant at first due to the crunched time of the impending Cybermen invasion underway but after much pleading from the turtles, she relented. She asked her associates to find certain allies of the Turtles, even managing to find Casey and April on her phone via SHIELD. Though of course, Splinter was the easiest description due to him being simply an overgrown rat. 

    "Shang Chi already found Casey. They're heading over here as we speak." Black Widow added. 

    Then she looked at Raphael and Michelangelo moving the bookshelf to block the elevator doors. 

    "What are you doing?" She asked the two mutant turtles. 

    "Just trying to buy us time until help arrives!" Michelangelo replied with a dorky smile. 

    "I appreciate the effort." Black Widow said. "But these guys don't use doors unless it's from their own technology."

    "Well we can't just sit around and wait!" Raphael complained angrily. "What do you expect us to do, lady? Wait for a solution to fall out of the sky?" 

    Suddenly, an exploding flash of light appeared in the room. To everyone but Black Widow's shock, a man in an old timey war jacket appeared, armed with a laser gun and a briefcase. 

    "Have no fear, the captain's here!" Captain Jack Harkness shouted with a smile. 

    "Cutting it close there!" Natasha said, unimpressed with his entrance. 

    "Cut me some slack!" He protested and he pointed to the briefcase. "I had to wait for these bad boys to come. Thank you, Fitz and Simmons."

    "You hit on both of them, didn't you?" Black Widow said point blank, looking very unimpressed. 

    "And got promptly kicked in the nuts by both of them." He nodded in embarrassment. 

    "Just show us the briefcase." Black Widow said as she rolled her eyes and sighed. 


    Meanwhile at the antique shop, at the residence above was April O'Neil, who just closed shop for the night. Just unwinding in her apartment, wanting to relax, watch a bit of TV. But then, she heard a loud noise. 

    Turning off the TV, she listened in for a closer hearing. It sounded like the marching of metal footsteps. She raced to the window to look for the source. 

    In an alleyway, a manhole sewer cover had just opened and out of it came over forty Cybermen due to the increase of Purple Dragon members and bystanders they had kidnapped. 

    She reacted with shock and confusion at the sight. But then soon turned to look of panic as one of the Cybermen looked up at the window, seeing April. Said Cyberman then motioned a split between twenty of them marching down New York to continue the invasion and twenty of them to go after April. 

    April raced toward the front door to lock it. And then race toward her room. She could hear the Cybermen breaking into her antique shop, cringing they could have broken a few things but none of that mattered compared to her life being threatened. 

    She found a case that contained her choice of weapon, a tantō sword. She had been insanely thankful of Splinter teaching her ninjutsu and had been perfecting her skills ever since, always training and never giving up. 

    Finally, she heard the Cybermen marching up toward her apartment. 

    Stepping out of her room, the weapon in tow. Ready for a fight. 

    The doorknob jiggled for a second, until the door was literally ripped open and thrown away, completely discarded. 

    Then the Cybermen marched in, forming a single row and their own laser weapons aimed at her, ready for the kill unless otherwise ordered. 

    "Surrender and you will be converted to a higher purpose." Said the Cyberman before adding, "You will be free of the flawed aspects of humanity. Free of emotions. If you resist, you will be forced to or we will eradicate you."

    "You used to be human?" April asked, shocked at the implications. 

    "Correct." The Cyberman simply responded.  

    "Thanks but no thanks." April responded with disgust in her tone. "I'm going to have to pass on your sales pitch. And I rather like my emotions."

    "Then you leave us no choice." The Cyberman now readied the laser weapon. 

    "Come and get me then!" April shouted as she brought the sword forward, ready to fight. 

    "Kill her!" The Cyberman ordered. 

    With that, April charged at the Cybermen, just as they began to fire at her. 


    Next fight in the arc has begun and this time, April O'Neil is taking on the Cybermen! 

    As always, the Cybermen for the most part are indestructible unless something harder hits them so, human weaponry makes that impossible unless you're Shang Chi. 

    April O'Neil of course is from the 2003 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and at this point, she received a decent amount of training from Splinter and got her own ninja weapon. 

  7. 34 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Black Cat is a lady who regularly pulls one over on Spider-Man, who has a sixth sense specifically designed to keep him alert of people like Black Cat trying to yoink things from him. I understand Amanda has an experience advantage, but that simply doesn't make up for the difference in skill in my eyes

    My point exactly. She has a lot of skills to pull off a simple pick pocket maneuver clean and fast. 

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