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  1. Hrm, I'll check. I'm not sure I saved the stuff that as far as I knew was still online.
  2. If nothing else, I've still got a large chunk of my hard drive where I keep some of the old FPL writings (at least the ones that aren't still available on the internet). The characters and such posted on the site should still be here for several months, so we'll have time to grab whatever memories we want to hold onto.
  3. So, yeah, it's all in webpage format but I'm pretty sure I've got just about everything here. How do you want me to put it together?
  4. Hey, it's been a while. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've still got it around somewhere, it's just a matter of digging through folders I haven't looked in in years to find it. I dunno how I'm gonna post it but I'll figure out something.
  5. I would imagine one doesn't fail. It really seems functionally equivalent to making a thread on the forum; the only thing it does is 1) do the formatting for you, and 2) makes it easier for fanboys of particular characters to make matchups so that they can have more win-loss records show up on the character sheets of the characters they are fanboys of. And really, ideally, at some point we'll make it so that these matchups don't count towards those either and that will leave just the formatting thing, but again, this is adding more code functionality to the site that wasn't originally going to be there so it may not show up right away.
  6. Doh. Well, if necessary I guess that additional requirement can be something that can be put off for a bit; if there really are not that many matches happening, then it won't be as big of a deal hopefully.
  7. Note to Fox: We should probably also make it so that Rumbles don't "use up" the character. To chime in with my own two cents: The "Purpose" of CBUB has always been a little nebulous (really, the "Purpose" is for the site to act as a nice little resume piece), but the design of it since the inception of player-generated-battles has also always been geared towards encouraging the writing of set-ups; a character can only be in one match at a time, so the ratings system is supposed to reward good writers by allowing them to make matches more often, meaning that they're more likely to be able to use high-demand characters. If the purpose of CBUB was just to say who would win in X vs. Y, there'd be no reason to prevent people from having 100 different "Batman vs. " matches every week. That isn't to say it isn't possible for someone to get by doing whatever matches they want. I wouldn't be surprised if there have been some people who've been too harsh on fledgling or passive CBUB members. But those members have to also then realize and accept that the site's priorities by design are not really for them. Matches are not listed in order of set-up length, so the people that do want to read interesting set-ups have to look at the same set-up-less matches as people who just go to click on the button for Wolverine, and that's not what CBUB was designed to facilitate. Or at least, it wasn't. I think having Rumbles-type matches are fine, but I do think if we're going to incorporate them they should be 1) separated from the set-up fights so that people who want to read set-ups don't have to sift through them, and 2) keep them from using up character availability so that if someone wants to write a set-up with Batman in it they don't have to wait for someone who just wanted to slap up another round of Batman vs. Goku or whatever in the Rumbles section to be finished.
  8. Hopalong Cassidy. The Lone Ranger. Pecos Bill. Woody. Okay, so the last one's only a toy, but you get the idea. When I mention those names, based on how familiar you are to them (or how much time you're willing to put into research), you are able to fill in the details on what they look like, what they're capable of, what equipment they have, what their behaviors are, etc. to varying degrees. "A cowboy" has no such connotation. There are some identifying aspects towards how we think most cowboys act, but a specific cowboy could be anywhere from a lanky teenager riding his horse around herding cattle to a gruff, grizzled gunslinger winning duels at high noon. The range of skills and abilities beyond the basic necessities for competency at a profession is immensely varied because the range of people that can be cowboys is immensely varied. That is to say, cowboys are just people who have taken up a particular profession and, in the eyes of the public, have a few key identifying features, but not uniquely so such that someone else who isn't a cowboy could not suddenly become one by taking on or even just mimicking those features. Ninjas, Pirates, Cowboys... anyone could be one of these things. Even selections like Native Americans or Mongols are still just people, the only qualification being that you have to be born in a certain place; not everyone can be a Native American, really, but the variance within that group of people is so wide that it almost feels kind of racist to try to lump them into one entry. ... Gunmen? Really? It's just anyone wielding a gun!
  9. I'm still not entirely convinced of the necessity of "generic groups of an unspecified number of types of warriors" characters. It's one thing to have a match where The Godfather has a number of mobsters to back him up, it's another when you have to explicitly specify how many people are showing up for any given match because there's no indication of such from the character itself. I get that there are some Deadliest Warrior fans around here, and that some people don't care about story and just want to pit X against Y for the sheer value of seeing who gets voted for, but once you start venturing into the realm of comparing entities that don't even have a unique form it feels like we're getting beyond the scope of the site. Here's a challenge for you: Create a matchup between two groups of generic characters and have it still be an interesting story to read ~without personalizing or individualizing them in any way whatsoever~. That is to say, you have to create a writeup that somehow makes me care on an empathic/sympathetic level about the ~abstract concept~ of, say, cowboys.
  10. I keep meaning to make a number of related submissions but I never end up getting around to it, heh.
  11. http://www.gtagaming.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2211282 You know, what, given that one of the matches referenced in this post is Specficially One Of The Three Being Referred To, I'm going to call it that while VCM followed the letter of the law, he didn't follow the spirit of the law. Thus, I feel like I shouldn't really ban Hugo because even though he continued to post matches without VCM showing up in them, there was still interference by proxy. But since he didn't refer to all of them, maybe I shouldn't ban VCM either... Alright, here's the decision. You guys get 1 of 2 options: 1) I ban both Hugo and VCM. If you guys come back I'll just ban you again whenever I'm bored. 2) I leave both of you in, and you learn to live with each other. Hmm, maybe I should make this into a poll.... nah, I'll just wait out for some responses here. Edit: I'm also not stopping people from making specific matches either way, but seriously, we have thousands of characters in the database; do we really need to make a dozen matches beating a dead horse over and over? Just cut it out guys. Also, assuming I leave both of you in, I also don't want to hear any more complaints from either side, so if you do and you're wondering why I'm not responding, you're basically being ignored. Second Edit: Complaining about my decision will also be ignored.
  12. I'm not censoring matches because VC complained, I'm trying to decide who's the actual troll here. Since statements and postings can appear to make any number of people out to be miscreants, I decided to set down a few little game rules, and see how things turned out. Seems like he's been able to hold his tongue, but the matches continue. One question I would like answered: how many of these types of matches happen with non-GTA serious characters? "If we did that every time a match pissed someone off" seems to be an unhelpful statement if these are the ONLY times this is happening, which would be more of a clear indicator that there is an ulterior motive here. To quote myself from a previous post: "I have put down a simple, easy method for all parties involved to show that they are not full of crap. I think that's pretty fair." Those involved agreed to the terms, and now events are in the process of being reviewed and decided on. Perhaps I will be more lenient than my original stated terms, although I think a fair amount of convincing will need to be done for me not to do something that I say I'm going to do. Perhaps I will also take additional actions, as well, but again, any changes from the original decision will take some convincing that involves facts and data as opposed to opinions and insults. So, the consequences for what you said are that you didn't really change much of anything so you basically wasted your time typing it... except that you maybe have discovered that there are possibly things you could be saying (or even things that someone else could be saying) that would not be a waste of time to type.
  13. Hmm. Looks like he did, unless you have something to say in your defense. Of course, I would also be interested in seeing these chat records. Maybe I can ban two people today and have two less headaches to worry about.
  14. Decided to drop in an entry with under 100 minutes left to go.
  15. Here's the thing. Old Man Logan IS Wolverine. I mean, it's not like OML is actually some other guy, or a space alien; they're the same guy, it's just that for the purposes of the story, Logan had some character development. Having character development doesn't make you into a different character. Maybe you could say he's an alternate-universe version of the character since this is something that supposedly happens in the future and may or may not actually occur, but it's still Logan. How much we want to count alternate-universe-ideas like this is what we want to pin down. On the other hand, the Buu characters are all presumably from the same race or something, but assuming they are actually three different beings and not just some kind of weird alternate-personality-displacements, then yeah, they're different characters. Now, if they were all originally one Buu and he had some kind of internal personality conflict that caused him to split into three separate entities (that could presumably be recombined into one actual personality, and not just them eating each other or whatever), maybe that one's also debatable.
  16. The thing about alternate universes is that, yeah, SOMETHING'S going to be different, because otherwise it's not really much of an alternate universe. The trick is how different they are, and even looking back over my own posts I'm not sure where I should be drawing the line. In the turtles example, on one hand there are physical characteristics that are different. On the other hand, that's partially just due to the fact that someone different is drawing them (meta-differences based on artist depiction, even referred to in a fourth-wall breaking sort of way, probably shouldn't count); there's still four of them, they're still trained by a mutant rat, they're still named after Renaissance artists, and they still fight the Foot clan. If there was an alternate version that had say, three turtles, named Victor, Alexandre, and Gustave (bonus points if you figure out the reference), who live in Montreal and fight off the Arctic Canadian Mutant squad, this would be an easy decision. Further murkying the waters is the fact that we have universes where some of the characters are basically cut-and-paste while others are different... or at least, kind of different. Even given that one Shredder is human and the other is an alien, they both still end up having a lot of similarities, but probably not on the same level that the Turtles are. Spider-Man and Venom is another good example. If we keep one, we should probably keep the other, and also if we delete one... but then we have to decide, do we keep two characters that are almost exactly the same, or do we put alternate versions which do have some differences under the same character? On one end of the spectrum we have a database where we have, say, exactly ONE Spiderman, and any interpretation of him is played out in the scenario. This end is also where entries like Cowboys or Ninjas actually start to make sense, since essentially every entry is just an amalgamated representation of a concept anyway. On the other end, we have a database where we have any version of any character, no matter how similar, counts as a different entry if anything has changed. We could have several dozen entries alone just from any series that has a "Let's have fun playing around in parallel dimensions!" issue or episode. My feeling is that we should figure out where we want to be on this spectrum and be consistent on it, whereas right now we're kind of all over the place. Nailing down levels of differences that aren't on the extreme ends is a little tricky, though, which is why we've reached the current situation where some entries don't seem to make a lot of sense.
  17. @SSGoku: The note was meant to indicate capitalizing "Fighters", not dropping "Z", sorry. @Hugo: Okay, I'm just trying to make sure that these are all distinctly different and unique characters, and not just something like, a Predator manages to get his hands on a bazooka at some point so now there are Bazooka Predators. There are over 20 different Predator entries in the database, and admittedly I don't know that much about the series, but I want to make sure that some of these can't just be combined. Dracula and the Shredders, alright, cool, we can keep those I guess? Also, Dracula and the Shredders would make for a pretty cool band name. As far as the "generics" go, my main concern is that, like you said, they're not actually characters. You could submit three entries called "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" and "Neutral Guys" and basically cover all of them (or really just "Extras"). If you want specific cowboys or specific ninjas, then submit them as an entry in the database, unless they're your fan-made characters, which is not what the CBUB is for and ventures far too quickly into the sort of Mary-Sue fanfictiony territory that I'd really like to avoid. I understand that it's possible to write a good story involving Batman fighting a bunch of generic, unnamed Ninjas. It's also possible to write a good story involving Batman and a Loaf of Bread, but that doesn't mean we should put a Loaf of Bread into CBUB. The other part to that is, are you really going to write this kind of match-up expecting the named character to lose? It seems like a waste of character usage to spend a few days having Batman clean up against "jobbers". We have a forum and a ton of blogs for putting down those kinds of "fights", especially when he could be fighting Ryu Hayabusa or some other actual ninja in the database. If you guys are really adamant about keeping these groups, then I guess we can leave them in, but I feel like we already have thousands of characters in here, including quite a few that have never even seen a battle, and thousands more that COULD be in the database, and instead we're having the equivalent of a Power Rangers episode where they just fight a bunch of the dopey guys at the beginning and call it a day instead of actually going out to fight a villain of the week. As a side note: For the matches involving Generic Group A vs. Generic Group B... this seems completely arbitrary. At some point if you did enough theorizing and calculating you could essentially figure out the exact ratio of guys-with-swords to guys-with-guns to guys-with-axes, and then it'd be a matter of whether or not the battle contains 1 pirate for every 1.2 ninjas, or 1 ninja for every 0.75 vikings, factoring in for environment and circumstances, and the battle essentially resolves itself. Making things interesting requires specifying, and specifying means you're either going to end up using an already-existing character, or one that you basically made up yourself. @M Bison: Eh, we have a bunch of characters that only appear in one comic, or one movie or one game. Seems fine to me. (Although, Punk on a Bus is pushing it a little...) Also, I've noticed that several characters are in fact in the wrong categories. For example, people can't seem to figure out where webcomics characters go, because I've seen them in I think at least half the categories at this point. @DamagingRob: Yeah, I'm not sure what to do with this. On one hand it seems like once you've got the Z Fighters on board, adding the rest of the cast is like having Superman team up with a one-legged centipede. On the other hand, I feel like as soon as we remove the latter entry, somebody's going to want to have a match that uses a bunch of the normal humans or something. I dunno, we'll figure something out. RE: Alternate Versions of Characters: My main concern is that they are actually "alternate" enough, or are represented by a different person. Spider-Man + a suit of armor is just Spider-Man. Spider-Man in a series where he gets angry a lot more is still just Spider-Man. Spider-Man drawn in anime-style is still just Spider-Man. On the other hand, Japanese Spider-Man who pilots a giant robot mecha is clearly different; the only things they really share in common are the name, a few of the powers (and even then, the genetic setup is different), and a similar costume. Whether or not the alternate versions we have in our database are different enough to warrant their own entries is something we'll just have to hash out. As an example though: The protagonist of Ultimate Spider-Man is Peter Parker, a science whiz teenager who lives in Queens, New York. He is bitten by a genetically altered spider and inherits its powers, including enhanced strength, agility and reflexes. When an armed thief, whom Peter had a chance to stop earlier but didn't, kills his uncle Ben, he feels guilty and dedicates his life to fighting crime as the costumed vigilante Spider-Man. Peter tries to balance school, a job, a girlfriend, his family life with his widowed aunt May, and his activities as Spider-Man. You could remove "Ultimate" from this and you probably wouldn't notice the difference. Just because one of them died doesn't really mean anything different; like Hugo pointed out, death doesn't really mean much in the comics world. I have a lot harder time buying the need for these two entries as opposed to say, two Shredders where one is a human who leads a bunch of ninjas and the other is an pink blobby alien from another planet. But we'll see.
  18. So, the purpose of this thread is to basically make note of some changes to entries that probably should've been made a long time ago but we never got around to it. Tarvius and I went through the database taking notes and marking them down below. They're being posted here for the benefit of all involved; if you feel an edit shouldn't be made or that we've missed a few (which we undoubtedly have), let us know, even now I get the feeling a few of these probably won't happen and there'll be several that'll happen that aren't on here. General notes: Going to try to split up a lot of the duos and trios. If you want both of them in a match, we have the ability to put up to 3 people on a team for that. Also, they need to be split up in case anyone ever wants to use one of the duo or trio, or better yet pit them against each other. There seem to be a lot of parentheses for very-specifically-named characters, and not a lot of parentheses for characters with pretty common or at least verified non-unique names. Gonna try to switch that around a bit. Some entries may have had valid wiki entries when we started but they don't any more. If we can't find a suitable workaround, it may be for the best to just delete them... The general idea for alternate-characters is whether or not their personality or circumstances are different or unique enough to warrant a separate entry. This will require some debate and judgment calling. There's a lot of pop culture entries for generic categories of characters. These don't really seem to fit in with the idea of CBUB, as the point is not to ask if, say, Batman can take on a bunch of no-named "guys" (of course he can, that's the whole point of beating up minions in comics), so matches centered like this seem either unnecessary or a pointless attempt to give a character easy wins. Anyways, the list: Comics: Armored Spider-Man - This is just Spider-Man with... armor. Batman-Richard Grayson: Change to Batman (Richard Grayson) Bartman - This is just Bart Simpson... America Dream: Shouldn’t this be “American Dream” ? Avenging Duo: Isn’t this just a random pairing of Thor and Captain America? Remove this entry since Thor and Captain America already appear in the database as separate entries Batman Gotham By Gaslight: One shot 19th century version of Batman (Bruce Wayne). This can probably be removed. Batman (Jason Todd): Jason Todd already appears in the DB as Robin Batman (Azrael): Azrael already appears as... Azrael Batman & Robin: Remove this entry since Batman and Robin already appear in the database as separate entries Beetle: Should technically be “The Beetle” Big Titani: Should be “Big Titania”. Captain America (Bucky Barnes): Bucky already appears in the database as Bucky Barnes, Captain America and Winter Soldier. Maybe choose just one of the three? Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): Unnecessary parentheses Catsai (Amalgam): Unnecessary parentheses Charaxes a.k.a Killer Moth: Should be Killer Moth (Charaxes) or just Killer Moth Daimon Hellstrom the Son of Satan: Could be shortened to Daimon Hellstrom Daniel Llanso, curse of the spawn: Shorten to Daniel Llanso Daredevil (Golden Age): Change to Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications) dick tracy: Give the man his capital letters! Dick Tracy FrankenCastle: Isn’t this just referencing a specific Punisher story line? How different is this from Punisher? Gargouille (Lavina LeBlanc): Unnecessary parentheses Ghost: Should probably be Ghost (Darkhorse) Giselle Villard (Mystic): Unnecessary parentheses Green Lantern: Should be Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Green Lantern - Hall Jordan: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Guardians of the Galaxy (2008): Already have a “Guardians of the Galaxy” character that links to both the 2008 and 1969 line-ups. Guy Gardner: Should be Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) Hank Pym (Yellow Jacket): Should be Yellow Jacket (Hank Pym) for consistency. Harley and Ivy: Separate characters Hourman: Should be Hourman (Rex Tyler) Hulk (The End): This just seems like a one-shot comic version of The Hulk. Is there that big of a difference between this and the original? Huntress: Should be Huntress (D.C. Comics) for differentiation purposes Iron Spider-Man: See “Armored Spider-Man Jack in the Box (Astro City): Wikipedia page links to the actual toy Jack in the Box not the character Jackie Estacado (The Darkness): Remove parentheses Jay Garrick: Probably should make it The Flash (Jay Garrick) John Constantine, Hellblazer: Change to John Constantine (DC Comics) John Stewart: Change to Green Lantern (John Stewart) for consistency Justice Guild of America: This seems to be a Justice League (TV series) version of the JSA. This can probably be removed. Komand’R (Blackfire): Should probably just be Blackfire Lilith (Mother of Demons): Should technically be Lilith (The Mother of all Demons) M (Monet St. Croix): No other character named “M”. Parentheses don’t seem necessary Madison Jeffries (Box): unnecessary parentheses Madman: Should be Madman (Frank Einstein) for differentiation purposes Mangaverse Black Cat: Isn’t this just a manga version of Black Cat? Mangaverse Spider-Man: Manga Version of Spider-Man? Mantis: Should be Mantis (Marvel Comics) for differentiation purposes Mauvais (Wendigo): Wendigo already appears in the database Mogo, The Green Lantern Planet: Could be shortened to just Mogo Morpheus (The Sandman): Morpheus (The Sandman) already appears in the DB as Dream Nemesis: Should probably be Nemesis (Marvel) for differentiation purposes Nova: Should be Nova (Richard Rider) for differentiation purposes OMAC (Buddy Blank): Parentheses seem unnecessary Onimar Synn. The Sin-Eater: Could be shortened to just Onimar Synn Ozymandias (Watchmen): No other Ozymandias, parentheses seem unnecessary Philip (The Governor): Should be The Governor (Walking Dead), I don’t know where “Philip” is coming from Pre-Crisis Superman (Earth 2): Should probably just be Superman (Earth Two) Ravager (Rose Wilson): Parentheses don’t seem necessary s’ym: I find your lack of capitalization disturbing... Change to S’ym Sandman: Should probably be Sandman (Wesley Dodds) to avoid confusion Savage She Hulk: Should be changed to She-Hulk (Lyra) Scarecrow: Change to Scarecrow (DC Comics) for differentiation purposes Spider: I assume this is just the Ultimateverse version of Spider-Man. Is there enough of a difference between this and regular Spider-Man to warrant a separate entry? Spider-Man Unlimited: Isn’t this just an animated version of Spider-Man? SpiderWoman: Should be Spider-Woman Spy Smasher: Should Be Spy Smasher (Alan Armstrong) for differentiation purposes Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore): Only one Stargirl in the DB, remove parentheses Starman: Should be Starman (Ted Knight) for differentiation purposes Superman (Kal Kent-One Million): Should probably be Superman (DC One-Million) **Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles. : The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles already appear in the DB The Flash: Should be The Flash (Wally West) for differentiation purposes. Flash (Wally West): Remove this character, since The Flash already in the DB represents Wally West The New Teen Titans: I don’t see much of a difference between this and Teen Titans who already appear in the DB The Original Human Torch: Should be The Human Torch (Jim Hammond) The Question: Should be The Question (Vic Savage) for differentiation purposes The Shredder (Mirage): The Shredder appears in the DB three times. Choose one of the three Thor (Dargo Ktor): Wikipedia page links to Mjolnir The Ultimate Marvel Universe: How different is this than the regular Marvel Universe? We can probably remove this one Ultimate Captain America: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Carnage: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Deadpool: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Moon Knight: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Nick Fury: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Spider-Man: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Ultimate Thor: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry ? Remove this Ultimate Venom: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this. Ultimate Wolverine: Is there enough of a difference to the original to justify this character entry? Remove this Venom: Should be Venom (Eddie Brock) for differentiation purposes Vulture, The: Should be The Vulture for consistency Wendigo: See Mauvis (Wendigo) Wildcat: Should be Wildcat (Ted Grant) for differentiation purposes World’s Finest: Isn’t this just a pairing of Superman and Batman? Keep separate X-Men Evolution: The X-Men already appear in the database. Is this series distinct enough to warrant a separate entry? ** Note the period at the end of this entry Anime: A-Ko (Eiko Magami): Unless there is more than one A-Ko, remove part in parentheses Also: B-Ko, C-Ko Alexander Anderson (Hellsing): Other Alexander Andersons are real people who won’t go in CBUB, remove parentheses Brolly: Is apparently actually spelled Broly demon naruto: No caps, and this appears to just be Naruto. Seems like it can be removed. Hidan (Naruto): No other Hidans, can remove parentheses Guyver Unit 1(Sho Fukamachi): Parentheses seem unnecessary Golgo 13 (Duke Togo): Parentheses seem unnecessary JSSDF (Evangelion): Wiki page no longer functional, this entry needs revision or deletion Kakuzu (Naruto): No other Kakuzus, can remove parentheses Mei Terui (Mizukage): Parentheses seem unnecessary Mercenary Tao(General/Pai PAi): Parentheses seem unnecessary Mikura Suzuki (D.S.A.): Parentheses seem unnecessary Might Guy (Naruto): Parentheses seem unnecessary Nerv: Wiki page no longer functional, this entry needs revision or deletion Sarutobi (Third Hokage): Parentheses seem unnecessary Suzaku Seven (Fushigi Yuugi): Parentheses seem unnecessary Takumi Fujiwara (Initial D): Parentheses seem unnecessary Tatsumi, Oga: Comma is unnecessary Tetsuo Shima: Parentheses seem unnecessary The Chess Peices: Should be Pieces Unit 01 (Shinji’s): Parentheses seem unnecessary or need revision Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya: Split into two characters? Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters): Parentheses seem unnecessary Z fighters: Fighters Toons: Asterix and Obelix: Should probably be kept as separate entries Brendon Small: Having this character both as individual entry and in a group seems redundant Brendon, Jason, and Melissa: See above Calvin: We already have Calvin and Hobbes as a character entry, this can be removed Dirge (Xombie): Unnecessary parentheses Mandy: Should be Mandy (Cartoon Network) for differentiation purposes Master Splinter (TMNT): Unnecessary parentheses Peter Pan (Peter Pan and the Pirates): Peter Pan is already in the database, this is redundant Roger and Jessica Rabbit: This can either be removed and keep Roger and Jessica as separate entries or leave this one and remove the individual entries Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny: Combine these names somehow Static & Gear: Static already appears in the database. Remove this and have Gear submitted as a single entry Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles already appear in the DB, remove this one The Foot Clan (TMNT): Parentheses seem unnecessary The Shredder (1987 Cartoon): Shredder appears in the DB 3 times The Shredder (TMNT ): Shredder appears in the DB 3 times Vlad Masters/Plasmius: Should probably just be Vlad Plasmius X-Men (Animated Series): The X-men already appear in the DB. Is this series distinct enough to warrant a separate entry? Ymza and Kronk: Split these Horror: 2-4-5 trioxin zombies: Capitalize Bloody Bill (Death Valley): Wiki entry appears to be wrong, revise/delete? Cordell (Manaic Cop): Misspelled, also is this necessary? Just use Matt Cordell Eddie Quest (The Howling): Parentheses seem unnecessary Eve (The Mother of All): Should be (Supernatural), since that’s what it’s actually called Ezekiel Stone (Brimstone): Parentheses seem unnecessary Freddy Kreuger (2010 Remake): Is this a different entity from the original? Maybe delete Gabriel (supernatural): Capitalize Jason Voorhees (2009 Remake): Again, how different is this? Maybe delete Jason X: Again, this seems like the original, just the movie is called Jason X Leatherface (2003 Remake): Again establish justification for not using the original or delete Michael Myers (2007 Remake): Again establish justification for not using the original or delete Oz (The Werewolf): Should be Oz (Buffy) to refer to series Roy Burns (Fri. 13th): Bad Wiki entry, plus clean-up parentheses Sam and Dean Winchester: Separate entries already exist, delete Samara Morgan (The Ring): Parentheses seem unnecessary Tallahassee (Zombie Land): Zombieland is one word the Birds: Capitalize the creature from the black lagoon: Capitalize The Crossroad’s Demon: Name and links have unnecessary apostrophes The Hills Have Eyes mutants: Capitalize The Hostel killers: Capitalize Vampire Willow and Xander: 1) Duo, split? 2) Characters already exist? Sci-Fi: Alf a.k.a Gordon Shumway: Could be shortened to just ALF Death Troopers: Aren’t these just Storm Troopers from a novel called “Death Troopers”? Dead Space Nine Crew: Dead Space Nine already appear in the DB Gabriel Yulaw (The One): Unnecessary parentheses Han Solo and Chewbacca: Remove this. Han Solo and Chewbacca have individual entries Horus (Warhammer 40,000): Parentheses are the bad Imperium Of Man (Warhammer 40,000): Unnecessary parentheses Isabelle: Should probably be Isabelle (Predator) for differentiation purposes James T. Kirk (New Version): James T. Kirk already appears in the database. Isn’t this just from a remake of Star Trek? Should probably delete Jaime Sommers the bionic woman: Needs capitilization. Jaime Sommers The Bionic Woman Jeremy Reed (Powder): Only Jeremy Reed in the database, get rid of parentheses John Nada (They Live): Only John Nada in the database, get rid of parentheses M6-117 (Pitch Black): Are the parentheses necessary? Maj. Alan Schaefer (Dutch): I assume Dutch is just a nickname, that part can probably be removed Masked Rider (Dex Stewart): Are there other Masked Riders? If not remove parentheses Max Guevara (Dark Angel): Only Max Guevara in the database. Remove parentheses? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Movie Universe): How different is this from the TV show version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? This can entry can probably be removed Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn: Both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon already appear as separate entries, this can be removed Officio Assasinorum (Warhammer 40K): Parentheses seem unnecessary Oliver Queen (Smallville): How big of a difference is there between this entry and Green Arrow? Predator (Hish): How is this any different from regular Predator? Prot (K-Pax): Parentheses seem unnecessary Punk on the Bus: Is this even a necessary entry at all? Ralph Hinkley (Greatest American Hero): Only Ralph Hinkley in the database, can probably remove parentheses Red-Shirted Ensigns: Is this a necessary entry? A generic nameless minor character that dies quickly after being introduced? Rinzler (Tron): Only Rinzler in the DB. Remove parentheses Ripley 8: How is this different from Lt. Ellen Ripley who already appears in the database? Robots: Should be Robots (I, Robot) for differentiation purposes Rommie (andromeda): Only Rommie in the DB, parentheses an probably be removed Sandworm(s): Could probably just be Sandworms Sergeant “Sarge” Mahonin (Doom): Remove parentheses Shinzon (Star Trek): Only Shinzon in the database, remove parentheses Spock (Star Trek 2009): How different is this from the original? Could probably be removed. T-850 (Terminator): There doesn’t seem to be much difference between this and T-800 (The Terminator). Remove. The 501’st: Change to The 501’st Legion. Remove apostrophe if possible. The Blob (Monster): Should be The Blob (Paramount Pictures) The Enterprise Crew (The Next Generation): Establish justification for not using the original or delete The Excalibur (victory class destroyer): Are the parentheses necessary? If so, it should be The Excalibur (Victory Class Destroyer) The NX-01 Enterprise Crew: How different is this from the original? Could probably be removed. The Plan 9 from Outer Space Aliens: Change to Space Aliens (Plan 9 from Outer Space)? The Red Terror (40k: Tyranid): Change to just Tyranids? Or is this specifying something different? the Xiliens: Change to Xiliens U.S.S Enterprise (NCC-1701): Remove parentheses Ultramarines(Warhammer 40,000): Needs to be changed to Ultramarines (Warhammer 40,000). Also this character does not have a valid wikipedia link. Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker: Zapp Brannigan already appears as a separate character entry. Remove this entry and add Kif Kroker as a separate entry Fantasy: Auditors of Reality (Discworld): Parentheses seem unnecessary Babydoll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie & Amber: No way to combine these? charlie chan: Capitalize dr. fu manchu: Capitalize Henry Jones and Indiana Jones: Separate Entries krampus: Mythological figures are valid entries? I forget. Anyway capitalize. Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry: Separate Entries Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox: Separate Entries Son Goku (DBE Live Action): We already have Son Goku from DBZ, is this separate enough to warrant its own entry? The Pevensie siblings: Capitalize Westley (The Princess Bride): Should probably use TPB’s Wiki Entry Xena & Gabrielle: Separate Entries Games: abe: capitalize andy bogard: capitalize Ansem (Xehanort’s Heartless): Remove parentheses Atrust (Myst): Remove Parentheses, t? Chaos: Should be Chaos (Final Fantasy) for differentiation purposes Chen Mui/ Munchie: Inactive Wikipedia link Crypto - 139: This entry doesn’t seem necessary. Maybe remove? Deneb Rhode (Ogre Battle): Remove parentheses Dracula (Castlevania): Dracula already appears in the database. Is another Dracula necessary? Fei/Id: Change to Fei Fong Wong Gage Blackwood (Journeyman Project): Parentheses, remove them Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy): Remove parentheses Global Defense Initiative (G.D.I): Remove those pesky parentheses Hazama/ Yuki Terumi: Hazama already appears in the database as a separate entry. Remove this and resubmit Yuki Terumi as an individual entry Jiralhanae (Brutes): Remove parentheses Kano: Broken image thumbnail when viewing in database list Kig-yar (Jackals): Remove parentheses. Capitalize Mega Man and Zero: Both of these characters already appear in the database as separate entries, remove this. Mega Man X: Mega Man already appears in the database. Is this necessary? If not, remove it MegaMan Trigger: See above MegaMan.EXE: See above Michael J. Caboose, Pvt: Make Pvt. Michael J. Caboose Naked Snake (Big Boss): The character image does not show Big Boss. Change image and edit to Big Boss (Metal Gear) Noob-Smoke: Noob already appears as a separate character entry. Remove this entry and add Smoke as a separate character submission. Ouedan (Cheer Squad): Remove parentheses ralph (rampage total destruction): Capitalize Raziel(Legacy of Kain): Remove parentheses Red Team: Too generic? Riku (Kingdom Hearts): Remove parentheses Sarah Kerrigan (Infested): Remove parentheses? Team FFVII: Change to Final Fantasy VII Team terry bogard: Capitalize The 3rd Street Saints: Wikipedia link is inactive the Arbiter: Capitalize The Rookie (AVP 2010): Change to The Rookie (AvP)? Ty the tasmanian tiger: Capitalize Vyers (Mid-Boss): Remove parentheses World Socialist Alliance: Change to World Socialist Alliance (Red Alert) Zero [Megaman X Version]: Change to Zero (MegaMan) Pop Culture: Constable Benton Fraiser (Due South): Parentheses seem unnecessary Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter: Change - to , Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters: Just shorten to Mythbusters (since there’s a whole team) Allen Gamble & Terry Hoitz: Can we just call them The Other Guys? Ben Gannon, Kara Wade, and Henry Purcell: Wiki entry is wrong, is there a team name? Revise or delete Bikers: Not an actual character? Too generic? Charlie’s Angels (original team): Capitalize Chief Inspector Lee and Detective Carter: Split? Conquistadores: Not an actual character? Too generic? Cowboys: Not an actual character? Too generic? Del boy and Rodney: Split? Capitalize? Dirk Pitt (movie version): Rename to Dirk Pitt (Sahara) Domino, Ed, and Choco: Split? Rename? Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker: Split? Dr.Mcninja: Correct to Dr. McNinja Electra Woman & Dyna Girl: Split? Fan Girls: Not an actual character? Too generic? Fanboys: Not an actual character? Too generic? Gunmen: Not an actual character? Too generic? Hackers: Not an actual character? Too generic? Harold & Kumar: Split? Henry Hill, Jimmy Conway, & Tonny DeVito: Rename to GoodFellas? Split? Hippies: Not an actual character? Too generic? Huns: Not an actual character? Too generic? Indians (Native Americans): Not an actual character? Too generic? Internet Trolls: Not an actual character? Too generic? (Anonymous?) Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson/Ghost Hunters: Split? Just rename to Ghost Hunters? Jay and Silent Bob: Split? Joe cooper and Doug reemer: Capitalize, split, or make reference to entire team instead John and Jane Smith: Split? Kermit and Miss Piggy: Split/Remove? Kim kyung soo (volcano high): Capitalize Knights: Not an actual character? Too generic? Lloyd & Harry (Dumb & Dumber): Split? Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh: Split? Mickey and Mallory Knox: Split? Mongols: Not an actual character? Too generic? Ninjas: Not an actual character? Too generic? Pirates: Not an actual character? Too generic? Rajput Warriors: Not an actual character? Too generic? Robby The Robot (Lost in space): Parentheses seem unnecesssary Roman Centurions: Not an actual character? Too generic? Samurai: Not an actual character? Too generic? Shaolin Monks: Not an actual character? Too generic? Shawn Spencer and Burton ‘Gus’ Guster: Split? Steve Austin the six-million dollar man: Capitalize TMNT (Live Action): Is a separate live-action version necessary? It’s still just the Turtles. The American Pie guys: Cast? Capitalize? The Desert Fox: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: This seems like it could be shortened... The Earp Bros. & Doc Holiday: Split? Rename to a team? The Greys: Not an actual character? Too generic? The Mafia: Not an actual character? Too generic? The Nameless Hero: Seems like it could just be Nameless. Or Nameless (Hero) The Porky’s guys: Rename / Capitalize Tycho & Gabe: Split? Vikings: Not an actual character? Too generic?
  19. I would say that it is quite easy to write a comedy match involving GTA characters that avoids the scenario-range described in the previous post. I would also say that you are worrying far too much about a situation that will not happen, as that is not the point of this exercise.
  20. I feel like I really shouldn't have to explain this, but essentially I'm talking about scenarios where-in a character who, canonically, is at most ill-tempered and certainly not violent, and/or is from a series directed primarily towards young children, is now all of a sudden portrayed out-of-character as a menacing violent opponent. Sesame Street characters are obvious examples, but the intention behind broadening the scope beyond just them is because if I don't, some chucklehead a month from now is going to go "But, but, my match isn't involving a Sesame Street character, it's this other similar character that is an obvious attempt at edgy black reinterpretation humor! It's all just fun, teehee! *trollface*" That said, the minute I put down some hard limitations like this I feel like I'm opening the door for someone to see how close he can come to the line without crossing it, so I'm going to advise that you really just use your best judgment here. I'm not going to make a list of which characters and which scenarios are "safe", and matches will be judged by the writing in them anyway on a case-by-case basis. If you absolutely cannot understand that there are levels of plausibility and seriousness in terms of a setup, I advise you avoid the issue altogether.
  21. This is most definitely not the first time I've heard about this. In fact, I've been hearing about this, from different sides, for months now. Generally I've been content to push towards having you all sort out your differences on your own, but since it seems that's never going to happen, rather than trying to figure out who started it or who lied about this or who said that or who keeps egging who on (which would probably just lead to me banning a lot of people), I have put down a simple, easy method for all parties involved to show that they are not full of crap. I think that's pretty fair.
  22. So let me get this straight. You ignore him on PMs, Chat, and AIM, which are all great ideas and I wholeheartedly suggest you continue to do so... But on the one thing that actually gets archived on the site, you don't ignore him? And you even go into his matches and post? Really? I know that most people don't look at matches too much once they're over (except, when, you know, you link to them), but that's not really a good excuse. Ignore his matches, don't respond to his posts, and please Do Not Feed The Troll. Personally, I don't really give a crap about these matches: after the first couple of them the idea seemed a little stale to me but if people really like them (and they really actually like them for a reason OTHER than just the fact that it pisses VCM off which I guess you have to search your own heart to know the answer to), then whatever. But hey, since it sounds like Hugo has several more matches that he wants to do with this, let's have a fun little game. For the next three matches that involve a GTA character going up against a non-serious character like this: If VCM posts in all three matches, and everyone ignores him, he gets banned. If VCM doesn't post in any of them, the next person to make one gets banned. If VCM posts in any number of the matches, and people respond to him, what happens will be decided at my whim. The matches are all archived, so it's not like someone can't link me to them when they happen and I'll be able to make a judgment call on what counts or not. Is this fair? Do I care anymore? Does anyone even give a crap if people get banned anymore? Let's have a fun game with this and see what happens.
  23. The funny thing about these two statements are that they are right next to each other. Seriously, let's set aside the fact that trolls troll other people that they don't care about on a regular basis. If you don't care about this guy so much, why do you keep going to all the effort to egg him on? For a guy who doesn't care about VCM, you sure do seem to want to talk to him or about him. The funny thing about this, reading back through the other match comments, is that VCM seems more like the whiny trollee than the actual troll. Both can be pretty annoying, but at this point it seems like it's devolved into VCM whining, which fuels others to troll him, which fuels him to whine some more. I honestly wish people would just ignore things about each other that piss them off, but it seems like no one is willing to take the high road so, basically, everyone who wastes their time continuing to post about this deserves exactly the punishment they get: you'll never get those few minutes back. I know I won't, which is apparently my punishment for bothering to read all this crap. Edit: THIS was my 100th post? Wow. That's probably the funniest thing of all. (Hint: Most of the funny things in this post are really not all that funny.)
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