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Status Updates posted by DSkillz

  1. My most recent CBUB match was posted on Pintrest! :D


    I should really do a follow-up soon.

  2. Looks like Fox is quickly catching up to you in likes ... :D 

  3. Hey, Gizmo (formerly known as ScrewAtttackFan). Since the staff now has the ability to move CBUB character profiles to other categories, I'm currently looking through this post of yours that you made way back when as somewhat of a reference: 

    Note: I'm not taking your list strictly as gospel about what profile should go where, but it's still pretty handy to look through for what can potentially can be moved. 

    Just thought you'd like to know. :) 


    1. Gizmo Hibiki

      Gizmo Hibiki

      I'm actually kinda flattered you even decided to look through the list again. Though with how many years have passed, I have changed my mind on some of teh characters such as the Power Man and Iron Fist duo what with getting back into comics and reminding myself that they were a duo, as well as the Walking Dead characters what with Daryl Dixon being a character that only appeared in the show and not the comic books. Also, I'm guessing the reason why we don't have a movie or T.V. show section is because a lot of these characters are known for more than just being in said movie or show and clutter up the database what with them being in other forms of media, wich is still something I'm all for leaving alone.

  4. I just realized that within the past week, I surpassed my old post count from when the site closed down.

    My post count then was 5,216. A few hundred of those posts were deleted when the site reopened, but I've apparently since made up that post count and then some.

  5. Hmm ... ten years since I joined EF. What to do ...

  6. Hey, corvette. You'd better get to work on that second match of yours if you want to stay qualified for this month's tournament.

    1. corvette1710


      I have a matchup in mind. I'm just getting through some school stuff first. It'll get written.

  7. treach! Long time no see! I see you finally got access to your old profile. 

    BTW, no more Snitch Thread. :( Aw, well, I guess it's for the best.

  8. Belated happy B'day, skadoosh, King of the Rumbles. :P Maybe you can upload that title on the other sites.

  9. Happy B'day, Berg! So you're finally turning legal, huh? After next weekend, we may all need a drink. :P

  10. Happy B'day, G4. Might be the last time I get to tell a new twenty-something this here, but compared to your childhood, your 20's will be a blur. :D

  11. Happy B'day, Z! Keep up the great reviewing work and make a good match every now and then.

    1. Z451


      Yeah I need to get on making some matches. Thanks though.

  12. Another cable outage shut down my internetz overnight. <_ was i really registered as logged in all this time>

  13. What? The CBUB has no characters from The Pirates of Dark Water in its database?? That's about to change. :)

    1. leroypowell3


      I thought I said something about this yesterday. Guess it didn't post. That cartoon was the tight! You've got Ren in there now but the character was called something else in the Draw Together show. I thought that was so strange.

    2. Movie-Brat


      I added Tula if it makes you happy.

    3. DSkillz


      Heh, yeah, I caught a few eps of the show back in the day.


      And Movie-Brat, that Comic Vine link for Tula timed out for some reason. Don't worry, though, I found another link and accepted her. :)

  14. Mean thunderstorms going right now. I could lose power at any time, heh.

  15. Nova? Legal? Now that's a scary thought... :P Happy B'day!

    1. C.T.


      Best part. I'm in Chicago. :P But thanks.

    2. DSkillz


      :o *runs away*
  16. Before I forget (though it might already be past time for this), happy b'day, Hayes. Hope you didn't do anything I wouldn't do. :P

  17. Well, looks who's finally legal. Well, you'd have turned legal in the U.S., anyway; over in the UK, you've been legal for some time. :P Anyway, happy B'day!

    1. Helen C

      Helen C

      Cheers fella. Ignoring my birthday until June, it's exam season. :(

  18. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Fox


      Donde esta la casa de Pepe?

    2. DSkillz


      Heh, I think that's Steve Martin, right?

  19. Happy B'day, Cacti Guy! Put up some good CBUB matches if you get the chance. Also, you may notice some interesting changes in the FPL.

    1. Confession FPT

      Confession FPT

      Thanks dude! This new FPL is a utopia!

  20. Happy B'day, Nesh. You really need to update your "About Me" page. Just sayin'.

  21. Happy B'day, kid! As always, come back and grace us with good matches if you get the chance.

  22. So... you're high school-aged now, eh? Don't get swirlied by the juniors and seniors next year. :P And oh yeah, happy B'day. :D

  23. Happy B'day, Rob! Where have you been, man? I've been expecting a "Holy Carp!" from you with all the recent changes.

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