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  1. no way?!?! your actually deaf??? seriously or are you just pulling my leg? well goku at two mins in says wow hes fast... basically showing that even though they're LS goku is still finding it hard to get away from huge oozaru vegeta... no if you still didnt get my point i was going to compare a sprinter before and after training... a sprinter will actually acquire muscle mass over his training, therefore heavier, but still faster... cheetah and person, well totally different physiological design and everything... not really the same. plus vegeta does say that all three of them are able to control the oozaru form... im sure.
  2. so there should be a moon present at all times then, depending on how the moons are positioned of course... which means raditz should be able to achieve oozaru form...
  3. your comment there is a bit of a oxymoron... yes more mass, and yes therefore more force for gravity to effect... but they come from vegeta, earths gravity barely effects them, plus their muscles are bigger allowing them to produce more power... at the end of the day its all relative, ants move quicker on terms of scale compared to us, but who wins in a race???? i thought so http://www.watch-dragonball.com/watch/244-...Episode_24.html anyway, dont take my word and common sense for it.... take gokus'
  4. OOzaru = 10 x power increase Power = speed and strength
  5. Seriously though, Raditz is beaten here. Raditz is faster than light, but I'm sure gladiator is just as quick. So Raditz doesn't even have a speed factor for him. HOWEVER Does this planet have a moon ? And what time is it ?
  6. Because his head isn't hard enough....................
  7. Bruce Lee wins.... i dont need and explanation... its all explained in the name first mentioned above.
  8. you see its a good job hulk can calculate equations... he'd be able to see how buggered he is as hes flipping a bus and making sure no one is hurt... goku wins.... with ease ¬_¬
  9. cheese and crackers, shwsh. well i have no idea what can be said to convince you otherwise... for me it doesnt add up at all... 26 times more effort???... ho hum
  10. ok thats fine, but can Naruto go sage mode???....
  11. actually the gods were gods, not crap... but they were ridiculously weak... thats like me saying i just killed a triffid, and you've seen how solid triffids are in attack of the triffids????.... in real life triffids arent that damn strong... and in xena gods werent all that impressive either... darth maul head butts her into a coma
  12. weeeeell technically sage mode is just like a power up, it is his own body ability and power... can that stay???
  13. i just dont think people are considering jutsu as "superpowers" either way harem jutsu is only physical... sage mode is only physical... demon fox cloak is only physical to a degree... kage bushin no jutsu is only physical (kind of), its adding a physical body, not allowing him to fly or anything???....
  14. yeah i did read the set up but decided to be a dick sorry p.s. im about to start second season of true blood...
  15. tehe inn-u-endo, no, in your endo! im not thaaat bad.... why did the chicken cross the road?... to get to the bestiality on the other side
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