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  1. Heh, no prep? Batman almost gets stomped. Realize that Batman is dealing with foes a good deal more powerful than most of his own rogues gallery. Scorpion is stronger and quicker than Spider-Man, and aside from his shock gauntlets, Shocker's suit is built to resist strong impacts. Bats is probably not going to last too long if he isn't prepared to take these guys on.
  2. Yeah, as smart as Bane is often portrayed as being, he generally struggles when he has to go up against an opponent above his strength range. Catwoman is also really a non-factor here, so Spider-Man should take this without too much trouble.
  3. So, anybody else gonna acknowledge this? This is very good news! Events like this are a big part of what EF needs to get things going. Anyways, this should go without saying, but once the tourney starts, please rate matches fairly.
  4. And I was just thinking about unpinning this old thread, heh. I even don't know when or if the staff at large will be able to delete or edit profiles ATM. Welcome to Electricferret, Hitman. IIRC, adding a profile isn't really about servers and whatnot. You'd just really need to have an image editor on your comp to edit a chosen image for a character profile to 200 x 200, then look for good links for said character from both Wikipedia and an official site on that character's main medium. Nah, there are plenty of characters that can be submitted. I'd have added some on my end, but I first have to add an image editor to at least one of my comps. Could take awhile ...
  5. Good match, IKA. To be honest, though, though I am at least aware of about every major DBZ event, as well as aware of some DBS events, the last canon DB episodes I actually saw were the Cell Games and the (at the time) resolution to Future Trunks' storyline. Therefore, I'm not sure how Vegeta would fare against Hulk. BTW, are the saiyans and their opponents smashing planets with mere punches yet in DBS? Considering Vegeta was blasting away planets within his first few DBZ eps, the strongest fighters should really be at that point by now.
  6. I have a question regarding this. Athletes such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, and Mike Tyson have been added to the Database in the past. There could be a way to make them work for matches, since these examples all have at least two fictional versions each in various media. My question is, would we need to re-add them as fictional versions of themselves, or could a match maker just reference which version he/she is using in a match? Heh, Roman Reigns has made his way to the comics now.
  7. I don't know if any more of the old FPL vets know about EF's revival just yet, but I do remember hearing a few years back that many of them were keeping in touch with one another on social media.
  8. I think I'll shoot you a PM.
  9. Hey, hey, no need to bury MagneticFox just yet. It may still have some uses for this community.
  10. My first posted match-up in some years. Some from MagneticFox might recognize this. So it's: Sora, with all his abilities and drive forms from Kingdom Hearts II vs. the Incredible Hulk from Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, slightly under the Heartless/Nobody influence, in his own fully destructible environment, with all his moves and plenty of vehicles and other items to weaponize. Game mechanics for both Sora in Kingdom Hearts II and Hulk in Ultimate Destruction apply here. Sora wins if he can knock Hulk back to his senses. Hulk wins if he can kill/incapacitate Sora. Ah, I missed being able to simply drag images/text/etc. into posts. :D
  11. Some members of Organization XIII land on TRN008 Marvel Earth. They soon take notice of a green giant wrecking havoc in a metropolis fighting against men in mechs of various sizes. Seeing great power and rage in this being, the Organization starts provoking him further, telling him that the "puny humans" will never leave him alone because they hate and fear him. The Organization is hoping that with enough built-up rage and despair over the humans' persecution, this "Hulk" of a creature will eventually lose his heart, turning into a very powerful Heartless, while the creature's body turns into an even more powerful Nobody. Soon, Sora's gummi ship takes him to this same world. He soon notices the green goliath going on a rampage, about to kill a soldier in a totaled mech. Sora intervenes just in time, and sees a purple flame emanating from the poor creature.
  12. Oh, that was because of the "Hate Bad" raters/graders out there that would grade others' matches as low as possible while grading their own matches as high as possible with their original accounts as well as their alts (hello, CrinosVegeta!). Sorry to drudge up old drama, but I have a loooongg memory.
  13. I have a few ideas, but some of them are probably beyond the scope of what you would want to have to deal with at the time being. So for now, I'll start with some (hopefully) small asks: Will we eventually have more direct access to the main EF page? And if so, would we be able to log in from there, instead of just from the forums? Back in the day, I seem to remember being able to log in from the main EF page and maybe even from the main CBUB and FPL pages as well (don't remember exactly how that went ATM).
  14. Let's see, what's happened since the EF's last shutdown ... - The Legend of Korra had three more Books (seasons) and a comic book series. Book 2 was kind of a letdown, especially with having the Avatar's franchise's least interesting lead villains (albeit also its most powerful combined threat). Book 3 almost more than made up for it, though, and Book 4 was decent. - Young Justice was eventually renewed for a third season (The Weisman Curse was finally broken, yay!). Too bad I've still only seen the first few eps of Season 1. - Black Panther finally got his own feature film, and it was actually worth the wait! - There's a DuckTales reboot, and in some ways it's better than the 1987 'toon, at least from what I've seen of it. - The 2012 TMNT 'toon wrapped up, and just in time to be replaced with another TMNT series. Eh, one take take or leave its art style and animation (I choose the latter). - Two Super Mario Maker games have come out, and believe me when I say Nintendo really outdid itself with the latest update to SMM 2.
  15. Heh, I just lost about 200 posts. I'm guessing that at least has something to do with the deletion of Surfer's Board. Now, let's see if I remember how to use that multiquote function ... Yo, Z, what's good, man? :) Yeah, I found out as soon as you sent your e-mail a few months back. I then shot an e-mail to Fox. Next thing I know, the face of the forum changed and I was able to log in here again for the first time in, wow, seven years. Huh, I was the last member to post after EF's closure, and now I'm the first to post after its reopening. Interesting bookends. You used to be Screwattack, right? Recognized the profile pic, but not the name. I'm about officially an old man, but other than that, I'm good. Maybe leroy, Soberguy, and some more of the older vets can swing by so Fox and I won't be the only old guys here. :D
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