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  1. Well, Mighty Joe Young was an expy of King Kong in the first place. IIRC, both the '40's Joe and the Joe from the 1998 film are about the same size, which is maybe half the size of Kong at best. That would make either version of Joe a good deal smaller than Dinocroc, which would put either of them a quite a disadvantage.
  2. That would be up to Fox to determine. You can make your Draft picks, then submit your team and see whether Fox accepts your picks.
  3. Alright, but did you add them through the Fantasy Draft option in your CP? If so, you still have two more slots to draft in and you can submit them for Fox to look at from there.
  4. Oooookay ... 😐 BTW, I thought the gallery only accepted 300 x 300 images for profiles. If I knew we could still add other sizes, I would've added quite a few more myself.
  5. Pretty good set-up, Venom. I think the Space Rangers have a good shot at catching and stopping this Alien, though it may depend on how fast it can grow from facehugger to adult.
  6. If it's a fully-grown Dinocroc, I think Joe's screwed. Also, being part-crocodile, the Dinocroc would have better senses at night.
  7. Good match-up and pretty good set-up. This could be a close one, but the vines are probably stronger than Medusa's hair. I think Carmen may win this one due to ring-out.
  8. Pretty good set-up and good match-up, broadway. Tracer seems to have quite the arsenal, but I agree that Ruby just might be more powerful overall and take this.
  9. A pretty good set-up, broadway, though I'm thinking the quality's suffering a little due to the shorter lengths. As for the match, I had to think about this for a bit, but now I think Cassie would win a pretty hard-fought match. Yeah, Trini's at a higher tier, but I take that with a grain of salt. She and Cassie are probably on-par durability wise, and Cass is more highly trained in combat.
  10. Eh, I have a feeling the VS. Battles folks will take Wolvie out of that tier sooner than later. He shouldn't really rank that high simply because he could possibly get off a good scratch or stab on some Tier 4's. After that one good shot, most on that level should demolish him.
  11. Tough one. Macbeth is very rich from old money, and Bishop runs his own clandestine agency, so they both have resources. Killing one another isn't really an option, either. Bishop can't kill Macbeth, and Macbeth could likely only kill Bishop through attrition.
  12. Which is pretty strange, since the claws alone shouldn't really put Logan in that tier. Eh, Shiva's good in stealth and decent in disguises, but she's not really a ninja. Ninjustu is literally not listed in her skillset. It can also depend in which versions of these characters we're talking. IIRC, there's at least one version of each character that's at Tier 9.
  13. Heh, wow, I'm surprised at all the people not yet chosen for the Scrappy Fighter slot. No one wanted Batman, Captain America, Wolverine, or Lady Shiva, for example? Batman himself wasn't even used in the last Draft.
  14. I made a new discovery and changed the thread title accordingly. You can also look back on the teams from every Draft Season via the Season Draft pages. All you need is this link: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/fantasyteamsbyseason?season= Just copy/paste the link and type any number from 1-12 to see any Season's teams. For example, type 2 at the end of the link to see Season 2's teams: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/fantasyteamsbyseason?season=2 Wow, forty-one teams. Again, I'm not sure how this would work on mobile.
  15. Another good match-up, broadway. It's kinda nice you've figured out ways to keep this thing going. Going strictly by abilities, Chel should be the next one out, given that she can only call birds to her aid. Between Chloe and Wednsday, Chloe seems to have the more potent powers, so unless others interfere (which may be likely in a free-for-all like this), she should win this battle.
  16. Another good set-up, Johnny. Good to see the arc back and running. I wonder what Kazuya's going to do from here? As for the match, I'm kinda liking Necalli's odds here. I have a feeling Ash will have to tap into the power of Yasakani to hang with him, and I've heard that Ash may not stay as focused as normal while doing so. Ash could try to use the Soul Edge shard, but I've also heard that he doesn't handle unfamiliar power too well.
  17. Pretty good set-up, Movie-Brat. If the likes of Splinter and Agent Bishop could each barely take out more than a few Cybermen on their own, I don't like Natasha's odds that much better, even with those EMP weapons. It would've made more sense combat-wise to have also armed some of the other heroes with the weapons to accompany her. Surely at least Dontello would've grasped how to use EMP weaponry easily enough?
  18. Heh, I had a feeling Ladybug could take Chloe as usual. But yeah, it took some assistance this time out. Good set-up, broadway. Sorry I missed out on voting on and rating it.
  19. Gah, I missed this one. Another good one, leroy. I guess I'm one of the few people here that's seen and kind of remembers Pirates of Dark Water. Shame the closest thing we got to a conclusion of the series were some video games. Tula's long past due to get a better profile pic. Anyways, If Zarana didn't just shoot Tula first (seemed unlikely here since it appears that she wanted to fight Tula instead) Tula probably had a good shot at winning this with her own skills and ecomancer magic. Yeah, it's true that her profile pic does not do her justice. Still, I'm guessing you've never seen Zarana when she cleans up or is in disguise:
  20. This is another pretty good synopsis. WeAreVenom. I'd kinda want to see this expanded into a story, though. I'm also inclined to agree that Bats and Spidey would eventually take down their villains after an entertaining adventure and chase.
  21. Finally getting around to commenting. My bad. Another great set-up, Rakai. The recap with Mikey and Galford was very nice and intense. Both were able to show off their moves here and even some ninjustu stealth. And lol at how Mikey warded off Poppy! As for the match, this may be yet another tough one. Jubei has some powerful moves, but Donnie has his inventiveness. With this being a ninja vs. a samurai, their prowess in each and experience against one other's arts in generally may effectively cancel out any ninja or samurai techniques they may try on one another. Jubei has plenty of fighting experience, but Donatello's no slouch in that department, either ... I don't know. Maybe Donnie's youth may give him a bit of an edge in stamina in the end?
  22. Now part of me wants to see some of the old FPL guys compete in this thing, if mainly to see some of those that helped start this thing with Fox participate at the Ferret one last time (at least, as it is now).
  23. It's possible that more time may be needed for drafting here. I'm not necessarily saying this for my sake, but since there are more slots this time around and that may possibly be the last Draft, it's possible that some may want to be more thoughtful about their picks.
  24. Huh, that's weird. The thing's unaffected by bullets and flames but gets slashed by a sword? All the slash really seemed to do, though, was put the Skullcrawler's attention squarely on the soldier that slashed it, as least momentarily.
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