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  1. Another great set-up, Rakai. Wow, that recap was fairly brutal. Both Goro and Donatello really took it to each other, and Donnie really had to use his skill and dig deep into his bag of tricks to get the win. He'll surely be sore in the morning, lol. As for the match, Raph may have to watch himself against Benimaru's electric attacks and use of a style that seems to contrast Raph's a bit. Still, between his own aforementioned pain tolerance and being used to both chi attacks from fighters he's previously seen and faced, and knowing Donnie's own use of an electrical bo, Raph just might be able to pull this out.
  2. Okay, this is hilarious. 🤣
  3. Finally got me a new laptop. Now I just gotta figure out how to navigate Microsoft Edge ... Yeah, Android 8's strength is pretty impressive, but Midnighter finds ways to hurt powerhouses, such as when he hurt both Martian Manhunter and Etrigan with punches and when he made Apollo bleed out of his nose and ears by smacking his right ear. Between his skill and his Battle Computer, Midnighter's gonna know how to hit 8 in the right spot, and his striking strength should definitely be enough to do damage. And even if 8 gets a hit in, Midnighter can take some punishment, and he has something else that Goku doesn't: a strong healing factor. Eh, Midnighter's tagged a Flash expy in motion before. Likely due to a combo of his own speed and his precog. 8 doesn't really seem to have any of those advantages here, though. His speed or strength doesn't really seem to be anything beyond what Midnighter's dealt with, so Midnighter's own abilities should be enough to win here. 8 also has another weakness: he doesn't like to fight, and he only steps up when someone tries to harm someone he cares about. Midnighter's gonna discover this pretty quickly between his own precog and 8's (in)actions and act accordingly. Hell, 8 may even yield since fighting for fighting's sake is against his nature (something the Battle Computer would likely pick up on, BTW).
  4. Eh, Dewshine didn't stay on the market long, either.
  5. Well, there was a Mario soda on the market at some point. The cans also still sell well as novelty items. Mario is also still a major marketing force. Willy, however, hasn't been relevant since the '60's.
  6. 😄 Midnighter's Battle Computer isn't a literal computer, lol. It's all genetic engineering. Between Midnighter's strength, speed, skill, and precog, I don't like Android 8's odds here. In fact, he may even opt to break the ice for the android to fall through.
  7. And now I have an image of Detective Harvey Bullock trying to evade dodgeballs, and maybe even tripping over his own trench coat in the process. Thank you for this, UMPIRE.
  8. Heh, I knew about the tie with Frank, but I forgot about the Emma loss (whic is weird because I even commented on that match). Sonja does still have a nice streak going without a loss, though, considering some of her competition.
  9. Good set-up, Venom. Nice development with showing Kimberly's steady turn to darkness via the Badge of Darkness's influence. As for the match, it looks like the zombie Ohrangers are wearing the Zeo Suits. That being the case, they may just be more powerful than the Morphin Rangers. Between that and Kimberly's potential turn, I don't like the Morphin Rangers' odds here.
  10. Another good set-up, Johnny. I like how you're not leaving your characters behind. What's this? Do I sense a potential free-for-all in the arc's finale? As for the match, this might be a close one, but I think Guy's superior agility and cooler head will prevail here. Ryo seems to be a very good fighter, but the Soul Edge's influence may have him a bit too enraged to think as clearly as he normally might.
  11. Hah, Jonah doesn't stand a chance up-close against Sonja. She's one of the better melee combatants in comics. It looks like Hex has a good shot from a distance, though. I will note that it's kind of ridiculous that Sonja's unbeaten in her history in the Drafts so far.
  12. Not a good pull for Gaston. He's more likely to try to impress Daphne and Velma with his physique to feed his own ego. Meanwhile, Mirage has more tools to scare off Mystery, Inc. in the long run, if she's doesn't just outright try to obliterate them out of annoyance.
  13. You sure do like Spawn and Ghost Rider in your match-ups, dude. Are they in a bake-off in this one? :p
  14. Eh, that kinda sounds like the Ten Rings would make Shang-Chi too powerful for the slot anyway. As mentioned, though, the match was still only decided by one vote. I see you haven't been around a lot since the Draft started, man. Maybe you'd serve your team better by debating for your picks more in their matches.
  15. The Phalanx's assimilation spreads through direct contact (much like chicken pox or measles, only much, much faster), then takes complete control over its hosts to make the Phalanx stronger as a whole. This is why I was thinking that maybe they could get Ginyu to use his body swap technique, but I forgot that the Phalanx doesn't actually utilize their hosts' abilities. They'd still be potent enough to assimilate Frieza, though.
  16. Hmmm ... Not sure Frieza destroying the planet would count as a conquest? But yeah, Frieza usually sends the grunts to a planet before he decides to make a visit (if he even bothers to visit at all). These weaker soldiers would invade thinking they had normal humans to contend with. Little would they know that another force is there, just waiting to assimilate these unsuspecting and not-very-bright victims. That would actually count as a win for the Phalanx right there, but let's say the more powerful of Frieza's warriors start coming to Earth, either out of suspicion of their men sounding/acting a little differently in their communcations, or, more likely, the Phalanx-infected men themselves luring them there. The likes of the Ginyu Force, Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon would then also get infected when they get too close. From there, if Frieza hlmself comes to Earth, it could be simply a matter of his men getting close enough to infect him (and the Phalanx have assimilated more powerful beings), or even an infected Captain Ginyu doing a Body Swap, leaving Frieza weak enough to be assimilated more easily.
  17. A lot of Captain Marvels in this Draft. Gotta think on this one.
  18. The Fantasy Draft debut of the Spot! My last man now gets his run. But yeah, Spot could keep Lois away almost as long as he wants. He could teleport her anywhere on Earth, and keep 'porting her around anytime Superman or his allies starting getting close to her location. Or, he could simply 'port her to another dimension that's tough to reach.
  19. And you were worried about your team, @Culwych1! Mwuhahaha!! Both matches were very close votes on my end in this round, though.
  20. I think I'll post something interesting if Riddler manages to win this one.
  21. As I mentioned a few posts up, Mim would still have more options. She could turn into any number of Duckberg-like citizens to work a con on Scrooge, or she could simply hypnotize him into transferring a million over to her. Either way, swindled.
  22. She never would've thought to come up with the idea if not for Thailog, especially since it was her most hated enemy she scammed in Macbeth. Also, as I've already mentioned, Macbeth had a very specific weakness that Demona herself knew all too well: his intense loneliness from being immortal. Scrooge, however, is not immortal, and, depending on the medium, either has all the company he needs in his nephews, friends, and occasional love interests, or doesn't particular care as much about being alone as he does about his money. Mim, meanwhile, just straight up has more options to use against Scrooge.
  23. Good set-up, leroy. Between this and the Tula/Zarana match, it looks like you're getting a good arc in place. Glad I caught this one on time, at least. As for the match, as I mentioned in your last match, it's been a long time since I've seen Pirates of Dark Water. I kinda remember Ren being the quick and smart type of fighter, but I also remember that Ioz was a strong, experienced fighter in his own right. I'm not sure who'd win in a brawl, but I'd have to imagine they would start working together (just like in the series) before things got too serious.
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