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  1. Bob Dylan put on a decent show a couple of weeks back. Best I've seen was Iron Maiden though. They played exceedingly well and the big budget effects were cool and actually added to the feel and fun of it.
  2. I don't care that I'm bumping a thread. The mental image of The Doctor meeting Ciaphas Cain is AWESOME.
  3. I'm marathoning through it on Friday. Literally my only free day. Bah.
  4. Retarded thread, and people started talking Goku vs Superman. Nope.
  5. For Fu ck sake. This stupid false assumption annoys the piss out of me and I'm not even sure why.
  6. Adventure Time. Regular Show.
  7. I'll just leave this here. Haven't watched the show myself, but I hear that it's good and that's all anyone needs to judge about it.
  8. GGGRrrrrraaaaaaaargh. Previously empty weekend just became one that's going to be full of stress and rage. Bah. I'll try and get this done in the week, between lectures.
  9. My shame: I have yet to see any version of Les Miserables.
  10. Now I feel like a prick. Sorry mate, and sorry for your loss. As for best album, I'm going with the Fame Monster. It's everything a pop album should be - catchy, uplifting, fun, and yet still manages to stick some real emotional roots into the music.
  11. From my own experience, Sailor Moon isn't popular in a "I watch the show" sort of way. Her image is just a fairly well known pop culture reference that some people consider cool and retro. Similar to Wonder Woman merchandise being a massive seller despite the character herself not being overly popular.
  12. You're not serious. You're not serious. You are NOT serious.
  13. Oh yes. Studied it in college and it really was fantastic. So many great lines and speeches, all the characters are interesting.
  14. Sorry Shockwave, I'm not going to allow this.
  15. It is very good. Othello disagrees with you though!
  16. It was my favourite film of 2010, and pulled at my emotions in a way few others do.
  17. God-Speed's words and opinions are his own and he does not speak for the people of Britain.
  18. "Stan" may well have my vote. Superb story telling, great Dido sample, it's intense, very listenable and has a great ending.
  19. Nilan, keep posting this stuff. Most of it is great.
  20. It's entertaining, but it's not good. A "hater" I'm not - Frantic, for instance, is an enjoyable enough "raw" sort of song - but it has to many problems to be called a good album. Reload is a worse album, it's just plain boring.
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