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  1. Ooh, this might be a tough battle either way.
  2. Popeye actually has experience with an adventuresome baby in Swee'Pea, who would sometimes even eat Popeye's spinach and do heroic things on his own. I think the Sailor can handle this job.
  3. I don't usually do repeat picks, but decided a couple of Drafts back that the 10th would be an exception. I wanted to do more repeat picks, but each new Draft manages to keep things pretty fresh. Popeye and Midnighter should do me well again this time around. Yeah, it was either add Dot or pick Tweety. While Tweety was known to pull off zany feats when he started out, he's been more likely to sit back and let his pursuers do themselves in for decades now. Meanwhile, Dot has pretty much always been zany.
  4. Another good set-up, Johnny. Nice way to introduce another wrinkle to the arc by showing that world powers could see that various powers gathering could be a threat. And heh, a young prime minister of Poland is a fighter, too? I gotta start playing more fighting games. As for the match, after watching both Lidia and Jean, I think Lidia could possibly win here, too. At the very least, she could definitely hold Jean off until help arrives (though I have a feeling Giovanna's about to be busy soon).
  5. Good set-up, broadway. Never watched Miraculous Ladybug, but I've noticed that the bots sure do seem to love the pics of Chloe in the Gallery. ๐Ÿคจ Sounds like Chloe might actually be a good match for the Ranger Team as a whole.
  6. Eh, CBUB matches with bigoted characters have been done before. As long as the bigotry suits the character, it's generally fine with us. Just wish I knew about Stormfront or more about Atom Eve to have commented and voted here. What does offend me, though, is Eve's profile pic. ๐Ÿ˜› One can't see enough of her face to make her out.
  7. Ah, my bad, heh. From my experience, the matches generally start around a week after the Draft opens if enough people have teams ready.
  8. Says right on the forum's main page, my man: Noon PST, or Noon Pacific Time. And silly me, I redid my team last night and forgot to submit it. It's ready for review now, though.
  9. Welcome back, HeyTim85! Been awhile! Some more dialogue and detail and it would've been a good submission for a match. One thing, though: from the way the set-up's written, it looks like it's actually Jafar-Genie going up against ego. This is a potentially good match-up. From what I gathered from the first Aladdin film, it appeared Genie passed his phenomenal, cosmic power to Jafar when he granted the latter's wish to become an all-powerful genie. I'm not totally sure Jafar's as powerful as Ego, though. The best proven feat from either genie is when Genie picked up and relocated Agra
  10. That may be partially on me. I was leaning toward Lars myself, but I didn't do the research in time to vote.
  11. Alright, I think I'm good. The romantic slots were kind of tough, since I'm actually a little more familiar with TV romance.
  12. Looks like Fox is quickly catching up to you in likes ... :Dย 

  13. Good set-up, Pizzaguy. It's an entertaining story, but I'm not quite sure how to rate or vote on it since I haven't seen the Fast/Furious films or Sin City. Well, let's see ... , judging from trailers I've seen over the years of both Dom and Marv, it at least appears to me that they're pretty much in-character, so, ... I'll see how to rate this one.
  14. It appears a couple of voters didn't watch the videos ...
  15. New characters added: Carmen Brown The titular character of Carmen: A Hip Hopera with many of the talents of one Beyonce Knowles (and more) is now in the Database. Anck su-namun / Meela Nais Imhotep's main lady love is also now in. Ironically, a lot of these adds would also be good for the sixth and seventh slots.
  16. Not only is Superboy-Prime like a virtual universe-buster, but he's definitely also the type to eschew teamwork altogether and wreck all the other flying bricks on both sides just for the lulz.
  17. Another good set-up, Johnny. So El Fuerte didn't make it far after losing to El Blaze and Guile apparently beat Lei Luwong without too much trouble. It's going to be quite interesting to see what happens from here. I see you made a couple of noticeable mistakes here: "Kokoro stirred El Blaze back to consciousness." Pretty sure you meant "El Fuerte". Also, ... (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. GUILE) Marshall was actually facing Lau Chan in that match. All-in-all, though, a very good match. As for the fight, Guile could probably take Law in a tough fight under norma
  18. I can just see Batman shaking his head in disbelief at the contender that can pull this off. Part of me also hopes to see a Hamilton challenge here.
  19. Hmmm, characters are starting to get killed off in the arc now. Good set-up, Johnny. Nice recap with Momiji and Juri. I've recently noticed that with 280 fully-written matches, you're probably CBUB's most prolific writer in terms of content (though I'm pretty sure others have 300 + -- albeit shorter -- matches), and the bulk of it at this point has likely come from this arc. Congrats! As for the match, I'm not sure who would win here yet. I mean, both Ibuki and Mina seem very agile with ranged attacks. While Ibuki is a little more agile with trickier attacks, Mina's attacks seem more p
  20. Good set-up, broadway, and good CBUB debut for both the Jokerz and the Arabian Knights. Believable story, though Chronos would actually be more likely to go after the treasures himself. I never saw Arabian Knights growing up (and looking at when it aired, I would've had to catch in on video or in reruns), but they look like a pretty powerful team. I think they'd put up a fairly good fight, but they'd be outmatched against these, though. If the upgraded Jokerz can have a group of such heroes as Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart and others beaten and on the run, the Knights probably hav
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