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  1. Sorry I haven't commented on a match of yours in a while, Johnny. This is a another good one, revisiting previous storylines while giving us a good match-up. As for the match, I think Chun-Li might edge this out as well. It appears that Naotora may be quick in her own right and have harder-hitting attacks than Chun-Li, but her own DoA Wiki page mentions she tends to struggle against quicker opponents. Meanwhile, Chun-Li has consistently been one of the quickest fighters in just about every game she's been in, and she may have the edge in overall skill. Also, Naotora seems to be a reluctant fighter, so seeing that Chun-Li is a good person may cause Naotora to either stand down or let her guard down enough for Chun-Li to win.
  2. Well, after doing some more research, this final score may actually be accurate. Supergirl apparently curb-stomped Superwoman when they fought. Between that and the facts that the original Black Canary beat her once and Wonder Woman defeats her regularly, it really makes one question why Superwoman's considered WW's counterpart.
  3. It looks like it's going good to me. Good set-up, Venom. While Lord Drakkon definitely looks like he could take the various Ranger teams between his own power and his own team of Ranger Sentries, I have a feeling that at least one of the good guys could take advantage of his ego and overloading power to help the team eke out a win.
  4. I think I'll amend a previous statement: this is the best fight recap of this arc! Another great set-up, Rakai. You really captured the intensity and urgency of the Donnie/Andy fight. The KoF part of this arc just shows that unexpected results really can bring out the best in people. As for this match, this should also be a tough fight, but I think Leo takes it in the end. I'll admit that most of my memory of KoF comes from the first two OVA's from the '90's. Given that those shouldn't really be considered canon to the games, that kinda brings Terry and Co. a bit more down to earth. Given that, and considering what the Mirage Turtles deal with on a regular basis, the Turtles should probably have the edge in this portion of your arc.
  5. Cold is an example of where Vs. Battle's tiering gets weird, IMO. His freezing tech puts him way above almost anyone in his slot. He should likely win this one and maybe even sweep for the Draft.
  6. To be honest, for at least a few of these challenges (and especially in the last couple of rounds), it kinda feels like a small group of the voters are voting early and/or for their favorite picks in lieu of reading the debates.
  7. Wow, second straight match in this arc I didn't vote on. My vote would've decided a winner here, too. These recent outcomes are certainly helping in keeping the arc interesting, though.
  8. Eh, I seriously doubt Ichigo is one-shotting Graviton, even with FTL speed. Graviton's powers seem to keep him constantly shielded. At the same time, though, I'm not sure Ichigo could completely escape Graviton's grasp, as he could likely effect the gravity of the entire battlefield.
  9. Heh, even with prep, Bruce would be kinda hard-pressed to beat Venom or Kraven individually. Combined, this is a stomp.
  10. Ugh, shut out of the final four for the second Draft in a row. Given the numbers as they stand and how far the Draft's gone, I'd have to imagine that the semis start in the next round. I'm just wondering why there are only half the number of matches this time around.
  11. I guess this was karma on Circe for getting that (maybe) undeserved win over Luffy.
  12. Very good story here, Pizzaguy. Sorry I've been missing commenting, voting, and rating on a good deal of your matches so far. You're calling this part 2 of a Brave New World Arc, though, so what was part 1, that Grayson/Joker match I saw posted the other day? You seem to have the characters' personas down pretty well. As for the match, I'm pretty torn here. Both have very similar powersets. Superwoman has more fighting skill and experience than Supergirl, but while she's had a habit of losing to her equally-skilled heroic counterpart, Supergirl's had a fair habit of beating stronger opponents (though Diana herself usually beats Kara head-to-head). Could go either way here.
  13. Dunno about this one. I'm not sure Aloy has a way to put Gregory down permanently. And while Gregory's specialty is wearing down his victim's emotional state to drain their wills, Aloy doesn't seem to be a particularly weak target for such a thing.
  14. Another great set-up, Rakai! The Raphael/Joe fight got kind of intense there for a bit (wow, did Raph actually try to run Joe through with his sais? I know the Mirage Turtles are hardcore, but this is just a tournament!), but it was also very well done. As for this match, gotta think about it for a bit. IIRC, Andy's maybe just 1/2 step below big brother Terry in skill and power. I know Donnie's quite skilled in fighting himself, but I have a feeling that he's gonna use the aforementioned gadgets to stand a good chance in winning here.
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