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  1. If it's three including the entire group out of possibilities, that's a win.
  2. Let's pretend Hannibal Lecter, from the TV show, lives in Albequeque, New Mexico where Breaking Bad takes place. Walter White enters therapy and Hannibal is his therapist and even other characters like Skyler and Jesse have him as their therapist. Then Hannibal finds himself while not participating in the meth business but knows what's going on and even manipulates everyone and frames any Breaking Bad character for his murders. Like say, he kills the Nazi gang from the last season and frames Todd for the murders and gets away with it. How would Hannibal fare with Walter White and the rest of the Breaking Bad characters and can he survive the entire series?
  3. Freddy encounters each of the following New Mutants separately: Dani Moonstar Wolfsbane Cannonball Sunspot Magik Karma Boom Boom How do they fare against Freddy separately and then as a group?
  4. Well, I wanted something akin to a big sort of sacrifice deal, keyword being sort of. But something as you described I intend to happen.
  5. Hehe, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who. XD. I especially love the 80s era Cybermen. Though I got rid of the gold weakness. I hated that aspect ever since Revenge of the Cybermen introduced it. That's why I went with EMP weapons.
  6. Didn't occur to me I admit. I would have.
  7. The only time Khan got emotional in Wrath of Khan when he was at his wits end. But otherwise, dude is more calculating, cool, he has better strategies. Serpentor... he's just quick to anger and shouting like a spoiled brat.
  8. Movie-Brat Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post. Agent Bishop had tried his best fighting off the Cybermen. He at least thought, if he managed to take down the turtles before and other alien threats he had encountered, the Cybermen should be no problem. A thought he now already regretted having. Regardless of even tricking two of them to fire on each other, he did not have much luck fighting the Cybermen. No matter what maneuver he would pull, the Cybermen either countered it or just let him punch their chest units and allow him to recoil from the impact. Even despite using a laser pistol, nothing still phased them. In return, the Cybermen punched him through and through with reluctant participation from Baxter Stockman due to the Cybermat controlling his robotic body. He smacked Agent Bishop onto the computer screen and rolled onto the keyboard before landing onto the ground. He groaned in pain as the impact fractured his chest. Regardless, Agent Bishop managed to stand up but it was clear he was outclassed completely. "Surrender." One of the Cybermen said. "Never!" Agent Bishop growled. "You will be destroyed then." The Cyberman said dryly blunt. The Cybermen fired all their weapons with Agent Bishop narrowly dodging them. He managed to even narrowly escape to an exit door that lead to the outside. The building functioned as a factory as a disguise but soon that cover got blown by the Cybermen. He managed to lock the door behind him but the door was already being pounded on. Inside however, one of the Cybermen approached the others. "We will not pursue him for now." The Cyberman said. "We have the human male's clones and his soldiers for conversion, his base of operation and his assistant." "You can't do this to me!" Stockman protested. "You have no choice." The Cyberman responded to Stockman. "The Cybermen will triumph." ----- Agent Bishop ran out of an alleyway, only to encounter a group of more approaching Cybermen marching down in their path. "You will be brought to the conversion chambers!" The Cybermen group said. Agent Bishop braced himself to be captured but to his shock, the Cybermen screamed in pain as electrical surges shocked them through and through. All after he heard a couple of gunshots. The Cybermen dropped face first to the floor, leaving out in the open a lone woman with short black hair, a dark bodysuit and boots but the most distinguishing feature was a pale facce with a black spot on her left eye. He was shocked that his apparent savior used a gun, whereas he tried earlier, nothing phased them. "How-" "EMP Bullets." She answered simply. " You can thank SHIELD for that. Though technically these are prototypes besides that dagger I used earlier." "The name's Domino." She added, introducing herself. Agent Bishop was reluctant to shake her hand, mainly out of pure xenobia if she was an alien or something else. "Well, you're welcome." Domino sardonically said to Agent Bishop as she began to walk away. She then however, turned to him to say, "if you want to survive though, you better stick with me." She continued walking as Agent Bishop realized he had no better options. And no choice as he straight up ran toward her in order to stay safe with her. "Well, look who's come to see me as their big strong savior." Domino smirked at his decision to team up with her. ------ "I can't let you do that!" The Doctor said to Natasha. "Someone at least needs to hold off the Cybermen, long enough for all of you to escape the building and find my contacts for you to join with!" She said to the Doctor. "It's too risky!" The Doctor insisted out of concern. "Even with EMP weapons-" "Doctor!" Natasha cut off the Time Lord before she appeared apologetic to the Doctor and sighed, "You have to trust me." "I'll catch up as soon as I can once I got them distracted." Natasha added. The sound of the elevator ding now alerted everyone in fear. The Cyber-Leader and the Cybermen had finally arrived and punching the shelf blockade. "You have to go, all of you, now!" Natasha shouted at everyone. The Doctor gave a reluctant not and dashed toward the stolen TARDIS. Black Widow then turned to the Ninja Turtles and Jack Harkness to say, "the rest of you, get on the Quinjet. Meet up with any of my contacts as much as you can!" With that, Black Widow reached for the suitcase to take the EMP weapon batons and bullet cartridges, literally replacing the cartridges having the normal bullets with the EMP bullet cartridges. Placing the batons on her back and placing the guns on the holsters, she was ready to fight. "Go, now!" She screamed at them as the five leapt onto the Quinjet, but not before Jack Harkness took the suitcase. As the five leapt on, Jack Harkness found himself sitting next to Jemma Simmons of all people all while she has a different suitcase in tow. "Couldn't wait to see me?" He smirked, still flirting with her. "Shut up, I'm married to Fitz!" She said to the immortal much to his disappointment. "What's in there?" Michelangelo asked as he pointed to the suitcase. Simmons, unfazed by talking mutant turtle, replied, "Something for one of our associates!" ----- The Quinjet flew away and the lost TARDIS dematerialized, leaving Black Widow all alone as the shelf exploded into pieces, revealing the thirty Cybermen in the process, including the leader. "Where is the unmanned TARDIS?" Asked the Cyber-Leader. "Don't know." She replied sardonically with a smirk on her face. "You will answer my questions." With that, she activated the EMP combat batons as she unsthealthed them. Emitting a glowing electric blue color from top to bottom. "You're gonna have to kill me first, if you can!" Black Widow said as she readied herself into a combat stance. "Then be destroyed." The Cyber-Leader said as the Cybermen readied their laser weaponry to fire. After a tense ten seconds, waiting for one or the other to strike first, she ran toward the Cybermen with weapons in hand. "Eradicate her!" The Cyber-Leader commanded. The Cybermen fired as she dodged every laser blast until leaping in mid air to prepare the first strike. ---------- Yes! The big fight is here! No delaying the inevitable. It's here! Now as mentioned, Black Widow is armed with EMP weapon batons and EMP bullets. And there are thirty Cybermen. The question being, can she hold off the Cybermen until she escapes?
  9. Sorry I took one of the LV-426 areas if you wanted it. It was out of frustration I couldn't use Lamentis-1 or Skaro and somebody took Westview.
  10. So do I. If somebody new does take over, I'll be happy to see tier levels gone.
  11. Is Godzilla acceptable for scrappy fighter?
  12. Thank you. Now I know to be sure who I want.
  13. To answer one thing at least, it's more Bewitched for the 60s era. I Dream of Jeannie does notget acknowledgement. Still disagree about genie though but what's done is done.
  14. Well, I made it far and hey, at least you're a cool dude. And thanks for the kind words about my team.
  15. Considering Holtzmann has built tech that would make Egon blush, the female Ghostbusters can take this.
  16. Considering Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie were rivals at the time, not hard to imagine Wanda preferring the former.
  17. A simple brawl taking place in the streets of New York. Everyone us at full strength and power. Caulifla is especially in her most powerful Super Saiyan form, Korra has her four elements and Captain Marvel can reach binary form. And choice of location is New York City. Who wins and how much of New York gets damaged?
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