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  1. Amazing dude, I will surely miss your writing! I have to hand this to Duncan due to his 100+ years of experience.
  2. Yeah, K's experience over the years will give Frank a run for his money and add in a trigger happy rookie after a hard fight, they'd win. But if this is Comic Punisher then Comic J and K (from Marvel) should be used too.
  3. Snake Eyes deals with ninja's and a group of terrorists on a daily basis. G.I Joe send him in to the the impossible missions. Red Hood will give him a good fight but he is hot tempered and Snake Eyes is always calm.
  4. I love Bruce Lee but how can he beat a Raptor? O_o
  5. Incorrect. Akuma's strongest is actually when he is Oni. I don't much on Iron Fist but I don't know if he can contend with Oni which is Akuma's full demon form.
  6. Exactly. Akuma destroyed a an island with one fist. Iron Fist would get slaughtered. ron Fist withstand the force needed to destroy a mountain? If not Akuma takes him.
  7. He is superior to Carnage. That alone should be like.....O_O
  8. Yeah, Man of Steel is just....yeah. He wins. But we need to see The Dark World and see if they boosted up his powers. Loki's knife was Norse base I believe and Thor in the film was powerful....he did decimate another area by slamming his hammer in to the ground. Though that didn't show it I'm sure he can fly, he was going to catch Stark until Hulk caught him. I think Man of Steel would win but movie Thor will get a couple of hits in.
  9. Since it's in a Shaolin Temple, Bruce can use the environment better. But Alex is a freaking dinosaur.
  10. He can't take Akuma down early even if he tried. Akuma is gonna murder him.
  11. Broly: "I am the Legendary Super Saiyan!" Vegito: "Ah....I beat you as Goku....just as Goku." Broly: "What?" Vegito: "Nothing." *blasts him to nothingness*
  12. Yeah I think she won't be able to use his magic. If this is Gandalf in human form. He uses his staff mostly for his magic. I think he might win depending on which Rogue this is.
  13. Well Carange isn't as weak to fire as Venom is. So I think he can withstand it but Aldrich would just turn up the damn heat.
  14. This is a toughy, Sherlock can disguise himself and get in, get the evidence and get out. But Bucky can very well just shoot everyone down and get the evidence.
  15. Yeah, Black Tarantula is good but I think he doesn't the skill to beat him. Unless his heat blast can go toe to toe with Auron's overdrive.
  16. Toxin is puts Carnage to shame so....um, I mean I don't much on Midnighter. But I need some feats of his to show how he can beat Toxin.
  17. All I know is that Cable's head is really really small compared to his body in that default.
  18. That is Kazuya's most powerful. He will take down Anti-Venom with no problem.
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