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  1. Not going to happen? What are you talking about?
  2. Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger Knifehead Raleigh Becket Striker Eureka Otachi
  3. Great choice, she's one of my favorite characters too. She's awesome.
  4. Thanks. And may I ask who? Is it Mako or Stacker?
  5. I've added Kali and the Amazon Women. Not to mention Pacific Rim: Mako Mori Stacker Pentecost I managed to Pacific Rim characters into the database.
  6. Movie-Brat


    I saw four movies at my local theater in one day recently. I watched Man of Steel, The Heat, Pacific Rim and Despicable Me 2.
  7. Oh, this is just going to end horribly for Thundra.
  8. No complaints from me, especially on the second thing. That really can work for me since it makes things easier for me like I say I have a prior engagement.
  9. The Legend of Calamity Jane: Calamity Jane The Big Valley: Victoria Barkley The Hunger Games: Johanna Mason
  10. Snake Eyes takes this. I sincerely doubt the hall of mirrors will be able to confuse him.
  11. This is either going to end horribly for both of them or the stoners somehow managed to babysit with no problems.
  12. I'm picturing the gladiator music from Courage the Cowardly Dog right now.
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