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  1. @Fox: I have a question regarding this: Does the movie(s) from which the character comes from have to be strictly horror and/or sci-fi-themed, or can it just have elements of sci-fi and/or horror?
  2. Meh. I've had an unusually busy week. But yeah, the team is, as usual, (slowly) coming along. BTW, I'm very surprised I haven't seen Wolverine or anyone directly affiliated with him picked for Slot 8 yet.
  3. Heh, that's what I figured. It's kind of disappointing that the Wiki doesn't have an all-encompassing profile for Vixen and not just the Arrowverse version. The comics version is undoubtedly more diverse and powerful.
  4. @Fox, I'm guessing that we're still not allowing characters in the VS. Battle-themed slots that aren't listed in the VS. Battle Wiki itself, right?
  5. Here's an interesting stat, and it goes to show how competitive these Drafts have been. Seven Drafts in, and while there have been several repeat semi-finalists/finalists, it appears there has never been a repeat winner:
  6. Well, I'm gone for a few days and pey goes and wins the whole thing.
  7. Heh, my bad. It has been awhile since I've seen the show. I watched the clips later on, and I lost it when Ed actually slid for home plate.
  8. I would say they more lucky than well-equipped. They barely beat Gozer in the "very slim" chance, as Egon put it, that they'd survive the stream-crossing, and it was a wild guess that it would even work.
  9. Aw, wish I had read this match while voting and grading were still active. This was a good one, Pizzaguy, and the Thing gives enough of a difference experience for Dutch and his team to keep this story from being a total rehash of the Predator film. Just as the vote indicated, I think the Thing may eventually kill the entire team. While they may get a rough idea what's up with this threat a little sooner than they did with the Jungle Hunter, the Thing could just keep switching to different hosts until it feeds on everyone.
  10. I actually remember watching Mr. Ed when reruns aired on Nick at Nite back in the day. I can pretty much confirm that he did a lot of crazy human things on the show. Thing is, Ed tended to only do human things when he was sure no one but his master was watching, so it's unlikely Mr. Ed would publicly do human things for the sake of selling product. Therefore, this should come down to who has more animal appeal while doing things they would normally do in public.
  11. Back in the palace again, huh, P & T? 😆 But yeah, Jabba seems to like the more musically inclined talents.
  12. Heh, my bad. My focus must've been more on seeing your argument for Animal. Thing is, you have to be able to recite coherent punchlines and disses to be effective in a rap battle. Sure, Animal may initially get the crowd hyped with some of his drum riffs and frenetic energy, but once he actually starts trying to rap, he's likely going get a mixture of confused looks and boos. I'm thinking Penn, having comedic experience, could at least get off some funny one-liners and rhymes.
  13. Finally getting back in the game, huh, Versam? Great entry here. Great way to showcase the budding romance between Aloy and Garrus. As for the match, I see that Aloy seems pretty smart and resourceful in Horizon Zero Dawn, so she may have picked up on Mass Effect weaponry pretty well. Whether or not she and Garrus can escape, though, may in no small part also depend on how alert and able Garrus is now that he's starting to wake up. It's hard for me to judge having never played games in either series, but ... eh ... Aloy and Garrus may barely be able to get out alive here.
  14. Lol, Mag and pey are trying so hard with this one. As someone that's been actively listening to rap for the better part of 30 years and has heard and seen my fair share of rap battles and diss records from earlier times, I can tell you that, yes, high energy and audience engagement are key components to a rap battle, but you still have to be pretty good with words to win. While Animal does indeed have the high-energy part down, at best he can barely form a coherent sentence. I even doubt the dude could be a good mumble rapper, lol. Meanwhile, P & T are no slouches at getting crowds hyped themselves, and Penn has a natural gift of gab. While this definitely would not be a rap battle for the ages, I can at least see Penn getting in some weird rhymes and disses for the win.
  15. Heh, Animal's luck in this Draft finally runs out here. P & T are generally pretty good with coming up with things on-the-fly, I think, and at least Penn coherently vocalizes in his act.
  16. Yep, sixth place is about where I expected to place this time out. And this is what, at least the third time for each that Magnamax, pey, C.T., and Bergy made it to the semis? Congrats!
  17. Well, the vote was relatively close, at least.
  18. I'm actually genuinely curious how the people that voted for Storm thought a seahorse could guard a junkyard.
  19. Can't believe I missed commenting on this all Hanna-Barbera matchup.
  20. Coop could bring up Megas's energy shield to possibly block at least part of the Ray long enough get out of its path, then get into position to use some of its own weapons.
  21. Eh, that much power would, by tourney rules, disqualify it for this slot: But I'm not going to make a huge deal of that. Megas has dealt with and defeated planetary-level enemies, and it could still use its teleporting ray and pixelating gun to take Destoroyah apart piece by piece.
  22. P & T finally pull their specialty for a terrain. I think the duo pulls this one out.
  23. Well, Destoroyah is definitely bigger than Megas and quite powerful, but the Megas has quite a few tools in its belt. For example, I see that Destoroyah is weak to extreme cold. Coop, for example, could use Megas's freeze ray to immobilize it, then use either the pixelizer gun or the teleportation ray to take it apart.
  24. She's actually used the Talismans on quite a few occasions in Jackie Chan Adventures. She has no problem breaking into Section-13 to retrieve them (in fact, she's classified as Section-13's biggest threat). And Jade wouldn't necessarily use them on every occasion in this Draft, but after seeing what Hermione can do, she's pragmatic enough that she would definitely use them here.
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