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  1. Doom takes this rather easily, nothing Thanos has done on his own, even comes close to taking the power of pre-retcon Beyonder.
  2. Aragorn, without a shred of doubt.
  3. Damn, this is awesome, the only bad thing about this match, is the massive stomp. The Z Fighters will get ripped apart like wet tissue paper.
  4. The Space marines in a horrible, violent stomp. Vader and Maul might get a little bit of advanced warning before the Space marines start shooting, but the bolters doesn't shoot laser bolts which they can deflect with their lightsabers, they shoot large slugs which explodes when they come near them. This means that when Vader and Maul tries to deflect the shots from the Space marines, they will get turned into bloody chunks.
  5. "Also, you're completely wrong. Reflex speed is the time it takes to react to an outside stimulus, being that that's what REFLEXES ARE. It is not "how long it takes for your brain to register something is happening". I'll rephrase your statement a bit, to include a few extra bits of information, that you seem to be missing. Reflex speed is the time it takes for your brain to receive information from your senses, interpret that information and send the correct signal out to the various muscles etc. In order to react to an outside stimulus. While a large portion of this takes place entirely w
  6. While there's been given some information about the two Gokus, there aren't any information about which particular version of Superman is in the fight. Dependant on which version, this might actually be an interesting fight.
  7. The average throwing speed of anything is 35 mph? I'm not really sure if you're just stupid, have a reading problem, or simply that eager to get into a debate, but he actually answered that particular question in the post you're replying to, I've taken the liberty of underlining the important bits, which you seem to have missed in your initial read through. a 12 year old(male) has an average throwing velocity(with a dodgeball) of roughly 35 MpH So I can throw a truck at 35 mph? I can throw a feather at 35 mph? Yes, of course you can, just like you're also able to fire laser beams from
  8. If Superman can hear that well and react that fast, and move that fast how is the following possible? Batman launching him via judo throw Anything on Earth hitting him, I mean he is 10010101 times faster than light, what is a missile, gun shot, punch, etc going to do, yet these things have all hit him and even more times when people catch him by surprise. I do not mean they tricked him, I mean they snuck up behind him and punched him or attacked him. If you don't answer PIS or Plot Devices, or that it was another universe and still have a valid reason why he can be that powerful and be so
  9. Quasar rather easily wins this fight, While Spider-man stands next to him completely useless.
  10. Sinister's powers always seemed kind of vague to me. Per Wikipedia: It's called research, as in reading the comics where he appears so you can get first hand information, rather than relying on second hand accounts. His powers are pretty well defined over the course of the comics he has appeared in. The character is telepathic, able to manipulate the minds of others in various ways, This sounds like it's subtle, long-term manipulation. If that's the case, it may not help him much in this set up. It isn't, it's telepathy just like Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Charles Xavier is capable of
  11. Are you serious? Try any time you've ever debated me before. 98% of the time you're wrong, and 100% of the time you're attempts to personally irk the other dude provide good entertainment in the process. Considering the apparently vast number of times I've been factually incorrect in a debate with you, then you shouldn't have a hard time providing some evidence to support your claim, since you didn't I can only consider this as a concession of my point, since a good debater typically provides evidence for the claims he's made when asked for them, rather than giving some bullshit answer and h
  12. Funny, that's what I always thought about you. Very well, then please give some examples of where I've said something that was factually wrong, rather than merely a difference in opinion. Since in this particular case, I will be showing that I do know what I'm talking about when I claim that Sabretooth isn't stupid, nor incapable of taking a stealthy approach, whereas you thus far haven't done anything other than showcasing your rather blatant ignorance in regards to the same. I don't get your point. Okay, so reading comprehension isn't one of your strong points either, I'll rephrase s
  13. You know, I find it amusing how you always try to sound like you know what you're talking about, even though your ignorance is quite obvious. With that said, no Sabretooth isn't stupid, nor is he as incapable of taking a stealthy approach as you make it sound. I'll include an example of where he messed around with Wolverine, rather than simply take the direct fight, as he would have if he were as prone to direct conflict as you make it sound. As for stupid, well if you would call Sabretooth stupid, then I suppose you would also simply call wolverine for a berserking brawler, without a shre
  14. Considering that Discord is a reality warper, he could easily win by simply changing the rules of the universe they're fighting in, so that down is blue, up is forty and Dr. Doomsday is a hummingbird. And since Dr. Doomsday doesn't have any defences against it, there's absolutely nothing he can do about it.
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