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  1. That you can't play at the same time... http://screencrush.com/xbox-one-game-sharing-will-work-with-friends-and-family/ The solution is a work around for "lending" games, not something to create a monster library you and 10 people can have access to. As for the always on aspect my issue isn't with my internet, it's great, I'm never offline pretty much, my issue is with Microsoft. If those authentication servers go down (and they will, because some asshat is going to attack it, probably multiple times during its life cycle) I won't be able to play which is ridiculous. Even Steam has an offline mode.
  2. are there even 16 active fplers? not to be an ass or anything... anyways I am working on something, and one of the characters could be involved in this, but I was hoping to sort of slow burn this time and really get things right, i will try to meet the deadline though
  3. I guess I should get around doing something with Emily....
  4. Screw you, Max Masters is so tough his creator stupidly swapped his body and mind stat but he JUST DIDN'T GIVE A *vulgarity* and kept being manly anyway
  5. All of Emily Percy powers are song titles so yeah I guess those
  6. *slams head on desk* yeah you're totes right
  7. Ok this seems really odd to the point where I'm wondering if I'm going crazy. So yesterday I started a match for Felix. I had intended for him to fight an Alpha Sentinel, probably Steel Will, but he wasn't showing up. I figured "well they might be out of play even though they show up in the gallery" so I picked Zachery. Whatever, change the story up a little. Today I'm setting up a match with Emily to take on Marshell Percy but now HE'S not available. Strangely though all the Alpha Sentinels ARE available whereas yesterday none of them were. Is there an issue with Retro character interacting with the match making? I notice Kurio Kaufman is also unavailable for me to have a match with. Unfortunately I don't have another new character to test this out on to compare my available characters for matching.
  8. Hey Serge I was just wondering can we a.) perma delete characters if this hard limit is going to be enforced and b.) up it a little seriously I got a bunch of dead characters I can't get rid of nor do I really have the desire to send them out again to be killed. also i'm a little miffed 'cos I may have lost a character i was working on (blah blah should've used word WHATEVER!)
  9. true fact: despite watching the tournament intently i haven't voted at all!
  10. Off topic: for the longest time I tried to make a character called "Pegasus Girl" but it never really went anywhere
  11. Awesome, thanks, gonna check out the new character creator
  12. Hmm, weird, system says I can make 17 more characters but when I try and continue it says I'm at my limit.
  13. Hmmm I did for both but I've become engrossed in this thing called 'real life.' I'm getting married in August and I'm studying to upgrade my job skillset, and it's eating more time then I thought it would. The F Sister idea is a little messed up because it predicated on Felix Friendly showing up and being a cosmic character, but I still might make him anyway. As for Girl Squad, I think it's dead in my head sadly, there was suppose to be two characters created in addition to all the ones I asked/reached out too but I just can't finish them in a satifying manner. Plus with the FPL moving on if I did decide to do a big fic thing I'd rather it be with the new characters and move on in that respect as well. That said, their founder might still get made because I freaking love the Bio and Personality I wrote for him.
  14. Eh, if I come back and make characters I'm going to treat the fights like I did for the Sin Eaters and the Friend Society I did a while back and try to make a cohesive story out of the fights. Or just have my guys sit there to be challenged. Either or.
  15. I think the problem with Power Negation and Resistances is it creates situations where a player may taken a fire resistance vs. a fire based character but the fire based character still wins because it's better written and people get butt hurt over it. I LIKE resistances because they can add flavor but they can also be created via other skills like energy absorbation Skill Copy is something I've been hoping for a while Personal domain SHOULD be a combo of powers Also, LUCK DAMN IT
  16. I look forward to these changes, however might I suggest two things 1.) Get rid of "Iron Will" - I say this as the biggest fan of this power (seriously it's on so many of my characters) but with the Willpower stat it's redundant and the fact that Willpower is a lot more flexible in definition. Iron Will seemed to be sheer determination, Willpower can encompass meditation, spiritual strength, inner chi powers etc. 2.) Giveth when you taketh away. BRING BACK LUCK! I get the need to cut down the power list but the omission of luck has killed me. It's a power that's almost to impossible to represent with other powers. I really wanted to use Luck on the early concept of Frogurt. WE NEED LUCK!
  17. Eh maybe, but I really wouldn't know where else to put 2 more point and make it feel appropriate Edit: Actually, probably lift those two points and throw them into some boosts for weapon creation (probably AOE and multi attack) to represent a "variety of melee weapons"
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