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  1. "I'm sure striking power wise Spiderman would be stronger if he didn't hold back which he does. Strength level Spiderman is completely superior and Midnighter's striking power doesn't put him on his level strength wise." Midnighter has been shown capable of knocking Apollo-level super-humans unconscious. The definitely puts his striking strength on the level of(if not above) Spider-Man. "Midnighter isn't exactly faster then Spiderman and maybe in his world superhumans can't see him in his short bursts. But Spiderman has tagged or avoided Quicksilver more then once for example." Quicksilver is not FTL. In bursts, Midnighter has proven capable of moving fast enough, that even characters capable of moving FTL(with reflexes to go with that speed), couldn't see him. Yes, in bursts, Midnighter is faster. While, as I already pointed out, Spider-Man is faster as a baseline average. "Spiderman has his spider sense he will know beforehand when Midnighter will attack him so he doesn't need to see him coming." Due to his Battle Computer, Midnighter knows about the Spider-Sense, and that is part of the calculations from the Battle Computer. "Also keep in mind in Spiderman's Kung Fu training" Even without the Battle Computer, Midnighter is a highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter. "Horizon upgrades he makes to his costumes (Who knows which one he could be wearing in a random encounter)" On a random encounter, chance are that he would be wearing his standard costume. "his equipment, and superhuman abilities makes him a hard opponent for Midnighter to beat" His superhuman abilities, certainly. Namely, his Spider-Sense. Midnighter has taken out opponents with more advanced equipment though, so it's unlikely that that will cause much trouble. "Spiderman with his genius intellect and his ability through experience to find the flaw in his opponent during a battle would realize Midnighter after a while knows his moves beforehand." Yea, and Midnighter knows about the Spider-Sense from the start of the fight. "Spiderman also carries on him various different webbing like freeze webbing, magnetic webbing, and acidic webbing. He doesn't actually have to hit Midnighter with it. He could form all sorts of traps or when Midnighter comes in for close combat he could then web him up in any of the different webbing he chooses." Yea, except for the fact that Midnighter would already know about the traps, and would see the attempts to web him up in close combat, from a mile away. "Spiderman has higher chances of winning I think. He has many different options on how he could go about winning." That's nice, now you just have to back it up "Spiderman is actually pretty unpredictable so Midnighter's battle computer could have problems with him." Being "unpredictable" is pretty much useless to the Battle Computer. The single reason that the Battle Computer could have trouble with him, is the Spider-Sense(which is something I've already pointed out).
  2. Faster: Not really, no. As a baseline, Spider-Man is faster, but Midnighter is capable of moving considerably faster than Spider-Man in bursts. Stronger: Again, not really. Spider-Man has shown better examples of pure lifting strength, but Midnighter has better examples of striking power. Better range of attacks: True, but Spider-Man's webbing won't really do much of a difference, since it moves so slowly that Midnighter can easily avoid it. If you take away the Spider-Sense and the Battle Computer, Midnighter is a pretty clear winner. A fight between these two, comes down to those two 'abilities', which is why I made the match in the first place.
  3. Pre-Flashpoint and Pre-Superior(-.-) Random encounter in New York.
  4. ! The Ninja novels are awesome. Lustbader generally has some brilliant books.
  5. Batman - Leto Atreides II(pre-sandtrout) Nightwing - Remo Williams Robin - Prodigy Batgirl - Samantha Carter(stargate) Oracle - Reed Richards
  6. sirmethos


    I actually thought Clooney did a pretty good job as Bruce Wayne. He just sucked as Batman. Bale did a decent Wayne, but a better Batman(imo). Affleck might just be the one to nail 'em both.
  7. Why Dwight in number 1? And why would you want to avoid conversation? As for number 4, Sheldon is pretty much a living encyclopedia. While he may not be happy about being in a tech-less world, he knows various plants that are edible(or poisonous), he is a pretty good archer, and he speaks both elvish and dwarven.
  8. I'd say Sheldon wins nr. 1, due to his physical abilities. We have seen in the series that he is, relatively speaking, quite strong. In his period of paranoia, after they had a break-in, he was able to move his dresser(to barricade the door) with relative ease, on his own. He also has relatively good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. And I'd say that Sheldon wins number 4 on his own merits, regardless of Dwight pissing people off. I'm curious about why you think he wins number 3 though.
  9. He didn't defeat them. That would have been impressive though, if he had obtained the Gems by forcibly taking them from the Elders. But he didn't. Instead, he outsmarted them, and if you actually read the storyline, the various Elders acted, in those instances, like they had next to no real brain activity. Hardly impressive. Edit: Why is it, that despite the fact that Thanos has a ton of 'feats' that are actually impressive, people always use the few widely known 'feats', that aren't in any way impressive?
  10. Sheldon wins 1, 2, 4, and for me, 5. Dwight wins nr. 3.
  11. Not just DBZ. Most comics have the same villains coming up again and again, like a demented game of whack-a-mole -.-
  12. And that would be highly impressive, except for the fact that he has only done so, through the use of artifacts that would make literally anyone wielding them able to take over the universe.
  13. This is based on a debate I had on CV a while back. Based purely on feats who is the prep. master of these two? The Lord of Latveria, or the Disciple of Death?
  14. It's amusing that a fan of DBZ, who supposedly know as much about the universe as Pymp, doesn't actually seem to understand how various things actually work in that universe. Fact: The Dragon is only as powerful as the one that created it. In the early series, that would be Kami. In the later series, it's Dende. This is something that is, iirc, directly stated. Pymp seems to be of the misconception, that being equally powerful, means being able to do the same things. That is not the case. It only means that the Dragon only has as much raw power, as the one that created it. However, by the very nature of its abilities, it is able to use that raw powers, in ways that the creators(the namekians) cannot. Kami, and Dende for that matter, is incapable of bringing even a single person back from the dead(make them living again). But the Dragon is easily capable of doing just that. That doesn't mean that the Dragon is more powerful, it just means that the Dragon can use that power in ways that are not available to the Namekians. I'm not really sure why this seems to be a difficult concept to grasp, I think it's pretty straight-forward.
  15. "This is the version of Superman that is so powerful from the Original DC Universe." Assuming from this statement, that we are talking about Silver Age Superman. Superman wins easily.
  16. sirmethos


    Actually, Wolverine getting shot in the head, and thereby losing his memory, was one of the things I did like about that movie. It's actually a (relatively)believable way of having Wolverine lose his memory. And saying that that makes the movie irrelevant, is like saying that the Wolverine: Origins comics is irrelevant. In the first X-Men movie, we saw that Wolverine had no memory of his past, so Wolverine not losing his memory, would have been to completely ignore the continuity of the movie-verse, not to mention the comics.
  17. sirmethos


    -shrug- Everyone has something where they can't set their bias aside. While I, logically, know that the movies essentially take place in an alternate reality, and shouldn't be compared to the comics. That is just, for some reason, one of the points where I can't set my bias aside. If they deviate too much from the comics, then I generally tend to dislike the movie. That doesn't prevent me from appreciating the good things in the movie though(such as the portrayal of Wolverine, or Sabretooth). As for the old couple. Yes, their names are given in the movie. And the name "Hudson" can be seen on their mailbox. What's wrong with the kids being emma and scott? Aside from completely messing up the histories of those two characters(I'll refer you to my starting comment about bias), there is absolutely no reason for them to appear, aside from wanting to add more 'named' characters to the movie(which already had too many of them). And about Blob. Again, I'll refer you to my comment about bias. I know it's illogical(that's pretty much what bias is), but this is one of the few things, where I am, for whatever reason, not able to set it aside. I also hated all the other X-films(as well as several of the castings in those movies), for similar reasons. The only thing I can say in my defense, is that unlike most other people, I know, and admit, my bias
  18. sirmethos


    I can only speak for myself, but for me it was a few things. In no particular order: 1. Deadpool(post operation). 2. Gambit. As a fan of the cajun, I hated the portrayal of the character in that movie. 3. The Hudsons. They turned Heather and James Hudson, into an elderly couple. 'nuff said. -.- 4. The mutant kids that were rescued towards the end. Cyclops and Emma Frost? Really?! Yea, no. -.- 5. The Blob. 'nuff said. There was a bunch of minor stuff as well, but those were the major points that turned me off that movie.
  19. Lestat, pretty easily. Luc doesn't know about any of Lestat's(few) weaknesses, nor does he carry anything that would make him capable of putting Lestat down.
  20. "Boromir's experience allows him to give Aragorn a good fight." Except for the fact that Aragorn has about... twice the experience that Boromir has.
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