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  1. She needs to be under a full moon to be able to bloodbend. Anyways, if Katara can survive Sub-Zero initially getting the jump on her, the conditions of the set-up may actually be in her favor. I'm not sure how likely she'd be able to do that, though, considering Sub-Zero's a highly-trained assassin.
  2. Huh, didn't know you could post regular threads in the Rated Matches section. I mean, it's good that this was moved and all, but that fact is ... interesting. Anyways, welcome back, Buzz! Good to see you back in the swing of things. You know, a couple of your matches are still in the Outstanding Match Set-Ups thread.
  3. This just showed up in my recommended list on YouTube. I've that heard Hulk Hogan could do stuff like hurricanranas in matches in his youth, but I've never seen him doing nimble moves in the ring until I saw this: Hogan performing an enziguri? WTF?
  4. Or, Tifa could just hit him. One good backhand would be more than enough to put Croc down for the count.
  5. Yep. Dinah apparently told Wondy she could do as much when they sparred in the comics. It is, as the Brits might say, wankery at its finest.
  6. Why not? Croc likely only weighs hundreds of pounds at best. What would merely lifting Croc accomplish, though?
  7. Honestly, if we're talking the current comics, I think Canary might have the edge in close combat. There seems to be a fair amount of writer wank with Canary since Flashpoint. She was always considered a great fighter, but since then she's considered among the very best in the world at H2H (so good, Lady Shiva is grooming her as her replacement as the world's top assassin). Also, since training with Wonder Woman, Dinah can now apparently react in nanoseconds (not sure how that works, but ... ). So, while Natalia may be slightly physically superior (except for that reacting in nanoseconds bit), Dinah might have almost every other edge in H2H and has her Canary Cry.
  8. Welcome to electricferret, Partyman. Not much at all. And wow, judging by most of the comments here, most of you don't have any idea how much stronger Tifa is than Killer Croc. She regularly tangles with Sephiroth, who can summon meteor showers and supernovas. Even with what little experience I have with her in gaming, I distinctly remember a scene in Kingdom Hearts II where she lightly kicks a wall and the entire office shakes. Meanwhile, Croc can only lift, depending on the medium, from 2 to 10 tons. Croc is screwed here.
  9. Interesting match-up, VCM. The set-up overall could've had more content, though. As for the match, Drago's surely going to give Hulk a hard time, but kayfabe Hulk was virtually unbeatable in the 1980's. Hulkamania should win this. I'm not sure that's true, even factoring in Ivan's infamous punching power. Andre the Giant was said to once flip over a car in RL, with four men inside.
  10. Hey, comic_book_fan, are the Wildcats talking in this match the only members of the team fighting Apocalypse here?
  11. Another good set-up, Russ. This arc is turning out to be pretty entertaining. As for the match, I still don't know a lot about Shrek's abilities, but I think it's lucky for him Bowser is his size for this match-up. Until the NSMB games came around, Bowser just seemed to get bigger with each Mario adventure. In fact, in Super Mario Sunshine, he was damn near as big as a house.
  12. Ahhh, sorry for not getting back to this match in time to vote and rate, OMFG. Great and hilarious match here. If I had gotten to it in time, only some spelling and grammar mistakes would've kept me from giving it five stars. As for the match, Rick and Morty's only hope is if Jerry's as good at Duck Hunt as he says he is. You almost have to be a pro to last twenty minutes playing Duck Hunt, and I doubt first timer Rick would be much help here.
  13. Welcome back, videogameman! Hope you can enjoy yourself and climb back into the match-making fold. You know, if you want your username changed, all you and videogameman have to do is shoot Fox a PM. Just ask Nova Force Nova, Jaeger Panzer, and ScrewAttackFan25. Changing a username is well within an admin's abilities.
  14. Be careful, man. Posting a match with no set-up was a good way to earn bad grades back in the day. Speaking for myself, I'll be patient and wait before I rate here, though.
  15. Rakai! Welcome back! Yeah, we're still waiting to see more of the old guard come back into the fold, but Russ, IKA (I_KNOW_ALL), VCM, Z451, myself, and others are regulars, and we have seen the likes of Hugo, Nova (now called C. T., IIRC), Jaeger (Indolent), and many of the FPL vets. In the meantime, I hope you start having better fortune in RL and find your writing groove again. BTW, if you're interested, there's an upcoming match tournament involving characters from the 1980's.
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