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  1. Nice to see you back in the fold making matches, leroy! Heh, Gotham City getting an Olympic bid. Wonder who they had to bribe? This is a pretty good match, but, and you probably know what I'm gonna say, it's a little short. I have no doubt the Joes can take down Gotham's criminal element. Bane would be among the toughest threats, but the Joes just might still have Sgt. Slaughter among their ranks. After all, Slaughter did someone manage to out-brawl Nemesis Enforcer, a being who was able to do things like this. The real question is, though, how long would they be asked to con
  2. Good set-up, broadway. I've seen I, Robot, but not District 9 (after looking it up, I kinda wish I had). After looking up the Prawns, the NS-5's just look more durable and powerful. Head-to-head, I think the NS-5's manage to subdue them.
  3. Another good set-up, Johnny. It looks like some new relationships are forming, while others are being tested. As for this match, I think Helena wins this testy scuffle of blondes who are both used to leading. Not only does she have more of a plan for going after the bad guys and more experience in fighting varied opponents, but her piqua quan looks like it could legit counter a fair amount of Lidia's karate moves.
  4. Another good set-up and match-up, broadway. Good effort to get interactions between so many different characters. As for the match, I think the Forever Red Rangers can win here. As mentioned, the MK fighters are probably more powerful overall (hell, I think Raiden and Shao Kahn alone might almost be a handful for the Rangers), but there's pretty likely to be dissention among their ranks. Megalomaniacs (Shao, Shang) and psychopaths (Baraka, Mileena) tend not to make good teammates. Meanwhile, the Red Rangers are all used to working on teams, and most to all of them have worked together be
  5. Another good set-up, Johnny. I see that this one's dedicated more to the Soul Calibur side of things. As for the match-up, since Genjuro's rival Hoahmaru might've matched up well enough with Mitsurugi to earn the latter's respect before being given a Soul Edge shard, It kinda makes me think that Genjuro with a Soul Edge is now probably at least on par with Mitsurugi power-wise. Still, as mentioned, Mitsuguri's used to dealing with powerful enemies, so between that and having more experience with Soul Edge, he just might edge this out.
  6. So, this fight could be tough for Honoka, though. Heh, I guess it's just as well that I didn't vote on this one, then. Can't believe I forgot to rate this match, though, especially after the "preaching" I did about it in a match of yours a couple of weeks back, lol. My bad, man.
  7. Another good set-up, Twogunkid. I guess Bond's experience must've allowed him to escape, huh? It also looks like the plot is unfolding some more. As for the match, James and Selina might do best to avoid this fight. Even without his enhancements, KGBeast is still a master of several martial arts. Selina has also never matched up well with Elektra.
  8. Looking up her abilities in normal conditions, Zealot doesn't seem to have any that could reasonably counter the precog of Midnighter's battle computer. Judging from this fight, neither seemed to have a significant physical advantage over the other, yet somehow Zealot was able to get some strikes in with her sword and get in his head with a taunt when his precog should've seen all of this coming. You could argue somewhat that Zealot's superior fighting skill and/or training could've helped her here, but it just feels like the writer just forgot that Midnighter can process millions of pos
  9. Well, in that case, the good guys should be able to pull this out with difficulty. The Robots are more durable and better armed than normal thugs, but have even less intelligence.
  10. Another good set-up, Twogunkid. I had a feeling Alfred would be able to handle himself in the Batcave. As for the match, it looks like Dick, Tim, and Jim might have a tough fight on their hands. One question, though, what particular types of Robots are they going up against? I have a feeling they can handle this small army, but I'm not exactly sure what the what TF2 'Bots are armed with.
  11. Alright, finally getting to this. Another good set-up, Johnny. Very good job with the Ken/Iori recap, as well as interspersing some character updates in-between. As for the match, does Honoka retain the skills she learns on the spot from other fighters in-canon, to anyone's knowledge? If so, she could overwhelm Kolin with the sheer volume of skills at her disposal.
  12. Wow, I honestly thought I had a few more of those won ... Congratulations, @Versam! You always have been good with making Draft picks. Have a night on the town and enjoy yourself.
  13. It's after 2:00 where I am right now, so I hope I'm sharp enough to get all my points across here. Another great set-up, Rakai. Very interesting recap with Donnie and B. Jenet. One thing about these ties is that it can certainly bring out extra creatively in those writing arcs. For example, it seems to be giving you a good opportunity to make some potentially interesting character arcs. Leo seems to be struggling a bit with confidence in his fighting ability, and now Donnie's more pacifistic and scientific sides might be interfering with his fighting instinct. And now I'm almost so
  14. Yeah, I read the entire fight after looking both Midnighter and Zealot up. Aside from Zealot getting the stab in on Midnighter near the end, it looked pretty inconclusive to me since they can both heal from such wounds. Also, even considering the tension between them and the stakes of that fight, it didn't look like Midnighter or Zealot were quite utilizing all their usual abilities. Assuming their physicals and healing factors might be relatively even, Midnighter's battle computer should be able to outpace Zealot's body language-reading abilities.
  15. This is the final, folks. I'm kinda itching to debate here. Actually, Dot, like her brothers, can do plenty of zany things on her own.
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