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  1. That was a brilliant if painful week. Davey Richards is the best technical wrestler in the world and my own technical knowledge has expanded ten fold. I learned so much, and my cardio and workout regime has become a hell of a lot better. *vulgarity*ing brilliant week. Painful as *vulgarity* though. Walking after training was hard. First thing we did on Monday was 500 squats and shit just got harder from there.
  2. Right, off to bed before I spend the next week being battered by former Ring of Honour champion Davey Richards. Wish me luck in a training course that will inevitably feature a lot of pain and more squats than should be legally allowed.
  3. Don't really know to be honest. I just had to google who he was. Long distance running isn't super popular. Our most popular athletes are the bikers.
  4. We also have no adverts! I *vulgarity*ing love the BBC.
  5. Plus the fact, Ali used the taunting as a tactic. Getting the opponent in a fury was a part of the Rope-a-Dope stuff. And last I checked, Bolt's a runner. His taunting isn't going to get him punched in the face. Nothing wrong with arrogance. Justified with these two men, and makes them incredibly entertaining. People remember Ali, and they will remember Bolt. Not just for their skills. They have personality.
  6. Don't think there's anything wrong with a bit of arrogance. Watching his interviews on the BBC, sure he's the best, and sure, he knows it and isn't afraid of saying so, but he hardly comes across as a bad person. And he's a *vulgarity* load more entertaining to watch than other Olympians. I say more show boating at the Olympics! He's the best. He knows it and everyone else knows it. No harm in saying it. Compare him to Muhammad Ali. He's no more arrogant than he was.
  7. Because USAIN *vulgarity*ING BOLT! Heh. The man should do his next race dressed as the Flash. But yeah, I feel very sorry for those of you that do care, at any rate. There no athletes that are popular in the US that aren't on team USA? (as you can likely see from my post, we *vulgarity*ing love Bolt over here, and he's Jamaican. Also Phelps has a fanbase).
  8. Shit, just found out that NBC doesn't play the events live (for real? How do you yanks put up with such shit coverage in 2012? We get it live no matter what, even when it's thousands of miles away like the last ones.) So, 100m track final spoiler below.
  9. Just saw it. Bloody good film.
  10. The Olympic opening ceremony wasn't laughably rubbish. Therefore it wasn't British enough. But seriously, it was brilliant.
  11. *vulgarity* storylines. Battlefront was just plain fun. I'd go as far as to say its my favourite game period. I certainly return to it more than any other game I own.
  12. Battlefront, Battlefront, Battlefront, Battle-*vulgarity*ing-front.
  13. It amuses me that Rhek's reasoning is basically "they don't work for crossovers", as if any half decent writer ever thinks about crossovers when writing. Seriously, if your reading Spider-man, and you're turned off because he could beat a Predator or whatever in a fight, then you have a very, very weird sense of enjoyment. Anyway, Ivan's got it right, and I can't really add anything to that. EDIT: 40k? I dislike the ALWAYS GRIMDARK, ALL THE TIME shit, the feeling of utter hopelessness is just too much at times. As for scale, I can usually turn a blind eye to that stuff. I do love painting the miniatures though!
  14. I don't get why you just look at it this way: Is it a character? Like, does it have stories that revolve around it and stuff. For instance, I'd assume the Pikachu in the database to specifically be the one from the TV show. The Psyduck is Mistys. The Jigglypuff is that one that followed them around everywhere.Legendaries are the ones in the films. Pikachu in the games aren't characters, Red and the other protagonists and villains are the characters. No point having, say, Machamp, because it's not a character in the games and not a significant part of the show. Same goes for Predators. I can't tell the bloody difference between them, but if the fans know they're distinct characters then they're distinct characters, like Green Lanterns are.
  15. Pearl Jam were amazing in Manchester last night. That is all.
  16. Thanks! In other news, watched Slammiversary last night. When did TNA stop being shit and become awesome again?
  17. And I got back into training today. (Huzzah!) Let's see how long it takes before I work my way back onto the roster.
  18. Lost 7 pounds of fat over the last week, and have been working on building muscle too. Why? I miss wrestling damn it. I plan to get back to training on Saturday and hopefully re-learn the craft and re-earn my spot on the roster. Got some bloody stiff competition these days though, the roster currently has some of the best in the country and has started bringing in American Ring of Honour stars.
  19. Guns 'n' Roses aren't a good band anymore, and will be about 3 hours late. Other than that, enjoy! I'd say Download has it better though. Sabbath man. With Ozzy. SABBATH! Also, Metallica playing the entire Black Album.
  20. That's not his move set, that's his set comeback. Shawn Michaels has one. Triple H has one. The Rock has one. Hulk Hogan had one. The way matches are usually structured, a babyface usually will use less moves in a match than the heel. Yes, Cena had gotten stale (in spite of his matches continuing to be awesome). Until he met the Rock. Cena more than held his own in those promos, and his delivery was excellent. Delivery is more important than what the writers wrote for him, and his delivery has always been good. With the Rock, he showed real emotion and talent. It's cool to not like Cena. It's all opinion on that front. It's not cool to say he's untalented, or any less talented than other guys on the roster.
  21. You seriously think anyone would look at the Brock Lesnar match and think he was a loser. Lesner killed him, Cena had to use underhanded tactics to win. Cena, the babyface, had to use underhanded tactics to beat Lesnar, the heel, who'd been dominating him the entire match. Lesnar came out of the match looking better than Cena. The booking was perfect. Remember the Stone Cold/Bret Hart match at Mania? What do people remember about it? That Hart won, or that Austin refused to give up? It's a similar thing here. People will remember the beat down. And a good match isn't about the number of moves(!) you do. For one thing, every wrestler has the infamous 5 moves of doom. It's called a move set, and a good wrestler get's their shit in every match that isn't a squash. For another, it's about connecting to an audience and getting people emotionally invested. Give me Ryback squashing jobbers over a ridiculously long ROH match in which everyone no sells everything any day. Cena does that. Watch the Lesnar match. He got a hostile Chicago crowd cheering for him with well timed hope spots and brilliant selling. The character had gotten stale, yes, but the matches have been great and recently his character and mike work have been improving also. They replaced them? They couldn't replace Hogan until Austin came around - Hart and Michaels, much as I love both of them, never had the same star power. They didn't replace the Rock and Austin until Wrestlemania 21, with Batista and Cena. Cena has an aura and you can't say the only reason for that has been the WWE's promotion. Cena's rapper gimmick, that origionally got him over, was all down to him. Look at how hard they tried with Mr Kennedy - that went nowhere because he's just not that good and can't seem to wrestle any match without picking up an injury. Cena's awesome whenever he has a hostile crowd, because he doesn't let them put him off and plays to them. Look at the One Night Stand match against RVD, he's brilliant. Also this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvKRYFXuiNI I'm not a massive Cena fan, he's far from my favourite and given the choice I'd rather watch Lesnar. But damn, he's good. Anyway, to make a new point: Y'all need to watch more classic Ric Flair.
  22. Smarks are hilarious. John Cena consistently has great matches with everyone he's put up against. Consistently. The man can work with anyone. He had a good match with Khali. Freaking Khali. I don't think anyone is about to argue Khali did the carrying. Cena's matches all have a big time feel to them. The man is the biggest star in WWE for a reason, and that's because he's awesome. Because, believe it or not, pro wrestling isn't about 'work rate' or anything like that. It's about entertaining people. And Cena does that. I'm not a great fan of the character and his promos do seem a little forced at times, but the man always presents himself as a star, and he feels like a star. His matches are great - there's nothing wrong with Super Cena. His role is the same role Hogan filled in the eighties, he fills it well and he looks great doing it. As for Cena/Lesnar? Did you watch the match? Cena won a fluke victory by playing smart, Brock dominated the entire match, totally wrecked him. Lesnar came out looking like a killing machine, Cena came out looking like a man who'll never give in and play it smart if he needs to. The match was perfect. Keep in mind that Lesnar's contract only gives him a few dates to work in the year, he's very part time and he'll be gone next year. WWE can't afford to have him kill everyone on the roster. That said, I enjoy CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (Bryan more so). But the reason Punk is taking a back seat is because he simply doesn't have Cena's star power, and you cant blame WWE for that. They've pushed him to the moon and made him look good in feuds with John Cena and Triple H, their two biggest stars (save the Undertaker). Bryan is much more likely to move up to their level, I think. He's super over right now and he's a brilliant heel. By the way, this all comes from someone with actual wresting experience (Proof(!): http://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bios&wrestler=15351 ), trained at one of the most respected schools in his country, knows what it means to be a pro wrestler, knows pro wrestlers up and down the country (anyone who's got me can just take a gander through my Facebook friends list and see that) and has had training sessions with Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness. I'll be wrestling again next year if my University schedule frees up like I expect it too.
  23. The man can barely walk. He has his place as a special attraction, but that's really all he's capable of. EDIT: You know who DOES need more love? Jerry Lawler. He's still got the best punches in the business.
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