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  1. Also, I'd like to say that Sony has great customer service. Remember my PS3 tech help thread? The problem came back and got worse, so I phones customer service. They gave me a step by step walk through rebooting the thing (I’m a technophobe, I needed it) with no complaints, and when I phoned them again because that didn't work, they sold me a brand new PS3 for £134 (that's a tiny amount compared to the shops) with next day delivery despite the fact that my warranty had long since expired. And everyone was lovely and polite. Probably off topic, but it wasn't deserving of its own thread...
  2. I'll rephrase for I KNOW ALL: He soloed the Avengers... including the Sentry.
  3. Sentry is already dead, Sober (unless he came back?). Whilst I'll admit to being about the only person in the world that likes the Sentry, as long as your list includes Cable (or any other 90's antihero for that matter) all is forgiven.
  4. Player: Bison Origin: Altered-Human Fighting: Supreme Agility: Standard Strength: Superior Endurance: Superior Reason: Standard Psyche: Standard Health: 7 Karma: 1 Resources: Standard Powers- Light Reflection Blending (Supreme) Claws (Standard) Talents: Wrestling, Tumbling
  5. Completely agree. Not only does it undermine Wally, but it cheapens the sacrifice the character made, in what one of the most important stories in comic history.
  6. I thought the rule was that Barry Allen should never come back? Of course he did...
  7. The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second. Where did you get your figures from? EDIT: Panzer, we have to ignore real world physics when it comes to things like that - The Flash would realistically destroy everything he goes near at his speed, but we ignore it as he's clearly that fast. The calcs were still wrong though.
  8. I knew there was something strange about Cable.
  9. Perhaps true, but at least Gambit's character design isn't as god-awful as Cable. Metal arm! Scars! MANLY hair! Spikes! Guns! POUCHES!
  10. How is it a pure fist fight if Gambit is allowed to use his powers to immobilise people?
  11. You want to use Michael Bay. You want to use far too many characters for any of them to get development, and perhaps worst of all, you want to use Cable, the poster boy for why the 90's sucked. No Rob Liefeld character (except maybe Deadpool, as his character has changed dramatically since he was created) should ever see the light of day in a film.
  12. The difference is that those fans watched those films first.
  13. Ouch, that's rather unfortunate. I can only hope he finds a publisher willing to take the risk. Didn't he self publish his previous books about world war two?
  14. You've posted the Salvation War pics before, and got me reading it. Has the third part been started yet? Also, these are real good.
  15. Kevin Conroy will always be Batman to me. <3
  16. ThreeDark already has my vote. Unless Dr Voodoo enters, that is...
  17. Street: Skilled humans to weaker superhumans (Weaker superhumans includes comic book peak humans like Batman and Captain America. If those guys existed in the real world they would be outright superhuman). Examples include Batman, Wolverine, Black Panther. Lower mid: Not the strongest, but they're markedly above street level. Spider-man and most of his villains, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Black Canary. Upper mid: Powerful characters, though they aren't of a real global scale. Iron Man, Aquaman, Namor. Top Tier: The powerhouses, the kind of characters that leave their team-mates in awe of their power. Superman, Hulk, Thor, Dragonball Z characters. Cosmic: Everything above that, the weakest being extremely capable Green Lanterns and Heralds of Galactus. Of course, this isn't solid. Just because someone is top tier does not mean someone from a lower tier is automatically going to lose to them.
  18. When I used to do CBUB, it was always street level, lower mid tier, upper mid tier, top tier and cosmic.
  19. Wouldn't say Spider-man was street level either, myself, but that's just me. Wolverine would be where I'd put the absolute limit on street level.
  20. xman4life, I'm not going to read your post, and I'm sure plenty of other people won't either. If you want people to read it, please learn to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, proper grammar, not putting things you are angry about in block capitals with lots of exclamation marks, and paragraphing.
  21. How can he be street level? He has the power... to move you. (Yes, I'm aware this is a different Wonder Boy, heh.)
  22. So... not X-men then? It's a superhero comic. It should produce a superhero movie.
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