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  1. I don't know anything about Midnighter, but from previous discussions on the site I had the impression that he was street level in nature. If he can react and hit on the level of someone like Superman, then what's the point of setting him up against someone like Spider-Man?
  2. Which EFer, by circumstance or otherwise, is most like you?
  3. I would follow Landon on Twitter.
  4. Batman- Captain America Nightwing- Daredevil Robin- Early Spider-Man Batgirl- Shadowcat Oracle- Tony Stark (not sure if this is allowed, since Tony's not thought of as street level, but then again, neither is Reed Richards) If not Tony, then Forge.
  5. Ben Affleck is Batman. I guess no one's seen Daredevil in Hollywood.
  6. Carnage Cosmic is actually quite a bit weaker than Silver Surfer. I'm sure he gets taken out by a Star Destroyer or something.
  7. Now I know for a fact you're doing this on purpose.
  8. Dinsdale's got it right, pretty much. The early incarnations of Doom weren't even prepared to deal with someone of Spider-Man's ability.
  9. What? They didn't say that they were going to fix already present continuity issues, they said that they would create different branching universes where certain characters that died (Jean Grey and Cyclops) can be seen, and that they'll be mixing First class with X1/2/3. That's not cleaning up continuity, that sounds like a complete clusterf*ck.
  10. Yes, the way you fix continuity errors is by liberally using time travel. No, that makes perfect sense BigBaller. Good job.
  11. I wonder how Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea will affect the continuity and such.
  12. This is actually an understandable reason. Wolverine doesn't go through any character development because he forgets what happens. It has no lasting implication on the character of Wolverine. However, I think that the movie itself up to that point was actually fairly good. And I think that the whole amnesia thing had to be done to fit in with the continuity, it's not like the movie had a "choice". The same, I suspect, with the multitude of mutants shoehorned in for cameos when they don't really contribute to the character of Wolverine all that much. Anyways, I liked the new Wolverine.
  13. You didn't like it because the secondary characters were portrayed differently than the comics? What? That's a completely nonsensical reason to hate the movie. I didn't even realize the old couple was the Hudson, did they even mention their names? And what's wrong with the kids being Cyclops and Emma? And what's wrong with Blob, that single enounter with Blob was better than any of his bits in the comics.
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