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  1. Like I said, no outside help for Cobra. Though I imagine the Special Weapons Dalek could dent a Decepticon, wouldn't it?
  2. How did we get here? It was that very question that ran through the head of Ms Marvel herself, Kamala Khan. Holding her hands behind her head along with fellow heroes as Miles Morales/Spider-Man, America Chavez, Squirrel Girl, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mars, even Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir in the same positions as she was; all being held hostage. Kamala recalled how the day started at least. It all started a week ago with a substitute teacher with blonde hair, a gray hoodie and rainbow suspenders landing a job as a science teacher. Kamala immediately pegged h
  3. Over the past few decades, she's built herself a powerful rep.
  4. I'm not so sure as Naomi has taken on tougher opponents.
  5. Thinking about this, I do recall Kaito Kid being on similar leagues as Carmen Sandiego in that both never get caught. But that being said, in this scenario, this could be Carmen saving a heiress and serving as an unintended ally. Though I do agree, her and the heiress would hook up.
  6. In my defense, I'm not well versed in DC as I am with Marvel. Naomi popped into my head based on her strength being energy based and super strength.
  7. Naomi being energy based could give her an advantage however.
  8. Well, I did find this. https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Naomi_McDuffie_(Prime_Earth)?mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop#Powers
  9. Awesome! I was pleasantly surprised to see Viper win but also pleasantly surprised Sailor M99n won too.
  10. Well as always, I vote for one of my people. I need to catch up on Detective Conan I admit but I think he may have succeeded in something like this.
  11. But considering Doctor Doom is one of the powerful villains in the Marvel universe, her beating Doom is actually still canon.
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