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  1. Yeah, no lie, classic silver..beat him first time. No lengedaries. Just me and my strongest pokemon, snolax.
  2. This boss was hard for me, but what made her stand out to me? Her cut scenes and that awesome Music. From the best Wii game of all time... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gpAr5d_ykE Bad girl
  3. The town IS very good. Also, Affleck's new movie, i forget it's name. It's about a spy, and some how jack kirby is involved, if i got my info correct.. So that's cool So, i'll give him a chance. Since hell, when begin's came out, people critized For having a director with little "Name power".
  4. No he's out. Maybe they'll follow the ending tho, if ya know what i mean.
  5. Just Watch The first (and so far only season) of High school of the dead again after a few months. I never noticed all the..... Panty shots and Boob grabs the first time.
  6. Time GFor anothe round of CBUB's fave game... WHO WILL MAKE IT PASS SEAON 3! The folloing CHaracters are, for all purposes 100% Safe. RIck: Main Character Michonne: Just introudeced, fan favoirte. Now on to the next! Beth Greene Rating: 1 (Will be died before the mid season) She was already a walker in the comics. SHe has very little personilty. Here death could be the way that Hershal's young daughters, who are not in the comic died. I would say how, but it involves a Prisoner. So why am I shore she will die. beacuse, if i had to guess, she's the new jimmy. Okay. Carol: 4 (Not on the best ground.) Before i give my take, let me tell you about The better version of Carol, the comic. How Can I put this... She was insane, the fun to watch insane I loved every moment of Carol. I didn't like her as a character, i love seeing her unreavel. From The break up for Tyress. To Ask lori to be Lesben Lovers (In a not direct way) I loved her. She also gave my My favorite Death of all comics. Here's the panels Wait... a little lead up First, SHen asks lori to take care of Sophie. She agreed. Then,. she Seduces Bily (Hershels 18 (he said he was 2 weeks from 19 years) old son to have sex. The The Climax (Pun intended) She walks over to the walker they are researching and starts talking to her Then This . She offers the walker to give her a hiccie. She says. "I guess you do like me." Then Dies. Classic. TV carol is...nothing like that.so far. She just there. I think she's going. My finale Verrdict. Just beause she starts shooting, that does not make her safe,
  7. Yeah, I going to but a major warning since it could happen during the end of season 3. So I'll pm ya a warning.
  8. I guess I should explain shanes death.I will do that by asking this is a question to who reads the comic... Anyone really think shane would make it to the prison? May anwsers a no. It would throw off the whole feel for the prison storyline.
  9. I mean, Look Some stuff from the book has to happen. The last character i talk about, is a prime example. I will say this. He/she will be dead by The DC safe zone.
  10. Just like how people who read the book Didn't see shanes. You're right, for the most part. I didn't see dale's comming...at all.
  11. Okay, I just saw The New Group photo for season, and it got me thinking. Spoiler, and Theories Below, if you don't want to spoiled on could be plot ideas,, and stuff from the comic. DO NOT READ. Here's My character Survive Ratings. This comes from the book storylines. 2. Writers coments. 3 the picture. 4 stuff I have talked about with friends. T-Dog: Survivel Rating (From 1 to 10.) 3 (Pretty Much dead already) I ahve met IronE at Philly comic con before season 2. I like him. He seemed happy, that gave me hope for season two to get more t-dog. A character i did like, and i still do. Now, if You read the book. A lot of people were thinking he could be tyress. But We now no he's not. Hell, i thought he wasn't Ty during season 1. The first thing that makes me feel thats he's on the outs, is The place he's but in the picture...WAY in the back.. That's never a good sighg. Gives me the feeling to Ignore him,. Second if you watch the Trailer, they pan to him, alot. more the carl and Carol. Now, that SHOUld give you a feeling thats he's here to stay, hell he's with Daryle, Rick, Gleen and maggie during the zombie square off. This easy could be to do the following.. Make the veiwers feel that T-dog will grow as a character. SInce, last season The show got a lot of lack of T-dog backlash With that said. Maybe if T-dog dies, we'll get Ty.... At least i hope so. I'll do more in a bit, got to eat dinner.
  12. Good news! JLA movie might have Director! It'S Ben Afleck. http://www.comicbook...rticle&id=40343 Yay?
  13. Wait Satan Killed Tupac?! i thought it was people from Bad boy records.... So if we follow this train of thinking.... Oh my god P diddy is satan.
  14. Is it too late to join? just got wind of this.
  15. OOC: Can someone fill me in? been busy.
  16. God job to the winners. Also, sorry i had to leave. real life called.
  17. Character Sheet: Name: Rangiku Yato Rank: Jounin Age: 21 Height and Weight: 5'5 110 pounds Physical Appearance Long Brown hair. faded scare on left hand Weapons/Equipment: Blue Shell armor on her back, chest, arms, and legs. Giant sword. Bombs Chakra Elements Wind and water Strengths/Advantages: Strong tai Justu, very beautiful Fears/Phobias: Fear of being alone fear of dying alone Bio: Born After Her Family abandon her at the age of three. For the next six months, she lived on the street before being found by an elderly couple. They were not ninja. She sent her shell armor and weapons by a mystery source. She became good at tia justso and ninjutsu Stats: . Strength Physical Strength 3 Mental Strength1 Emotional 2 Speed A: Physical Speed 3 B: Reaction Speed 3 C: Hand Signs 2 Jutsu: Chakra Levels 2 Jutsu Control 1 Jutsu Strength 2 Intelligence A: Strategic Smart 0 B: Book Smarts 0 C: Street Smarts 1 Jutsu Shell grow jutsu Shell harden Jutsu Shell scapulae Healing pulse justu Exploding Shell shrapnel jutsu Wind Release: Shell cannon Wind Release: Floating sword assault Wind Release Floating bombs Wind Release: spinning Sword hurricane Water release Spinning endless whirlpool jutsu Water release Ocean hand jutsu Water Release Ocean hand slam Jutsu.
  18. post='30534Posted my character in the review thread. I hope he's good enough.
  19. Maaz search for the words. After a few seconds, he begins “I just want to say, and this is not easy, but I am sorry for being rude early.†Maaz rubes his shoulder, unsure what to say next. “I shouldn’t have been using gender bias.†He admits. “You have to understand, in my country woman are, what’s the word? Second class citizens.†Not that I disagree with that.†He rudely admits. “But even Second class citizens can be good fighters. If we meet, I want you to channel your angry, and I w ill channel mine, and we will see who’s the better fighter between me and youâ€
  20. As I said in PM. I'm tooling with maybe adding poison. Also, since I current unemployed (Not for long, since I was just hired at an old folks home. But I probably won’t start till new years) I can make the forth character if no one wants to. Only if no one wants to tho.
  21. Also walking towards Karen was Maaz,. "Girl" He says in a rough tone. "May i have a word with you?" He glares at bear. "Alone."
  22. As The boat arrives at Marr Island, the waves were restless. Jacob Gather his Crew. “: Ok, Myself, Dirk, Grey, Mort and swog will go see whets going on. The rest can stay here and wait till we get back or if we’re not back before.
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