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  1. By phasing out of the dimension, not through sheer durability. Surfer can phase through dimensions too.
  2. Jensen has EMP hardening as one of his upgrades, so that's not gonna work. Also, dodging combat rifle bullets from 1 to 2 feet away is an extremely high end feat, especially since the rounds are caseless fletchettes and travel faster than ordinary bullets.
  3. This is ridiculous. The Shrike is so far outside the stated power level that its not even amusing. Can we get better character judges next round?
  4. The alien, unproven technology is the same thing that they're being attacked by, it makes more sense to put faith in the alien tech, again, Superman knows more about Kryptonian tech than they do, he's Kryptonian. It's safer to use Kryptonian tech to fight Kryptonian tech, not conventional weapons. The conventional weapons are a riskier bet than using Kryptonian knowledge. Besides, didn't the planes get sucked into the well and slammed into the middle of the Earth when they approached the weapon? Why wouldn't the same thing happen to nukes, or any other missile?
  5. They didn't just take his word, they took his actions when he clearly attempted to help the US Military. Why wouldn't they roll with that? Yes, before, they were wary, they didn't know his agenda, but things changed. The Military, I think, would be able to respond to that and act accordingly. Not taking advantage of the "free" asset that is Superman would be a tactical blunder. Besides, they didn't know anything about this tech or these people, Superman did and they know that, what happens when they sacrifice the entire city to nuclear bombing and the weapon's still going? Unless the Pentagon guys were idiots, they would give Superman the shot first.
  6. That's incorrect. Spawn can only be KILLED by heavenly energy. That's not the only way to win a fight, hence why I said if Surfer is creative and doesn't just blast away at Spawn. Use some imagination.
  7. They put their hope in Superman. I think it would be more way more unrealistic for them not to give a person who clearly wants to help them a shot, and sacrifice an entire city by trying to nuke the weapons.
  8. If Surfer tries to blast away, he'll probably lose. If he uses his more... esoteric powers and sends him to another dimension or something, then he wins. Basically, it depends on how creative Surfer is. He can definitely win though, not too different from all the times he's been up against Mephisto.
  9. Why would current Magneto get dropped by Alex? In fact, how is he less powerful than "classic Magneto"? Both "versions" (I wasn't aware there was a difference) win solidly.
  10. It's official. Claptrap has supplanted EDI and HK-47 as the awesomest video game cybernetic character of all time.
  11. Pacific Rim is going to be stupid and generic, but will at least be at terms with it's role as a movie where giant robots punch giant monsters. Elysium will also be generic, but will try to be a social commentary intelligent science fiction movie, like District 9 or something, but will end up being like Oblivion for that very reason.
  12. The scene in Superman Returns where he's floating with Lois above the city beats the shit out of any scene in Man of Steel or most superhero movies in general. Superman: Listen; what do you hear? Lois Lane: Nothing. Superman: I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.
  13. Abandoned Warehouse. Nighttime. Adam Jensen with all abilities fully unlocked with a combat Rifle against Batman with all of his toys. To make this fair(er), Batman knows where Adam is, but Adam doesn't know where Batman is.
  14. I don't know much about Dante, but from what I've heard so far (and other context on the site) Doom destroys Dante. Then again, Doom (as well as most of these "anchors") belong in the next category.
  15. What does it matter if it's in space? In space he has a bigger advantage, he has more experience fighting in space and in zero gravity environments. And yeah, Cap beats a lot of people, that's cause he's good.
  16. He's not a high level bullet timer. Like I said before, Snake Eyes is too fast.
  17. Captain America's already beaten her pretty easily. He does so again.
  18. I don't know if CTU is incompetent, or the terrorists are just ridiculously powerful. I mean, this is a universe where there's like a 40% chance that a high ranking government official is a terrorist, and apparently nuclear weapons can be assembled in garages. Also, Kim Bauer is the most retarded person on the face of the planet. Never have I seen one person *vulgarity* up so much for so many people.
  19. Red Hood is skilled enough with firearms that he can take down moving targets with knee and elbow shots only. That's pretty insane. Snake-Eyes is too fast though.
  20. Sinister has high level regeneration. Unless Sandman suffocated both of them, this is going to be a long fight. Also, Sinister is usually a behind the scenes planner guy. In a straight up fight, he was stalemated by Cyclops.
  21. A guy who can take Daredevil and Elektra in H2H (both at the same time) and who has literally perfect aim is not going to be taken down at the Cornucopia. He'll pick up a rock and brain someone at 300 yards with it.
  22. Actually, since Kain wanted to make it so crystal clear that anything he doesn't respond to, he agrees with, and he never responded to any of my responses to his scans or any of the situations I laid out, or anything of anything really, that must mean he agrees with me. Great. Glad to know I won another debate over that jerk, although I guess taking candy from a baby isn't that much of an accomplishment. So back to the topic on hand, we need to see who gets da weapons. People say Creed's gonna get there first and hold down the line, but there's no way he can take all of these dudes together. I predict Crossbones will get the .50, making him a lead contender. So is Bullseye, Todd, and Storm Shadow. Todd is probably going for dual pistols, and mid range-close range fighting. He probably gets killed by Storm Shadow. Storm, unless he can close distance fast, is going to get sniped. If he can, he's still going close combat with a dude who stalemated Captain America (Crossbones) and whose H2H is on par with Daredevil and Elektra (Bullseye). Don't know enough about Storm to make that call. Unless he makes a silent assassination, then the battle will probably draw the other sniper, who shoots both of them. The fact that a cannon is sounded after each combatant's death compounds this problem. It's up in the air really.
  23. Really? I've used no evidence? So that whole response on the last page doesn't exist? That's why Kain basically admitted that he couldn't find strategic instances of Sabretooth actually fighting that don't involve him specifically messing with Wolverine. And FYI, he didn't produce any past incidents either. I'm debating with retards that can't even understand basic logic. Then, when they're told that they don't make any sense, they either stop debating or say something to the effect of "You're so stupid I don't have to debate with you" or "that's enough, I'll let you go at it". If you wanted to let me go at it, you should have just kept your ignorance to yourself.
  24. Actually, if you actually read, before butting in like some idiot, he's the one who made the claim first without any evidence. So, if anything, the burden's on him. The only "proof" he had was this very debate. Heads up, it doesn't work like that. You can't use the current contention as evidence for the claim. That's like someone on trial for murder for killing a store owner, and the prosecutor says that he has the capability to commit murder because he committed murder in killing the store owner. Not that it changes the point of my rant at all, but I was under the impression that he used the codes to dig up files on Wolverine, and that was the hacking. Also, how are the only times Creed hacks into the Weapon X databases solely to get information on Wolverine? That only proves my point even further. Despite the fact that it's an organization he has EXTENSIVE knowledge of, the only times he sees fit using that mighty "Intelligence" is when it comes to tormenting one person.
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