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    Great. I'll definitely look into it then, I'm a huge fan of games that let me do the whole smacking villains around, tossing cars and generally being super kind of thing.
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    Ah, lovely. I've never been interested in MMO's before - seeing my friends play WoW (and, worse, hearing them talk about it constantly, especially after the recent expansion) made the genre look lame, especially as they keep telling me that’s the best one. However, this sounds really cool. I might have to buy it.
  3. Helen C


    What's the gameplay like? Importantly, does it FEEL like you're playing a superhero? And if anyone's played it on PS3, what's it like there?
  4. Thank you for the kind comment. I wanted to imply that she hadn't died at the end - I'll try to make that a little clearer. The intention was to show that, if his "art" is better, or more symbolic for the subject to survive, he won't necessarily kill them. So yeah, I'll give the ending an edit to make it a little later. I'll write more on the character, but I used the term one shot as I don't intend to connect the one shots together into a story arc or anything like that.
  5. "The Most Evil Man Alive", or "the wickedest man in the world" was neither a serial killer, nor a Carl. Aleister Crowley was an occultist, and pagan religious leader. His beliefs that were contradicting to moral and religious values at the time earned him that name. “Do What Thou Wilt†This is actually incorrect, at least to the Judo-Christian or Islamic God. Omnibenevolence is one of the seven attributes of God, and being the Ultimate at Everything is not one of these properties. However, I believe omnibenevolence is in itself a contradictory statement, especially as He is omniscient, omnipotent and imminent, and yet he allows evil to exist within the world. As such I agree with the rest of what you've posted.
  6. OOC: Thought I'd do this now that I'd submitted him, due to a lack of ideas for new characters, but a desire to still write. _____________________________ “I am not psychopathic.†His words were clear, but warm. He sounded almost as if they were involved in friendly conversation in the pub, not a psychiatric analysis. “I’m just creative. They called Van Gogh mad, and he’s one of the greatest artists in human history. It’s only logical that most would look at me the same way, I know that. But you’re an educated woman; I’d have expected someone of your stature to be able to see brilliance when you come across it.†Dr Jessica Brown hastily scribbled notes into her pad from across the table. The man was clearly insane, his record and history showed that, but his civility, his use of logic and reason; it was like nothing she’d ever seen in a spree killer before. She might have been on the verge of discovering a brand new mental illness. Of course there were polite and civil murderers, but he was different. His belief in his work as art, for instance, was most unusual. Not the idea, perhaps – many killers would find a creative pleasure in murder – but for this man it was more than the kill itself. He’d always leave his victims in some sort of elaborate position, objects of significance meticulously placed around and, in some cases, inside them. There was real evidence of symbolism, like a painting. He clearly knew what he was doing. “Van Gogh never killed anyone.†She said. Despite the accusative nature of her words, she continued the conversational tone. She knew she was safe; the superhuman on guard outside was far above the level of power needed to hold her subject. But amicable conversation made her assessment easier. “And he may have been a great painter, but cutting off your own ear and handing it to your partner isn’t art.†“Who are you to judge what can and cannot be classified as art?†he replied with a soft laugh. He was smiling, but not in an off putting manner. He smiled like a friend would after a companion had said something foolish. “Art can’t be classified by its very nature. And it was a prostitute by the way, not a partner. Personally, I think it is art. What greater thanks can you reward someone than a piece of your very being? It’s touching, really, and it’s exactly the kind of thing we need to see in today’s society. Art in action.†The man moved in closer to Jessica as he spoke. “It takes brilliance to create a truly inspired painting. It takes genius to implement your work into reality. Do you understand what I’m saying?†Jessica merely nodded as she continued to write. This was fascinating, her first real one to one interview with a murderer, and he was giving her so much. “And you claim that I kill people. I’d argue that I don’t. No, what I give my subjects is a new reason for existence, true immortality. Take, for instance, the Mona Lisa. The physical form of the girl in that painting is forgotten, her body rotten underground somewhere, eaten by maggots and rats. But what you see in that painting, it will live on. For as long as humans have memories, it will live on. This is the service I provide.†“However†she interjected - Jessica had noticed a flaw in her subjects’ logic. It was the perfect opportunity to pounce, to see what cracks were present in his mind. “Your method – ‘art in action’, as you put it – it does not allow for the immortality you claim. You use bodies that decay, and your work is taken down, confiscated by police forces. It is temporary.†“Physically, perhaps.†His face appeared ponderous, though relaxed, as he collected his thoughts. “But the newspaper reports, the investigation records and photographs, the memories of those that witness my work first hand, the stories those police officers tell, they will live on. And that is how my art will survive. That will give it immortality. There is nothing more pure than human memory.†Incredible, Jessica thought. Usually when dealing with psychopaths, logical fallacies are either glazed over, or met with a reply of utter nonsense. This man hadn’t missed a step though. His logic was strong, at least it made sense, and he had tackled the subject matter head on. “Convinced?†He asked, his smile still present. “I’m not insane. I’m capable of perfectly coherent, logical thought. I know exactly what I’m doing in every piece of work. The moniker of ‘psychopath’ is nothing but an insult to me, as much as I’ve tried to be amicable in our conversation, and I would appreciate an apology.†“The only thing that’s changed,†Jessica asserted, defiance in her voice “is that you’re going to jail instead of a mental asylum. It would be much easier on yourself if you admitted your problems. If you got help.†“No.†He stated flatly. “Then I’ve no other choice.†Jessica turned toward the door, and raised her voice. “John? Could you come in here? I’m finished with the subject; it’s time for you to take him back to the cell.†Jessica waited for a few seconds, but there was no movement at the entrance. “John?†“I don’t think he’ll be coming.†The man’s voice was casual once again. “He probably scared him away. He has a habit of doing that. An untrained mind doesn’t tend to have a great deal of resistance to The Scream.†“The Scream? What do you- the report doesn’t say anything about telepathy.†Jessica panicked, as she realised what was happening. “You were scanned. Your brain doesn’t have the requirements needed for telepathy, there’s no way you could have done that.†“I don’t have telepathy. It wasn’t me that did it.†The man stood from his seat, and began to move toward Jessica. “He’s present within me, I suppose. An observer. He likes to watch his work, ensure that it evolves naturally. Art in action.†His hand extended toward Jessica’s face. “Apologise.†Jessica tripped, and attempted to crawl backwards, away from her attacker. As her back hit the wall, she burst out into tears. This was her fault. She’d selected the remote location, she’d chosen a bodyguard with no defence against mental attack, and she had insulted the man coming to kill her. “I don’t want to die†she sobbed “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!†“Very well. Then you shall have immortality.†The hand gripped her face, fingers sprawling across her mouth, one onto her eye. Nothing could be heard above her blood-curdling scream as the burning began. It was a prolonged torture, the soft, warm smile of the fiend that assaulted her never moving. The grip was released. She was alive. “There.†He whispered. “Immortality. You like to investigate monsters. Now you are one yourself.†Jessica couldn’t move as he casually left the building. The shock was too great, the pain to severe. Her husband, her children, her family, they’d never be able to accept a creature of exposed bone and charred flesh. The sting of her tears on her damaged cheek muscles was the least of her worries. She’d be outcast, forever seen as different, as monstrous. Like some breakout patient from the asylum. The symbolism was beautiful.
  7. I'll name my ten favorites methinks. They are in no particular order, however. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers King Kong (1933 origional) Iron Man Predator Total Recall The Lion King The Wrestler Batman (Tim Burton) The Nightmare Before Christmas
  8. The single most unrealistic thing about Nolan's Batman is Harvey Dent not dying from those facial injuries. Still great movies though.
  9. Threads like this depress me. They remind me that I don't watch nearly enough cinema. Or maybe you all watch to much. One can hope.
  10. Thought I'd give this a go. Oldham is a shit, backwards town on the outskirts of Manchester. Walking its streets at night feels like a trip into Victorian London, with more curry houses. Ah, the curry mile. To the people in this town, it’s the height of sophistication. The stench is unbearable, not one of these disease pits has anything approaching a decent health and safely rating. I suppose it could be worse. I could be standing on Yorkshire Street on a Friday night. With the amount of pubs and nightclubs packed together, and the binge drinking culture the idiots in this town follow, it’s no wonder that it’s the street with the highest crime rate in the country. These streets need cleaning. Cliché, I know; like something you’d hear in a comic book, or a movie. But it’s true. The town has a rich history; it used to be respectable, making huge business. Go back a hundred years, and this place was the most productive mill town in the world, spinning more cotton than Germany and France combined. Winston Churchill began his political career here. But now look at it. You can’t move anywhere on a weekend night without standing in somebody’s vomit, or being hit on by some drunken, underage schoolgirl. There’s always some kind of confrontation between the skinheads and the Pakistanis, and the council doesn’t do shit all to stop it. That’s where I come in. I can’t change a town by myself. But with every *insensitivity* I stop, every fight I break up, every abusive, vandalising chav I knock out, there’s a chance someone might notice. Maybe soon, I won’t be the only one doing this anymore. Maybe people will copy me, and help me clear this mess up that we call our town. Maybe the council will take notice, finally, and do something. Maybe. Well I can’t just sit on my arse and do nothing, can I?
  11. As I'd been posting on the Electric Ferret boards again, I figured I might as well start to get involved in the creative writing aspect again. And as I'm completely uninterested in CBUB, I intend to try my hand at the FPL. I have something of a problem though. I’m struggling to come up with a particularly original idea. I just feel like any character type I can think of has been overdone. I feel like I can’t do a darker sort of hero without mirroring Batman, that I can’t do any sort of psychopath without referencing multiple characters from American and Japanese comics, can’t make a purely good character without seeming tastelessly generic, etc. I’ve a few more outlandish, comedic ideas, but that’s hindered by the fact that I’m just not very funny. Essentially, what I’m asking for is a little inspiration. Some tips on how to create a character that doesn’t feel like a photocopy of other characters we’ve seen countless times in popular culture. I’ll be grateful for any help. Thank you.
  12. If Joker was Marvel, you wouldn't care.
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