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  1. Charles leaned against the wall in true bemusement. He snickered to himself as the two had it out. Finally, sensing something bad might happen if this altercation were to continue, he interrupted. "Omega, you realize your speaking with the commander of the ship over there right?" He said, his voice dripping with barely contained laughter.
  2. Charles stood near the door, allowing Omega to take his case first. All Charles had to do was a simple request and to catch up with Catain Remington.
  3. OOC: Sorry Everyone, a combination of International Baccalaureate, Finals week, and drama rehearsals had overwhelmed me for the past few weeks. "Yes in fact I do know Captain Remington. And if I know Omega, what he has to tell the captain is very important, I assure you." Charles said, hoping to appease the guard. He knew of military structure, and that the guard hoped to rise through the ranks by flawlessly guarding the door, even at peacetime. He saw the look of ambition in his eyes, and thereby respected him, even though the guard was but a subordinate.
  4. A double comment?! My word... :P Happy Birthday, Trekker.



  7. Charles looked at the fight emerging between the two pilots. One brash headed young Xyl and a level headed human. Both had been praised highly by their flight instructors, and since this was only a test run with the new pilots, he figured he could still play with the wingmates. "Both of you stand down. This is only a test run, and I just want to see how we work as a team. Now, I suggest that we all get to know each other a little better. Learn the traits of your wingman, they can do a lot when you think of their flight patterns. I'll see you all at 0900 tomorrow on the flight deck. Squad dismissed." With this said, Charles walked over to Deardra, speaking to him privately. "I've got to run a few bits of paperwork through the captain, but how about we meet in the mess hall about an hour from now?" That said, he walked out of the room and headed for the nearest turbolift to the bridge. OOC: Hope I'm not doing anything out of line. Let me know if I am, RP skills are a bit rusty.
  8. Failures of Comic Book Characters (You know, the one time oh God, what have I done? brainchild of writers.)
  9. Charles listened to each of the pilots introduce themselves and their callsigns. He then took a few moments to double confirm his wingman roster on the sheet of paper. Nodding quickly, he turned back to the group and said "Very well then here are the assignments. Cutthroat, you're with Talon, Lilly, you'll fly with Hellcat, and Lynx will fly with me. I'm certain that you've all had a look at the specs on the fighters (OOC: I believe Merc said they looked like this last time, but the design may have changed over 2 decades), but only a few of you are truly used to flight. Tomorrow we'll meet on the flight deck at 0900 and have a little test run of the ships. Any questions?"
  10. They made this song over at our local sports station and its too funny to resist. WHO'S PICKING THE UPSET OF THE YEAR!!!!! GO ALL IN!!!!!! Jaguars 24 Pats 21
  11. I'm in the New Conglomerate, they had the coolest music when I was picking a faction., and naturally that's how you should pick one.
  12. "A pity, good thing we don't have anyone to fight anymore, except for pirate rings of course. Anyways, I'd best get back to introductions with the pilots. We'll have to have a few rounds in the mess hall later and catch up." That said, Charles turned back towards the podium and announced, "Well then, we have Hellcat and Lynx. Who's next?" OOC: If you don't wanna rp the other characters Merc, just let me know their callsigns or something and that'll be good enough.
  13. Anyone by chance play Planetside 2? I started today, and its friggin amazing. It walks the border between realism (You take fewer hits than in other FPS's) and it takes a long time to walk, but also, its entirely based on teamwork and all around amazing.
  14. It took a few seconds for Charles to put the pieces together. Sphinx....Sphinx.... Then it struck him. "Bloody hell, you're Riddler and Shmirdra's kid aren't you? I'll be dammed. Last time I saw you, you were just a baby. I can barely beleive that Riddler allowed you...no no, that Shmirdra allowed you to enlist." It then struck Charles that his conversational manner may strike the wrong cord with some of the other pilots. Charles quickly corrected his pose before speaking, "Well then Mr. Sphinx, we'll have to catch up later, welcome to the crew. Who's next?" It was then that he heard his name shouted. He looked around and saw the familier face of Omega. He completely ignored the last point he had made about remaining a leader. Besides, he's an old friend. Charles reasoned. "Omega! How are you old chap? It's been a while since we've seen each other."
  15. OOC: No problem. Charles looked appreciatively on his new executive officer of the squadron. She was quick to respond, an instinct that might just save her life. He glanced down at a hastily written piece of paper, matching her callsign with her name and any few notes he had on her. (OOC: Disregard anything here that contradicts her character, just taking what I have from what I've seen so far) She had some experience outside of the fleet, but no regimented practice. Good thing I hate regimentation. He thought with a sly smile. So far the odds looked in her favor. "Thank you Miss Hellcat. Now, would the rest of you like to show the same initiative?"
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