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  1. Which still leaves you with the feat of chopping through a orc's metal helmet and skull in a single swing. There's also the fact that IIRC, Aragorn was actually capable of harming the cave troll in Moria whereas Boromir swung at it and all he got was a notch in his sword for his troubles. And, as I pointed out, there is a pretty clear hierarchy when it comes to bloodlines and superhuman stats. Aragorn is a lot closer to the Captain America-like ancestors of Third Age Men than Boromir.
  2. That wouldn't really make much sense. I know the books imply Boromir to be a bit of a "bruiser/scrapper" and a tough bastard when it came to fighting (and he's certainly stronger than your average Gondorian), but based on the Tolkien system of hierarchy and heredity there's no way he should be able to match the superhuman stats of Aragorn and his bloodline. Aragorn's a lot closer to the Elves and First/Second Age men in terms of genetics, which is what matters. Aragorn's also got the better strength feats to my knowledge, in the books and movies alike. The books have him cleaving cleanly through an orc's helmet and skull in a single swing. In the movies, we see him: -- Shove a troll backwards after impaling it with a spear. -- Toss a fully-armored, heavily-armed Dwarf several meters onto a causeway as it's a menial task. -- Parry blows and go toe-to-toe in a swordfight with a mountain troll. -- Slice cleanly through armor, flesh, and bone throughout the series.
  3. That advantage doesn't exist. Aragorn is the stronger of the two. He's got Elven and Numenorian blood in his veins, making him considerably more superhuman than Boromir who is only peak human or slightly meta.
  4. It's all ultimately just hearsay and opinions based on observations and inference, regardless of which camp you're in . Google searches and the like don't really change that. So unless Marvel or whoever comes out and confirms it one way or another...
  5. This is movieverse. I've got the feeling that they went with the advanced science route in order to make the whole thing more palatable to moviegoers as opposed to comic book readers. Just conjecture, though.
  6. I get where you're coming from, it's just that I really got the implication that it was all advanced science. As I understand it, Thor's comment was more in line with Clark's Third Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." It doesn't make that tech hocus-pocus, it just means that it appears that way to those who don't know better.
  7. Although Zod post-acclimatization is obviously a badass, keep in mind that the armor isn't just for decoration and to keep their senses in check. It's made of some very high-tech, extremely strong materials and what might be some kind of energy shielding. Loki's going to have his work cut out for him either way.
  8. Well, that's something, I guess. Even taking everything that the Wiki says on faith, I doubt that it will help him here.
  9. Yeah, I meant to comment on that. Methos seems to be making a lot of very generous assumptions for Loki. I could believe that, but we don't have any solid proof of it. Not that it particularly matters at this point.
  10. I'm still waiting for someone to point out exactly what attack Loki has at his disposal that would readily incapacitate Zod.
  11. I'm still confused as to what this powerful mind-warping is. He could only mentally dominate people on the spot with the scepter. Other than that, all he has are his illusions (which are not exactly a fight-winner). Maybe I'm forgetting something; it's been a while since I saw Thor. And do we really know that the powers of Loki, the Tesseract, etc. are explicitly magical in nature in regards to the movieverse? Because I really got the vibe that it was supposed to be super-advanced technology and innate abilities rather than outright magic. *shrug* Either way, the point stands that Loki has never faced anyone even remotely close to Zod's league. If this is Zod after he became acclimated to his other powers and the atmosphere, it swings even more in his favor. I simply don't see Loki reacting fast enough to be able to effectively counter Zod bull-rushing and absolutely destroying him.
  12. I have my doubts that would save Loki, to be honest. It's a stopgap measure at best, assuming Loki even managed to implement it before getting absolutely speed-blitzed and taken apart by Zod. The Man of Steel Kryptonians were well out of the league of anyone we see in The Avengers.
  13. Thanks, same here. I'm gonna play devil's advocate here just for the hell of it. True, but don't forget that Malcolm managed to defeat the Operative in hand-to-hand in a fight that included some impressive feats of improvisation (i.e. taking on a katana with a screwdriver). And the Operative is more or less portrayed to be the Alliance's go-to super spy and assassin. Sort of like a toned down Jason Bourne in space. You don't see a possible numerical advantage playing into the Defiance crew's hands? After all, Eddie is implied to be comparable to Nolan in terms of combat training and experience on the battlefield. Tommy held his own against multiple, well-armed E-Rep mercenaries. We'll assume that this plays out about halfway through the season. For the sake of discussion, do you see Ulysses (the Bio-Man) changing the outcome at all? I think you could be right about the outcome, although there always exists the possibility that something could go wrong and Mal's crew ends up sandwiched between Datak's enforcers and the local deputies.
  14. Scenarios 1.) Bar brawl. Each man is alone and unarmed, although improvised weapons are fair game. They'll fight until death or incapacitation. 2.) Duel at high noon on an abandoned street in Defiance, with concealment and cover readily available. Each man is armed with their trademark pistol, but the weapons are holstered with the combatants facing each other from fifteen meters away. 3.) Team-on-team shootout in a desert with sand dunes rocky outcroppings providing cover. Malcolm (revolver), Zoe (lever-action rifle), and Jayne (Vera and sidearm) are facing off against Nolan (handgun), Irisa (submachine gun and throwing knives), Tommy (pump-action shotgun and sidearm). If the odds favor Mal's team too much, add Eddie Braddock to the Defiance crew (armed with pipe bombs and a sidearm). Each group starts off out of sight from one another, with half a mile separating each other. 4.) Malcolm, Zoe, and Jayne must infiltrate Defiance and steal a shipment of artifacts and illegal weapons from Datak Tarr. Datak will be taking his normal security measures and the Lawkeeper/deputies will intervene when anything untoward occurs.
  15. Yeah, Die Hard 5 was horrific. I have no idea how, but the movie was so terrible that it actually made Bruce Willis look like a bad actor.
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