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  1. Why... why did it take so long for everyone to realise God-Speed was taking the piss (Shockwave still hasn't)?
  2. Last I checked, Sue Storm and Reed Richards were the Sue Storm and Reed Richards of the Marvel Universe. Anyway, half your list appears to be "(s)he should be used more because he's powerful" or "make him/her more powerful!" Who cares how powerful they are? That's not how you make a character interesting. Other complaints you've made include "I want to see them outside their own comics". Why? If they have their own comics, they already have an avenue for character development and interesting stories. I want to see more of Howard the Duck, but I don't want him to gain superpowers, and I definitely don't want him to show up in a big crossover.
  3. It's amusing because I love that film and I wasn't aware anyone else had ever seen it. Depressiodon is A+
  4. I never got the point of a parody of something that's already supposed to be funny. That's not parody. That's stealing their act.
  5. Reasonable. I'll agree to a lot of them being tosh. When they're done well though, they add a huge amount to matches and programming. To give a few examples: Hogan/Macho Man that festered for a whole year, Austin/McMahon, Batista leaving Evolution, Cm Punk threatening to leave the WWE with the belt.
  6. Thing is, the way wrestling works, you need interesting and compelling characters to make people care about those matches. Otherwise, you might as well watch real sports. But if all you're interested in is matches, I'd say whether the product is PG or not matters even less. CM Punk/John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011, Triple H/Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar/John Cena at Extreme Rules and Sheamus/Big Show at Hell in a Cell are excellent matches from the PG era that proved you can produce fantastic matches regardless of the TV rating. Because it's a Triple H gimmick. He used it at 'Maina. But the main strength of the Attitude Era was its characters. From an in ring perspective, it was probably the weakest the WWF has been in its history. In fact, the success of the WWF in this period is a good example supporting the argument that it's interesting characters that make wrestling, moreso than strong in ring performances. Hell, the hight of the success of the WWF was the Hogan era. It was easily as PG as it is now.
  7. No doubt Rollins is very good, but I just see the other two as better, for now. Hardy had the advantage of appealing to a demographic very few wrestlers do, in teenage girls. Cesaro has all the talent in the world, but he needs to add things to his character and get a storyline. He's not getting over as much as some of the other new guys, which is a shame because he's damn good.
  8. Roman's got the look and tonnes of character ("Get up fools, this is my table now!"), which is what actually matters. Ambrose has the best character. I'd say Rollins was the least equipped, he's mainly a risk taker, which doesn't make a career by itself - no doubt he has talent, but I'd say the others were better equipped. Ryback's a big babyface monster, the best in that roll in years. He's got all the tools and is clearly dedicated. He doesn't need to be technically great, he needs to be good at throwing people about and looking like a scary bastard. And he's great at that.
  9. Between the Shield and Ryback, WWE have done well with introducing new characters recently. Ryback's popularity has exploded, he's a future star for sure, and the Shield are all very talented and have a bright future. The wonderful TLC match from Sunday proves it for all four men.
  10. You're kidding right? You're comparing that to Kashmir, or Smoke on the Water, or Sweet Child o' Mine or... well, you get the point. It's not a bad riff like, but still.
  11. Thank *vulgarity* they're ignoring the EU.
  12. Disney likely recognise the fact there's money in releasing a remastered original trilogy without the rubbish changes added in years past, because weirdo fanboys like me will buy it. I'm all for that.
  13. I have no problem with Superman being stupid strong. He's Superman. It's been practically part of his character since his inception. If people have a problem with that sort of stuff they really shouldn't be reading Superman.
  14. I like old Dave, but not that interested without the rest of the Heads I'm afraid.
  15. The film is a butchery of the comic. As a stand alone thing, I guess it's a decent enough family film, but nothing particularly good.
  16. That looks like brilliant fun. Kingdom Hearts anyone?
  17. ...I have no idea what you're talking about. Also, brilliant week was brilliant.
  18. Here about King? Why would we be here about King? But yeah, horrible what happened. It may be the end of his in ring career. He's very lucky this happened at a WWE show with paramedics backstage, and not one of the indy bookings he takes in Memphis throughout the week.
  19. Who cares. Music is art. She could sing about fisting hedgehogs if she wanted to, it's her right as an artist. It's up to the consumer to decide whether they want to listen to it or not. Throwing around the word '*vulgarity*' changes nothing. If a woman is in control of her own sex life, good for her. Let her do as she wishes, stop trying to morally police art and lets get this thread back on topic and talk about *vulgarity*ing music. I dig this song.
  20. Helen C


    Dredd is a lot of fun and far better than it has any right to be. 3D works too.
  21. I hate the word *vulgarity*. If a girl wants to be promiscuous, let her as long as she uses protection. You don't have to use a derogative term like that. No one complains when men do it. But yeah, off topic, this thread is for music. For me, they just have to be good. The live experience for me generally transcends my usual music taste if the band can play well. Go to some local small time band gigs, like a Battle of the Bands, and you'll see what I mean - the good bands are just that - good bands. You'll be able to tell and have fun listening to them even if it's not your usual sort of music. For example, I don't like screamo stuff, but a local band blew me away the other week playing that music because they were awesome. It's all about the energy on stage. I had as much fun seeing Cee Lo Green as I did seeing Iron Maiden - two very different styles of music, but the energy on stage was great all the same. Incidentally, the best band I've seen live was Rammstein, with Pearl Jam second to them. As for the hipster stuff - I tend to ignore such things. I like some mainstream stuff, and I like some stuff you might describe as hipster. Fun labels and image, just like what you like. Though I can guarantee even the most obscure hipster band has been influenced, at least indirectly, by the Beatles,.
  22. Helen C


    Completely missed that. Bravo.
  23. Helen C


    Who would think the second year of 2012 would suck with The Hobbit coming out?
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