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  1. Who is happy about the new X-men game?
  2. This is just stupid. Why the hell were the Marvel and DC universe added in the database?
  3. Thor was able to stand inside the sun. Survive a supernova and also like JP said lift the midgard serpent.
  4. I disagree with this thread. Ares from DC is very powerful and Hercules from Marvel was shown to lift a planet. But thats just them from the comics.
  5. Also I hope they put the Lizard in the Spiderman movie. I am also happey that Bane is going to be in the Batman movie.
  6. Kraven. Because he took on and killed Spiderman. Thats saying something.
  7. Okay I am this interesting thread, because there are some characters that have no more purpose and that they need to be killed off. Why? Because they serve no more purpose to there company or there company doesen't get it that the character is now useless. So let me start of with number 10. WARNING:Some of the stuff I will post may upset some people. Viewers be alarmed! NUMBER 10! Why do I say our lovable squirrel girl? Because she is clearly a joke character and is PIS in physical form and marvel has done nothing with her. NUMBER 9! I love Darkseid and this really hurts me to do this. Why I put him at 9? Because DC has made this guy into a JOBBER! The character has become so weak over the years, that he just needs to be gone! NUMBER 8! Really? How many freaking summers do we need! I really wanted Bishop to kill her! Number 7! Yes I said it. Doomsday needs to go! He has served his purpose in Death of Superman and HP, but now DC has made him a freaking jobber like Darkseid. NUMBER 6! [ing]http://www.acidlogic.com/graphics/luke_cage.jpg[/img] This character is so stupid and stereotypic. I also was hated him and wish he would just die. He is such a lame character and just needs to go. NUMBER 5! We already have a she hulk and we do not need another one!!! NUMBER 4! Killer Croc is just lame and needs to go. He has did nothing good. NUMBER 3! Now this is a tie between two characters! Moon knight to me is such a boring character and he has done nothing incredible in his career! http://pics.livejournal.com/zauriel_mu/pic/0000dr2d DC is also changing her appearnce and its getting on my nerves. She is not cool in any way and she needs to be killed of! NUMBER 2! http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/Aun...-Spider-Man.jpg I've been waiting for this bitch to die since I was alittle kid! She is holding Peter back, its because of her Spiderman made the deal with Mephisto. How many times did she die! She needs to stay dead and Peter needs to freaking move on with his life! NUMBER 1! http://filmonic.com/wp-content/uploads/200...dpool_final.jpg Congradutions DEADPOOL! You have made it to number 1! I hate this character so much. I liked him during the 90s because he did tell jokes, but actually got the job done and was serious. But now... He has become a joke character. He is marvels money man. He gets beat by weaker people then him, he tells lame jokes, hes on most of marvels comic covers and sometimes he is not in the damn comic! People overrate him and he is just one of the biggest jobbers out there next to Darkseid! Marvel needs to kill this guy! So I hope you guys enjoyed and please post your top ten list!
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