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  1. Was recovering from a cold that I forgot to mention. Still am. Forgive the mistakes I made please.
  2. Marvel: Chloe/Charade Debrii Komodo (Melati Kusuma) The Union Steven Universe: Connie Maheswaran
  3. Sorry about that. Like I said, didn't want to get too repetitive but more meat will go into the next set up.
  4. Marvel: Alloy Makoto/Hurricane Rise of the Guardians: E. Aster Bunnymund Steven Universe: Amethyst
  5. Sorry. Just that I also thought the movie version was distinct enough to be added as well.
  6. That's the thing, I thought MCU Valkyrie was distinct enough I could add her.
  7. I always tend to prefer making all women teams. Maybe in another draft, that will be the case for me.
  8. Question, why wasn't MCU Valkyrie allowed?
  9. Another Thanksgiving match. Basically, who wins with the best cooked food and can anyone win this without cheating.
  10. And here are examples of the Kaiju car. https://infinity-train.fandom.com/wiki/Kaiju_Car
  11. Din crashed through the wall of one of the Italian homes. Callisto charged at him but the Mandalorian rolled out of the way to not only get back up but fire at her. The jet pack roared to life and tackled her, crashing them both through another part of the wall. Callisto beat him against the armor, trying to get him to let go but to no avail. Mainly due to how tough the armor is. They managed to land onto the bridge but not before Callisto tried another attempt to stab him. Right in the middle of the brawl, she attempted to stab him but a combo of the armor and Din himself grabbing her wrist prevented her from penetrating his skin. He sighed in irritation as he knee punched her below the stomach. But in retaliation, she delivered a German suplex, knocking him on his head down. The Mandalorian felt pain but the helmet protected him from a total concussion as he managed to get up. "Stay down!" Callisto snarled. With no sword, as she lost the sword earlier during one of her attempted sneak attacks during the fight, she resorted to hand to hand combat. The fighters were even but The Mandalorian managed to figure out her patterns of punching especially from earlier attempts. He blocked and delivered a few of his own. But Callisto delivered one roundhouse kick which knocked him down but when she tried to stomp on him, he rolled out of the way and jumped back up to kick her below the knees. She stumbled back and he delivered a finishing punch to the face, hard enough to knock her out completely. But much to his confusion, she began to glow. As the bright light dissipated, Callisto was gone. "Huh..." was all he could say. Din looked around his surroundings one more time, staring at the damage done. Half the village was destroyed thanks to their fight. He still was not happy. The Child is still missing. He wanted answers. When He was going to find out either way. Spotting the red door, the Mandalorian walked through it and much to his shock, he was on some kind of vehicle; a train the size of a Star Destroyer, even bigger than his ship. Using the jet pack, he jumped onto another car. Din was going to find the answers he seeked, one way or another. ------- Smoke. Even when waking up on his own, Zack Taylor, the Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, he could smell the smoke. Last he remembered was hanging out at Ernie's juice bar with the other rangers but was hit by a bright light and then woke up in what he felt was straight out of a Godzilla movie much to his confusion. There were destroyed buildings everywhere, fire, brimstone and smoke filled the area. And most of all, occupied by a variety of giant monsters of all sorts of species and sizes. "What is going on?!" Zack wondered aloud in amazement. Figuring he'll need to morph right away, he grabbed a buckle from his pocket and shouted, "It's Morphin Time!" "Mastadon!" In a quick flash, he transformed into a black spandex costume with tusks on the helmet, representing the prehistoric animal. Suddenly, he was tackled. The Power Ranger kicked off the assailant from him. To his surprise, his attacker was a woman with bird like qualities completw talons and wings but also had armor and hair he could only describe as stealing Wolverine's hair style. "Did you put me here?!" Deathbird snarled. "Lady, I don't even know where here is!" Zack replied. "I demand answers!" She aggressively insisted. "I do too but let's just talk this out!" He tried to reason with her. Nevertheless, she roared and began to fly right at him. With a sigh, he reluctantly fought against his now opponent. -------- Shorter in comparison, sorry about that but I didn't want to get into a repetitive pattern so I decided to have Din Djarin meet up with the others latter. And who the mystery villain is will be revealed in time. But yes, it's Zack, the OG Mighty Morphin Power Ranger versus the Shi'ar mutant Deathbird. Zack very much has all the abilities a Power Ranger has along with his own skills as a fighter. And yes, he has the Power Axe. Deathbird for those not in the know, has razor sharp talons, natural wings for flight, superhuman strength, stamina, and sturdiness. And even has trained under Gladiator in regards to her fighting skills. Now, this is the Kaiju car. So damage is out of the question but besides who will win, how much advantage will the two fighters have using their surroundings as a defense.
  12. How do you guys like my team name by the way? Just that I love that Festivus episode of Seinfeld. Admittedly I'm hoping for a Festivus themed round too.
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