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  1. Heh, yeah, I'm pretty sure Ollie at least played a big role in starting that League. The writers at Smallville (and in many media at the time) were trying to make Ollie out to be more like Batman to the point of even often pitting him against Batman foe Ra's al Ghul in various media, due to the silly Bat Embargo put on a lot of things back then.
  2. Man, you are a match-making machine, Johnny! Another good one. I'm guessing Juri is a more powerful fighter overall than Kim, but as mentioned, she just finished her fight with Huang (albeit not a very tough fight for her, apparently), so she may not be at 100 %. Kim might be tough in this case, but Juri can probably tap into her Fung Shui Engine for the win if she gets in trouble.
  3. Another good continuation of your Rangers/Zombies arc, Venom. Very good characterization on Kimberly's part. One thing, though: This match is a three-way battle, with the Zyurangers included, right? I see you didn't include them in your match parameters at the end. If that's the case, I think the Zyurangers win this.
  4. Very nice tourney two-parter, Bergy! Your entries are always among the most "out there". As for the match, Stuntman Mike looks like he's pretty tough, but Herbie seems to be used to dealing with all kinds of danger on the roads. Along with the Scooby Gang, they should all be able to put a stop to Mike.
  5. Well, I went ahead and finally decided on a team. My anime pick is probably gonna get squashed, though, since anime's not my forte. Decent squad otherwise. That also makes a new Draft record twenty-one teams in this one so far (twenty-two when Confession re-does his Deity pick). O rly? Lord knows I generally have several matches in the works. The trick is putting them out on a schedule ...
  6. Heh, this is one of your best tourney matches yet, Russ. I think you forgot to have thunder and lightning occurring with each of Count's number counts, though. As for the match, while the Sesame Street gang has made friends with a myriad of celebrities and convinced them all to join in on their learning games, sealing away a literal force of nature (a force of evil for some) may be another matter. It's likely that Cthulhu takes over and ushers in a new brand of "education" on Sesame Street.
  7. It may be too late to change this, but I noticed Confession FPT picked Hades from Disney's Hercules for Slot 1 of his team. The rules state that only the original deities can be chosen in that slot and not alternate versions of said deities, right?
  8. Gah, this is too late for me. And I've just moved a good deal more mythological figures over to Fantasy. I see what initially happened, though; when deities, etc. were starting to get added to the Database, the bulk of them were added under Pop Culture, and thus started a trend (and even I got swept up in that trend at first). From now on, though, guys, if we're going to add a character originating from mythology, he/she/it belongs in the Fantasy category. More to move tomorrow ...
  9. Still thinking about it. In looking over some of the Draft rosters, though, I'm pretty surprised at some of the characters you guys have missed out on so far (no Lone Ranger or Geronimo for Western picks? really?).
  10. Damn, Berg, you're all busy with the character analyses. Anyways, if anyone's still looking for deities to draft, I've just moved quite a few of them to the Fantasy category where they rightfully belong (including some that have already been drafted), so they should now be a little easier to find. An another note, I almost forgot that I added the bulk of the original Greek God pantheon back in the day!
  11. Nah, I wouldn't worry about all that. Things seem to be a good deal more relaxed on EF these days, and none of the so-called "Hate Bad" users have tried to make their mark so far. So far, I'm only really familiar with Kamala Khan from what I've read on wikis and whatnot about her over the past few years, but she reminds me of a P.T. that just started doing sessions with my mom. She's also Islam and even though she's over twice Kamala's age, she strangely has about the same amount of youthful enthusiasm. But I digress. If Kamala retains her powers here, she probably has a good chance against Kruger. Given that Freddy can often hinder his victims' abilities and enhance his own in both the real world and in dreams, though, things might get tough for her. I'm also not sure how helpful the Doctor's going to be since she's literally tied up at the moment. Anyways, good set-up.
  12. Hey, Gizmo (formerly known as ScrewAtttackFan). Since the staff now has the ability to move CBUB character profiles to other categories, I'm currently looking through this post of yours that you made way back when as somewhat of a reference: 

    Note: I'm not taking your list strictly as gospel about what profile should go where, but it's still pretty handy to look through for what can potentially can be moved. 

    Just thought you'd like to know. :) 


    1. Gizmo Hibiki

      Gizmo Hibiki

      I'm actually kinda flattered you even decided to look through the list again. Though with how many years have passed, I have changed my mind on some of teh characters such as the Power Man and Iron Fist duo what with getting back into comics and reminding myself that they were a duo, as well as the Walking Dead characters what with Daryl Dixon being a character that only appeared in the show and not the comic books. Also, I'm guessing the reason why we don't have a movie or T.V. show section is because a lot of these characters are known for more than just being in said movie or show and clutter up the database what with them being in other forms of media, wich is still something I'm all for leaving alone.

  13. Battle of the recently-relocated archers! Both Smallville's Ollie Queen and Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games have just been moved to their rightful genres of Pop Culture and Sci-Fi, respectively. To celebrate, they both decide to have an impromptu contest of archery. Who takes it? But yeah, this is a test to see how the Rumbles react to relocated character profiles. After seeing how the Christine profile reacted to being moved to the Horror category mid-match, I just wanted to see if moved profiles would do the same here.
  14. Nah, I meant that the ability to edit profiles would be a staff exclusive. Fox is still working the kinks out, I think.
  15. Eh, it would really be best just to use the Ms. Marvel profile, since Carol's held both titles. Besides, we just may be able to finally make edits on that profile soon...
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