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  1. Since Batman is reluctant to use his light saber and kill to get home, Boba Fett makes short work of him. He'll take that light saber away from Batman and school him in its use. Fett FTW.
  2. I got to go with Brock, he's a killing machine. The Punisher will learn the hard way not to go messin' with Samson's family.
  3. I have a Mac, so I just go to Page Setup and increase the scale, or, if you can, simply zoom in, and capture the window. -- then crop it. It's not the hard. But, if you go through Page Setup you'll have to go to Print Preview before capturing it.
  4. I found it through google, it's from the Samurai Jack Wiki page. I just had to blow it up a little. Anyway, hope you like the fight.
  5. Very cool match-up. In a firefight Rios and Salem win, hands down. Kane and Lynch ain't never seen anything like what the "Army of Two" are about to unload on them. Don't get me wrong, Kane and Lynch are badass, but they're just out of their league here.
  6. Agreed. Cool match-up, but Noir Spider-Man takes this. Batman might draw the fight out a little longer than expected, impressing Spider-Man, but in the end he'll be kissing concrete, just like all the rest.
  7. The Tremor Brothers for the win...they have superior fire power and body armor. Nice set-up, by the way.
  8. Exactly, I wanted to make it known that Batman knows who Logan is, so there's no surprises with regards to his abilities, and he's done his "homework" prior to the confrontation. I know I left it a little open-ended as far as what exactly Batman has on him, and what preparations he as made, but that's the fun part. This Batman is smart, and Old Man Logan is brash and predictable. That doesn't mean Logan can't win -- I think it just levels the playing field a little.
  9. The Batman from Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and its spin-offs, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again and All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is a tired vigilante in a much darker, edgier Gotham City. This alternate Batman resides on Earth-31. In particular, my set-up features the Batman of The Dark Knight Returns, a middle-aged Bruce Wayne who comes out of retirement to fight crime, only to face opposition from the Gotham City police force and the United States government in the form of Superman. This Batman is not above using any means necessary to achieve his goal; the line main DC Batman isn't willing to cross is definitely blurred here.
  10. Yeah, I just saw "Lost Boys: The Thirst," and Edgar Frog is a lot tougher than I thought. He definitely takes this -- he wouldn't make the mistake of walking into a den of vampires without knowing what he was getting himself into. Besides, when someone has a problem with vampires, he doesn't come to you, you come to him.
  11. Agreed, I like Machete, but given the parameters of this fight he doesn't stand much of a chance. Machete's partner is basically the red-shirted ensign of this scenario, he goes down quick. That leaves only Machete, who will quickly either run out of bullets or be disarmed. Then it's Machete's machetes versus the Predator's Combistaff and Wristblades. And in a physical match-up the Predator wins.
  12. If the Green Goblin only has his costume, glider, and pumpkin bombs, Scar Predator takes this with his superior gear and breeding. Nice set-up, by the way.
  13. True, Onomatopoeia has faced off against both Green Arrow and Batman...but the Red Hood is an entirely different animal than what he is used to hunting. Even if he did his homework, I think the Red Hood would prove too unpredictable and deadly. Red Hood takes this.
  14. I think Deadpool would win...mostly because of his healing factor, but also because of his superior agility. Brock is cool, but Deadpool would represent an unknown (especially with regards to his powers)...this puts him at a major disadvantage.
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