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  1. Carol has had quite a few title changes in her history, and she's only been Captain Marvel for a relatively small period of that history. We can keep going back and forth on this, but having a specific title for eight years out of her fifty-plus year history is not enough to make a change on her profile in my book.
  2. I wouldn't count on corporate synergy to maintain that status forever. All it may take, for example, is for one movie Carol stars in to flop, and studios, etc. may have a change of heart. Besides, before that, she used the moniker of Ms. Marvel for over two decades, and we've had other prominent heroes hold the Captain Marvel mantle, such as Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell.
  3. Don't be too surprised if Carol changes titles in a few years. There are several characters that seem to have trouble holding on to an alias (like Monica Rambeau, for instance). Point is, character names change fairly often, and a name that's prominent now may not be so for too long. Not really enough to make a particular name to stick for a profile, IMHO.
  4. Which characters and official websites were you trying to use?
  5. Carol Danvers wasn't always Captain Marvel, though, and comics being comics, there's a good chance that she'll relinquish the title at some point. Since she's also had the aliases Ms. Marvel and Warbird, this is probably the best route to go with the profile. I took the title "Prince" off of Zuko's profile and "Fire Lord" from Ozai's for pretty much the same reason, since they change titles throughout the Avatar World timeline.
  6. To be honest, unless one of Porunga's opponents use his Dragon Balls to wish for Porunga to fight him/her/etc., I don't Porunga winning in this slot, at all. In fact, it's more likely that Porunga could make an "opponent" stronger if a wish calls for it. Any opponent (especially in this slot) could even destroy the Dragon Balls before Porunga could emerge.
  7. It's likely that Carol and Susan have worked together before, and they've probably even fought in the past. I'm pretty sure Carol is more diverse with energy attacks than Power Girl. If Carol can penetrate the Invisible Woman's force fields, Susan is probably more or less toast. Breaking those shields, though, isn't easy for even some of the strongest of Marvel's heavy hitters can do, and Susan can also do a variety of other things with her powers.
  8. Heh, at full power? In that case, Wanda is completely unhinged and reality warps/destroys everyone and everything around her, including her own teammates.
  9. *finishes research* Ah, the Losers Club. After looking up the more recent version of the kids, I now vaguely remember them from the first miniseries. Anyways, I foresee a couple of scenarios here: The first kid the Thing assimilates just happens to be the one that has the lamp and unleashes the Djinn. The now Thing-assimilated kid makes the mistake of going after the Djinn himself -- and pays for it with the Djinn's various sadistic tortures, and is eventually finished off when the Djinn conjures up fire or electricity. The Thing-assimilated kid instead wishes for the Djinn to seek out and/or bring it more life to feed on, distracting it away from the other Losers Club kids and eventually meeting its end via one of the Djinn's scenarios. The first Thing-assimilated kid sees one of the other Losers Club kids making a wish and goes after that kid, which may either lead back to one of the previous scenarios, or, if the kid with the lamp is the last one the Thing assimilates, effectively ends this in a draw.
  10. Hmmm, this looks familiar, UMPIRE. It's also a weird starting time for the Draft. Anyways, since it's been quite some time since I've seen RotJ, I rewatched the scene with the Max Rebo Band. It doesn't appear that avoiding being thrown into the Rancor Pit was an issue for the Band, and that slaves and enemies were Jabba's main targets for this. So, odds are both MJ and P & T could likely entertain Jabba even more than the Band. While Penn and Teller arguably have a more diverse act, Michael Jackson always consistently brought in bigger crowds. Hell, when MJ showed up to speak at his idol James Brown's funeral, the crowd almost forgot about James and started screaming for MJ. I might place my odds toward the guy that got these types of reactions wherever he went.
  11. "The Losers Club"? What is that, from the recent It films? Gah, I barely even remember the original miniseries. Must do research ...
  12. Heh, a battle? Unless the Doughboy maybe cooks some poisoned treats for Team Festivus to eat, he'll probably be one fried little piece of dough in this one. I don't know, man. I think you're overvaluing what Lunella can do with her intelligence a bit and maybe hoping Devil Dinosaur can do some damage. At only nine years old, she lacks the experience to make more deadly machines like, say, Hiro has proven to do. I think you mean Jupiter could spank the Jolly Warriors here, and judging from her VS Battles Wiki page, you're likely right. The page says she has her youthful personality weaknesses, so maybe one of the Jolly Warriors could trick her into losing her Bracelets (Mim would be the most likely candidate)? Otherwise, she seems way too powerful for anything the Warriors could throw at her.
  13. Heh, my bad. Just looked at general Miraculous Ladybug info and assumed.
  14. Alright, my team is finally made, I think. I hate to bring this up so late in the drafting process, but I think Chloe Bourgeois might be too old for the Precocious Child slot. The max age for this slot is 13, and I think Chloe is fourteen, just like her classmate Miraculous Ladybug. Sorry, Venom.
  15. Just letting it be known that I am intending to get a team in for the Draft. Assuming my other picks are accepted, I'm still currently stuck on the deciding my Team Anchor and Precocious Child picks.
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