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  1. See, this is why I always advocated creating pages for different versions of different characters.
  2. Mothers: Like for the May draft, there can be a slot for badass female characters who are mothers. Examples: Medusa, Mystique, Sarah Connor.
  3. I wouldn't mind that if those kind of things are more clearer.
  4. To be honest, I wanted to put in Time Displaced Jean Grey on that last slot, but I was worried she wouldn't if she went over 4 or 5. I feel the Vs wiki does need more entries.
  5. Sorry about the issues on the latter two slots, I was trying to find who could fit well. But I got my team set up: Ellen Ripley Ronald McDonald Lightning Cruiser Ms Marvel Shuri Garnet Gamora
  6. Basically, can Sailor Moon help Wanda see reason and redeem her based on the whole Hex thing in WandaVision?
  7. Told you, guys. The dog is always more appealing commercial wise.
  8. I hear it doesn't hold up though. Not about the horse stuff but more everything else.
  9. Except in real life when there was a Mister Ed commercial for a sponsor with a car company, it ended up going bankrupt a year later.
  10. If it was any other talking horse, that could sell but who even cares about Mister Ed? At best, you could find a boomer or so who grew up watching reruns. Krypto though, people love dogs. They have more commercials than horses.
  11. Marvel: Voyager Power Rangers: Lightning Cruiser
  12. Okay, gotcha. Just that before your edit, I didn't understand.
  13. So, not allowed to pick Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) again for slot four?
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