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  1. always ensure the first alphabet of every sentence is capitalized. always.
  2. What you're saying is that race is a social construct and that several assumptions about it need to be challenged, which is fair enough. However, that is VERY different from saying you want to debate the conceptual existence of race itself, which was your original premise. This is what you said: And that, is not debatable, even going by everything you've pointed out here. You've only been questioning its accuracy, not its existence.
  3. You're just using the word "ethnic groups" instead of "race"! How is calling a community an "ethnic group" any different from calling it a "race"? And gaaaah, wtf am I even doing here???
  4. Race exists. It is basic biology. 1. You can debate the extent to which your race determines the type of person you are. 2. You can debate the extent to which social constructs and perceptions based on race are accurate. 3. You can debate the past and future of genetic distinctions between different people from different parts of the globe. What you can't do is strive to contest the very existence of race itself, and then use arguments belonging to the above sub-topics - which are quite different from the existence of race - to substantiate that claim. Cheers.
  5. What a bunch of savages. *sips tea and watches cricket*
  6. Nilan


    Is it some kind of disability?
  7. We all know the only REAL reason gay marriage can't be legalized is that it would help the Peoples Party of Tajikistan further interfere with the youth movement of Uzbekistan.
  8. What is what? Are you implying that this debate takes place in no other country? Or did you just not read what I wrote properly?
  9. Zzzzzz, I want to strangle a kitten every time someone makes those American in-jokes linking sh*t like gay marriage and gun control. Gay marriage isn't just a debate in your country you know.
  10. What on earth is bulcrap? More importantly, what on earth is "sanity of marriage"? Is it some term used to refer to the few people who maintain their sanity despite the presence of a spouse?
  11. This is awesome man, it's always a kick to see your work used well by someone else. I've been out of the FPL scene a bit too long, are we showcasing these fics to the non-FPL guys too? Because once they see the cool stuff people who have a knack for fics (like Deo) can do with the creations of other writers, many of them might be encouraged to make a character, at least if only to see him/her portrayed in a badass way in another author's story.
  12. Happy Birthday, Nilan. Don't know those other guys...

  13. Favorite matches/feuds in no particular order: 1. The whole Benoit-Angle feud 2. The entire Horseman-Dusty/LOD/etc feud 3. The year-long build up that led to Kane's debut and him destroying everyone until stopped by Taker at Wrestlemania 14. 4. The rise of NWO, right until the epic fail of Starcade 97. 5. The Rock v Hogan, where WWE pulls all stops to ensure the Rock is the good guy, but 75000 people refuse to boo Hogan at the pay per view that he made a phenomenon. 6. Mick Foley plunging a gazillion feet into a table, with JR scaring the hell out of all of us that he's probably dead. 7. Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody v The Funks in Japan 8. Stan Hansen v Vader (Champion v Champion in Japan) 9. Almost all of Flair's matches when he defended the NWA title against all comers in the 80s. 10. Anything with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels facing off.
  14. Bah! War Games without the Road Warriors ain't no War Games.
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